Kick Official Trailer

  1. Baba 6 years ago

    LOL. are they serious? this looks unintentinally some parody of superhero films thta you find randomly on youtube.whats with that embarassing mask of the late 80s? salman walking in slow motion in front of running train. looks like the next Veer/ in making

  2. dwnpiyush 6 years ago

    Mindblowingly awesome trailer… Such lavish treatment… much much much better than what I expected… that slow motion shot in front of the train… that is going to get the cinema halls roaring all over India… multiple whistle worthy moments… and what a dialogue… Mere baat mein itna matt sochna… dil mein aata hoon… samajh mein nahin… The action looks grand… scenes with Nawaz look very promising… and Salman looks amazingly fresh in the non-french bearded portions… glimpses of 3 potentially amazing songs… BLOCKBUSTER already

    • Baba 6 years ago

      disliking comments will not help πŸ˜‰ you really got “amazed” by that slow motion train effect? action looks grand? really? did you just begin watching films?

      • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

        baba action is not just about acrobats… it is about projecting that ‘wow’ factor on screen… letting go of that bicycle in front of a train.. and walking with swagger… it had a wow factor… yes the action looks grand to me… zabardasti argue matt kar… tujhe accha ni laga… tujhe teri opinion mubarak

        • Baba 6 years ago

          wow factor doesnt mean you create action vfx of the std of superman of maelgaon.yes, the train slow motion vfx is of that level. dont know whats wow about it. you seem very nervous and anxious about this. this is going to finish whatever was left of salman after the debacle of jai ho πŸ˜› there is no difference between the silly action/”wow” scenes of this and any akshay masala

          • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

            Jai Ho was a debacle… uska promo dekh aur fir iska promo dekh… baaki fir se zabardasti argue kar raha hai… nahin accha laga toh zabardasti teri baat se agree karoon kya? Bhai… uss point pe cycle ko chhod ke swagger ke saath chalna… mujhe ismein wow factor laga- as it was unexpected…

          • stewie griffin 6 years ago

            just because u like wooden actors doing martial arts doesnt mean you have to impose ur views on others..this was super slick trailer and the cycle scene in front of train had swagger..which the likes of vidyut will never be able to pull off,even if he manages to be brucelee ka baap..if u like trees doing martial arts thts ur cup of tree,we prefer swagger and style πŸ˜€

          • Baba 6 years ago

            trust salman fans to accuse him of being an “actor” hahaha even his brothers do not accuse him of being one! πŸ˜‰ last we saw even a non-actress like katrina was able to overshadow him in acting in ETT. regarding action et al, we will talk about it once salman loses some weight and actually does something like a real man other than hanging on the cables like a kid attempting bungee trampoline and not rely on his body doubles and cheap vfx πŸ˜€ you dont prefer swagger and style, you just love how salman’s fat ass sways while he walks in slow motion

          • stewie griffin 6 years ago

            atleast i dont have an intense fetish for wood πŸ˜€

          • stewie griffin 6 years ago

            and anything that resembles wood πŸ˜€

      • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

        ‘Disliking comments will not help’ ?? Help tab lagti hai jab lagi hui ho… touch wood iss trailer ke baad ‘Kick’ ko kisi ki help ki zaroorat nahin padegi…

        • Baba 6 years ago

          then why did you dislike the comment agar meri opinion sirf mujhe mubarak hai to? ignore kar dete! anyway i am just fucking with you. dont be serious πŸ˜€

          • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

            Dislike isliye kiya kyunki I didn’t like your comment.. Especially because Veer is one of my favorite Salman films πŸ˜‰

          • Baba 6 years ago

            haha. good. i had seen veer and the continuous use of the word “pindari” got on my nerves!it had good songs

  3. dwnpiyush 6 years ago

    People like Sangeeth Sivan also praising the promo on twitter… also many people from the enemy camp as well… isse kehte hain hai jalwa!

