Krish’s SHOCKING REVELATIONS in the EXPLOSIVE Interview on Manikarnika, Kangana, Sonu Sood

Krish in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Faridoon Shahryar talks about his film #Manikarnika which he co-directed. He tells that how he got this project. He also praises Kangna Ranaut’s performance and says that she was another reason for me to accept this film. He also says that while narrating Manikarnika to Kangna, he told her that we are winning National Award for this film. He also talks about the arbitrary conduct of Kangna Ranaut while shooting for the film. He reveals that Kangna wanted Sonu Sood’s character to be killed in intermission which is wrong according to history. Don’t Miss this explosive interview. He responds to Kangna’s claim that she shot 70% of Manikarnika herself. Krish also talks about why Prasoon Joshi and Vijendra Prasad didn’t interfere. He further talks about the entire controversy around film Manikarnika. He says that the entire process of this film is in very bad taste. He also says that Manikarnika would have been even greater film than this. He shares his experience of working with Akshay Kumar and says that he is a darling, he comes on set on time. He also says that he was not invited for #Manikarnika screening kept for president. He also criticizes Kangana and says that she is too focused on herself. He talks about the vfx of film #Manikarnika. He says that he is not happy with the vfx and that they could have been much better. He also tells that he will never work with Kangana Ranaut again. He reveals why Sonu Sood left Manikarnika. Don’t Miss!


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