‘Krrish 3’ in Diwali 2013

‘Everyone knows Rakesh Roshan has started work on his new project. But here’s Exclusive info on the film…
Title clarity: The film is titled KRRISH 3, not KRRISH 2. “KOI MILGAYA was the first part, KRRISH was the second. Hence, KRRISH 3 now,” Rakesh Roshan clarified to this writer.
3D or no 3D: There’s talk that Rakesh Roshan is shooting the film in 3D. “That’s untrue. I am not shooting the film in 3D. As for converting it to 3D, this is one decision I will take once I complete the principal shooting of the film,” the veteran film-maker divulges.
Current status: “KRRISH 3 will complete the principal shooting in October this year. I plan devote an entire year thereafter for special effects and post-production work. I am in no hurry to release the film,” Roshan Sr. reveals.
Release date: KRRISH 3 will release in Diwali 2013. “Yes, that’s the release date we are looking at,” the successful film-maker discloses.’



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