  4. dwnpiyush 6 years ago

    Even the most kutte ki poonch type snobs are praising the promo on twitter

  5. DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

    koi marji ab kuch bole par yeh promo to sach much acha he ,.
    ett trailer se bhi better he ,.paise laga dikh raha he ,.salman bhi jabardast lag raha he
    record to ab tutege ,.
    narad ji kaha he ,.300C ke liye tyar ho jayo

  6. mate 6 years ago

    VFX are good,he remaining is like all Salman Khan’s movies, illogical, insane, ridiculous…

  7. mate 6 years ago

    Pehle 200 cr to karne do, apne star par itna bojh dalo jo woh baad main seh bhi sake. πŸ˜›

    • Baba 6 years ago

      it wont do even 150 cr, might do little more than jai ho due to eid. muslims were angry with salman during jai ho after his meeting with modi but now it must have subsided

      • DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

        hahaha kabhi khush bhi ho jaya karo paji πŸ˜€
        ro rahe he dono πŸ˜€

        • Baba 6 years ago

          dialgue mara to woh bhi son of sardar jaisi ghatiya film ka πŸ˜€

          • DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

            SOS jitni bhi ghatiya likh lo bhai ,.par film bhut achi thi πŸ™‚
            150 jab cross hoga ap aur 200C CROSS ke baad mate kahi bhag mat jana πŸ™‚
            300 to hoga is baar
            abki baar 300 yar πŸ™‚

      • stewie griffin 6 years ago

        it will do close to 200 in first week itself πŸ˜€

  8. Author
    cr7 6 years ago

    Cool stunts and vfx but rest of the promo suggests another typical mindless salman film . .Specially the comedy portion looked ridiculous .

  9. Ranjit Kumar 6 years ago

    Salman is looking as some kind of bhondu spoof πŸ˜›
    Don’t know about BoxOffice Collection but this movies is going to b another shit.. (atleast trailer suggests that) ..The south actor was fabulous in the real movie… No where salman is matching up him.. But Robin hudda nd Nawazuddin may save some izzat (acting wise)

    • Baba 6 years ago

      first time i am hearing that the south version was good. most of them say the south version was crap .

      • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

        I saw it last week only, and it is indeed shit. I found Ravi Teja abhorrent for majority of the movie, though he was quite good in the slightly serious scenes. That’s why this trailer has surpassed all my expectations. They have mounted the movie on a much higher scale, and added depth to a lot of scenes- that’s the impression the promo gives. For instance the scene in which Salman is pointing a gun to his own head- that was not in the original although its context looks similar. Nawaz’s character was not there in the original film ( at least I am hoping that he is not playing a silly comedic side-kick- there were two in the original). The theft scenes were really hurried in the original and were rather hurried- no method to the thefts was shown- it was all buffoonery. Here it seems they have given a lot more importance to all that. The main thing is that the promo gives the impression that a lot of effort has been made into making this film- and that was hardly the case with Jai Ho and Dabanngg 2.

        • Ranjit Kumar 6 years ago

          Seriously? in the real movie actor went for the last heist with his own engineered car but as trailer suggests Salman is going with a Bus πŸ˜› Rofl … the idea is to create some thing big πŸ˜‰
          Nd the scene u r saying salman is pointing gun on his head was in the real movie too…

  10. FS 6 years ago

    Had disliked the trailer in the beginning when I watched it on mobile screen. Looked typical holly wood action films with fake scenes or OTT but when I watched it on big TV screen the grandeur and action looks awesome. 200 CR to banta hai boss. For a Hindi movie it looks damn good.

  11. Bored 6 years ago

    This is a good chance for Salman to get a hit, due to Eid factor. His Jai Ho flopped this year after a blank 2013. Also, Jai Ho cud hardly do half as much as the three 200 cr movies of his competitors last yr:

    Just feeling sorry for what they have done to Nawaz.

    • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

      If Jai Ho at 110-115 is a flop than SRK has had just one clean hit in the last five years post RNBDJ- Chennai Express, and statistically THAT was due to the Eid factor, as SRK had given under-performers on Diwali (twice) and Christmas (Once). To think of it, only one SRK film has cleanly out-grossed JaiHo domestically in the past 4-5 years.

      Nawaz is trying something different from his usual stuff. What’s the harm? What’s to feel sorry- he has not been drugged and coerced into doing whatever he will do in the film- he is doing it on his own volition and seems to be happy about it from the bytes he has given to the media.

    • Bored 6 years ago

      A ‘superhero’ in a cycle is exactly the stuff to titillate the demographics of rickshawalas, sorry i meant Sallu-fans.

      • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

        If you see the promo again- he is in a cycle, on a bike, in a car, in a bus, and playing about with helicopters too… so he is reaching out to a much wider demographic.

