Krrish 3 Full Songs Jukebox

  1. Author
    aryan 9 years ago

    Only one song is OK didn’t like the other songs it seems most of the songs for Kids.

  2. Baba 9 years ago

    dil tu hi bata is quite good. raghupati is avg song. krrish krrish title song is not that good even tho it has modified version of krrish bgm. you are my love is bad.God Allah Bhagwan song is probably the song whose video was leaked out, aimed at masses and kids

  3. yakuza 9 years ago

    Rajesh Roshan last good album was “Kishan Kanhiya” in 1990 … didn’t like anything after that except may be 1-2 songs in random.

  4. Syed imran 9 years ago

    Wat abt kaho na pyar hain, koi mil Gaya, Krish… Were they not good??????

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      No .. None was good. As I said, only 1-2 songs of KNPH and KMG were decent. Don’t remember even one song of Krishh ..

      Kishan Kanhiya was not classic either .. but still those songs are still fun to hear.

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      Ohh I forgot Koyla .. it had good tunes.

  5. sputnik 9 years ago

    Agree that only Dil Tu Hi Bata is good. Raghupati Raghav is ok.

    Krrish krrish title song is bad especially the singer Anirudh Bhola’s voice.

    You are my Love is pathetic. Don’t like God Allah Aur Bhagwan too – may be its for kids as others said.

  6. Raj5 9 years ago

    The songs sound very kiddish. I think that’s RR was going for. Kids the target audience after all. Just listen to that You are my love song lol.

    I think KNPH sold the most albums of any movie 2000-present. Of course piracy has played a big factor in recent years but it out sold Mohabbatein, K3G, Raaz, VZ, Tere Naam etc.

  7. Amit Chudasama 9 years ago

    It seems Rajesh Roshan went to music classes to Kenny G’s and learned some tunes from him..

    Very much influence of Kenny’s music in background of songs..

    Ref : Havana by kenny G :

    Its always been famous for many other bollywood songs..

  8. mate 9 years ago

    Krrish 3 is the soundtrack equivalent of LOL!
    Friday September 20, 2013
    Krrish 3 (Music review), Hindi – Rajesh Roshan

    Posted by Karthik

    Krrish Krrish, with corny chorus, bizarre sounds and Mamta Sharma’s funny vocals, is embarrassing. Raghupati raghav is not far either – besides the obviously catchy rhythm pandering to Hrithik’s feet and sinewy body, the song is exasperating! You are my love ups the ante… Anand Milind sound from 90s and Alisha Chinoy sounding like someone stepped on her feet. Alisha’s foot continues to be harmed in Dil tu, even as Zubeen joins the expression of pain, in a nutty tune and sound combo! God Allah air Bhagwan tops all with industrial-level corniness! Krrish 3 is the soundtrack equivalent of LOL!

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