Kundan Shah, Naseer and Satish Kaushik Interview on Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

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  1. Baba 11 years ago

    superfunny interview of naseer


    some funny excerpts:

    “I told Kaizad I will do Jackpot on one condition: you give me the print of Bombay Boys in English, because the English version is lost completely. Only the Hindi version is available but it is a lousy one.

    “There are other kinds of satisfaction apart from creative; there is financial satisfaction”

    “Lot of films that are being remade shouldn’t have been made in the first place.
    Bollywood is just betraying its own lethargy mentally by doing this. They are admitting that they can’t think of anything new so let’s remake the old one. Earlier, they did the same thing but under different packaging.”

    “I cringe at the thought that it will be seen 20 years from now and I will be judged as a filmmaker on that”

    “Apart from Dilip Kumar and Balraj Sahni, I am hard put to think of a third actor of that time whose performance had conviction.
    It was all acting by semaphore. If they ask ‘Tum yahan kyun aaye’ they would also move their hands like that and signal, which is atrocious. Even in the good movies of Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt, parts are very badly played unless there is Balraj Sahni or Dilip Kumar”

    “Everybody says ‘Oh, but they were made in the 1940s.’ Bicycle Thieves was also made in the 1940s and Rashomon was also made during those days and so was Citizen Kane. We kid ourselves about it, we say, ‘we are a little bit behind but after all this was a long time ago’.”

    It is unfortunate that truly great actors like Shriram Lagoo, Nilu Phule, Bhakti Barve, world class actors, will be remembered for the shitty movies they have done.”

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