        The only rickshahwallah scene I remember from a major Hindi movie starred some other Khan…

        • DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

          piyush kyu inko samja rahe ho ,yeh jal rahe he ab inko to ab BO record hi samjayege ki KICK ka trailer kaisa tha ,.aur inke kick kitne ki padegi πŸ˜€

      • Baba 6 years ago

        LOL. true. when i saw the trailer first time, i did not pay attention that he was actually riding a bicycle. i got distracted by that hideous mask borrower from ajooba.

      • stewie griffin 6 years ago

        ek superhero getup ko super hero hi bana

  12. sputnik 6 years ago

    Trailer is good visually. It looks like a big budget movie with it being set abroad and the action and all. So it should do very well at the boxoffice just like Dhoom 3.

    Looks like the movie has has some silly comedy scenes. Salman wearing that mask and going around on a cycle does look like some parody of superhero films. Salman also looked fat in those mask scenes. He looked better in the scenes without the goatee. Jacqueline looked good and she seems to be playing a role that Katrina usually plays. Randeep Hooda seems to be acting well. Will have to see how Nawaz does as a villain.

  13. shan 6 years ago

    Loved the promo! For a change, the production values are really good. Salman looks in form, especially in the “kick” scenes. Bgm and music look promising. Yes, movie looks mindless but I would rather watch this than bodyguard or jai ho. At least looks grand. And I know this is going to be no great shakes as a movie, but all I expect from Salman now is he deliver a decent fun movie, not a good, well made movie. Wo khwahish karke kya faayda jo puri hone ka koi chance nahin. Waiting for this one!

  14. Dhamaka 6 years ago

    Good promo … Sajid gives it grand look over all trailer is good for me minus comedy scenes too much repetition of kick word and wtf dialogue in end “Abhi Eid arahi hai aur woh apni Eidi lene zaroor aaye ga” :/

  15. Ranjit Kumar 6 years ago

    And I believe another RNBDJ is coming πŸ˜›
    They may so every one knows Sallu bt they can’t recognize him as devil coz he i wearing a mask πŸ˜› hahahaha

  16. 6 years ago

    Trailer is good. Hope the movie is not like crap D3 or Ra 1 !!!

  17. aryan 6 years ago

    Fantastic Trailer looks like one of the best theatrical trailer.

  18. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    I can understand love for salman, but swagger? wtf!?! That train scene is ridiculous. He looks childish.

    Only person from his generation (or before him) who had a definite Male swagger was Sanjay Dutt. Salman’s so called swagger always comes across as a wannabe and childish.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      i think that scene is copied from some hollywood film. will have to wait for the movie but i think some scenes may be inspired from premium rush

    • Bored 6 years ago

      Dunno abt swagger, but what was going on in Sajid’s mind when he made Salman try 2 beat a train with a bicycle, n then make him start walking in the middle of it?

      And we had actually bashed D3 stunts like Aamir walking so-called vertically!

  19. DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

    kick trailer update baba ji to nahi denge ab mai hi de deta hu πŸ™‚
    kick youtube 24 hrs
    29000+ likes

  20. Baba 6 years ago

    Funny review of the kick trailer:

    Salman Khan will wear a mask that three-year-olds don at birthday parties when they’re trying to imitate Krrish and will call himself Devil (Yes, you heard right). For most chases in the film, we will see him on his black cycle carrying out some pretty nifty stunts thanks to a liberal dose of special effects. But he also has a motorcycle as backup.

    Read more at:

  21. dwnpiyush 6 years ago

    Amitabh Bachchan on Twitter: “T 1517 – Did you see the trailer of ‘KICK’..baaadooom !! Compares with anything that the other ‘wood’ brings out from their high end films !”

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Mr. Bachchan is one of the people who have least idea about films (and ofcourse least intelligence)

      Good luck to salman. The trailer is as retarded as Mr Bachchan films were in 80s and 90s.

      PS: Just because Modi came to power and Salman and his dad Salim endorsed the BJP, he is flying high. When asked question about Prity zinta he showed his level – when he danced on the question of a journalist .

      • Bored 6 years ago

        It must be old-age, that he seems to have lost it completely. Maybe it titillated his memories of Ajooba.

      • Baba 6 years ago

        Lol. amitabh is mentioning about high-end hollywood films. does he even see the low-end hollywood films? has he seen premium rush and the level of the stunts for a low-end film there?

      • stewie griffin 6 years ago

        dont try and do a zoom tv..he told the journalist many times not now not the end instead of showing anger he just poked fun by dancing…doosro ka level check karne se pehle apna check karo..if u wanna mention the preity incident mention the whole incident..dont mention just the bit tht suits ur agenda

      • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

        Salman Khan and Priety Zinta are friends. That’s no secret. And he stands by his friends. So to some, Salman’s behaviour at being questioned about her recent sexual harassment complain against former boyfriend Ness Wadia, at the trailer launch of Kick on Sunday, may have seemed odd. But while he is there hundred per cent for his friends in private, he won’t talk about them in public. So he side-steped the question about her case, reprimanded the reporter demanding an answer and finally broke into a dance. But he won’t have to explain his behaviour to Preity because she understands him. A few days before the actress turned to the courts, she talked to me about Salman. Read on for excerpts…

        “From the film industry, the closest friend that I have is Salman. I don’t want to say that he’s my best friend as it sounds clichΓ©d but he’s somebody I would do anything for. He’s my friend for ever and ever. There’s also Sussanne Khan (Hrithik’s wife). She’s somebody who I know before I became an actress and before Hrithik became an actor so I have known them since then. I meet her the least but she knows that I am always there for her. I don’t forget my relationships but I am not good at calling my friends every day. That’s not me. For me, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friends don’t have to do anything. For me loyalty is very important and not tradition. I will always stand by my friends.

        I first met Salman in 1998 when we were doing Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega. I used to be very scared of him before I met him because he had this bad boy image and I used to think I was one of the boys. I was like a tomboy. My parents brought me up to have no limitations. I used to fear if Salman and I worked together, it would be a problem and I used to be nervous of that. We just became friends and I realised that behind that brash, studied cool guy, are the most beautiful face and eyes. The reason is that Salman’s eyes reflect his heart and soul. They say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul and when you see Salman’s eyes that’s him. He is one of the nicest, cleanest, sweetest, craziest, maddest and most loyal friends to have. He’s a solid guy. If you have one guy like him as a friend, you don’t need anybody else. I will always be there for him because he stood by me. And you must appreciate people like him. Of course, I will fight for him. Whenever there was a crazy rumours about me or out of the blue random stuff, he has stood by me like a rock! I do feel bad for him because as he’s getting more successful and people are running after him.

        He has done so much for everybody through his Being Human foundation. Salman doesn’t talk about it himself and that’s why I am talking about it. How many people he has gotten treated for cancer, done eye operations for thousands of people and so much more. He’s so good that way and that’s why I feel bad when actors are used for political differences, when things are said about actors and they are cornered. I am not saying that he is perfect but if you can find anybody in this world who is perfect and can get them to me I will do whatever you say. I will always stand up for Salman.”

        • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

          She is a good person but bad at judging people around her. Ness Wadia and now Salman. Salman’s behaviour was totally ridiculous and shows his so-called respect for women.

          • stewie griffin 6 years ago

            dude salman asked the reporter not to ask the question many times..wen the reporter kept badgering him,he mockingly started dancing..context samajhke baatein kiya karo ji πŸ˜€

  22. FS 6 years ago

    For the First time salman khan’s movie’s production value is so rich.

  23. sunil 6 years ago

    Kick will outgross jny,pk.Bang Bang will outrgross kick.

  24. DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

    baba ji kaise ho yeh lijiye K3 bhi gayi haha
    k3 -3.2M -36hrs
    KICK-3.2M+ -31hrs πŸ˜€ haha
    abhi eid aa rahi he aur salman EIDI par record todne jarur aaye ga πŸ™‚

    • Baba 6 years ago

      thats great.lets throw a party over this ninja!

      • dwnpiyush 6 years ago

        Youtube views in absolute terms mean nothing. But Jai Ho hardly got any views- be it the main promo or the song promos. That shows it wasn’t accepted at the promo level itself. Hardly anyone shared it on my Facebook- I don’t remember sharing it myself. In this case the views are just indicating that the promo is being liked by majority including non-Salman fans- that’s it. So if with hardly any genuine hype amongst non-Salman fans and without any holiday advantage (26th Jan was Sunday), Jai Ho could do a 58 cr weekend in the dullest month in terms of BO numbers, then Kick may go one to 75 Cr-80 cr in the first three days followed by an Eid holiday. So 125 Cr first week is an easy target. Beyond that the film would speak.

        • DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

          youtube view se koi ferk nahi padta true ,.par kuch log jaiho ke time par youtube views ki hi baat karte the par ab nahi haha kyuki youtube par itne views he sabki bolti band he πŸ™‚

  25. FS 6 years ago

    “@chetan_bhagat: wow. kick trailer went from 2mn views around 7 pm to 3mn at 11pm! 1mn views in 4hrs!”

  26. Bored 6 years ago

    ETT did 198 cr, D3 did 284 cr. Next in line is Kick n Bang Bang – all same genre. Lets see how much they do.

    With this kind of production value, Kick shud do at least 200 cr (same range as ETT) – even if it cant go past last year’s Chennai Express or Krrish 3. Dont think any Salman fan seriously expects this to beat D3 in their dreams.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      the expectation is of 300 cr from quite a few of them.infact their new slogan is “abki baar, 300 par” πŸ˜‰ I also dont think it can gross anywhere near it going by this trailer. Cheap vfx, wirework action , lethargic body language and woodenness can only take you till the weekend due to the festival time and promotion hype.any film of such nature cannot sustain beyond weekend and its been proven over and over again especially in case of salman films. the film needs to have some other emotional aspect/twist/content to hold on and trend

      • shan 6 years ago

        With all due respect baba, neither Dhoom 3 nor Krissh 3 (nor Chennai Express for that matter) had anything that “good” about them which ensured 200 cr+ and yet those movies did those huge numbers. It is a testament to the star power of those stars as well as the overall look and feel of the film along with right promotions which ensured such big numbers. Kick looks like a high production value movie and with Sajid at the helm, will have good promotions for sure. If it doesnt manage to cross 200 cr, it will mean Salman cannot ensure big totals in good-looking movies any more. Salman has done enough bad-looking movies and made them into 100 crore grossers. It is time for him to take this good-looking movie to beyond 200 cr now. If he fails, his superstardom will need to be questioned.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          was ETT not a big budget film? its trending was the same as most salman films. infact its non-holiday drop is one of the highest ever among big films. when i mentioned other big films, i did not mean they were better films but generally a salman film doesnt trend well. his films have shelf life of weekends.there are exceptions of course. ready trended well.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            ETT/D3 were YRF films, had the plex audience interested. This is Sajid film – rickshawala entertainment with high budget.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

        Its not about numbers anymore.

        • Bored 6 years ago

          Why not? When the rest of top stars delivered 200 cr grossers with such ease – Any reason why Kick crossing 200 cr or wont matter anymore?

        • Bored 6 years ago

          In fact Dhoom 3 despite being a terrible film made 60 cr more than Chennai Express and 40 cr more than Krrish 3. I do think Kick’s box office numbers is a point of interest and many will be looking at it.

      • Dhamaka 6 years ago

        “the film needs to have some other emotional aspect/twist/content to hold on and trend”
        BABA by this statement do you mean Dhoom3 πŸ˜‰
        well to be fair the goal for kick should be some where around CE which released in same period (thou first 3 days of CE were holiday but to counter that we can take inflation adjustment) comparison with D3 and K3 is not valid in my opinion those movies definitely had franchise weightage on their side.

        • Baba 6 years ago

          yes dhamaka πŸ˜€ there’s a crowd for the emotional masala too. though personaly i dont want it.i dislike unnecessary drama in action films. I am fan of scriptless action films to put it bluntly πŸ˜‰ But for that the action has to be top notch which most indians films are not even close to. I think ETT was decent film if one dont have very high stds as it had lesser drama. and you are right about the franchise weightage. btw CE also worked due to fair amt of emotional content.also k3. in india, you cant have mass grosser without some cheesy family scenes.

          • Dhamaka 6 years ago

            Yes baba your assessment is right about CE that it had fair amount of emotional content even i during all that crappy comedy scenes liked the emotional core of that movie

        • Bored 6 years ago

          True, Kick has no Franchise wt to rely upon. Thats why I said as long as it does 200+, Salman is still up there at the top n going strong.

          If it doesnt, then his yr-long break & Jai Ho has definitely affected his status.

          When he was going strong, ETT did just 5 cr less than Aamir’s 3 Idiots (within 2 yrs). So its not that Salman’s BO pull has been any less than any other current top star (in the right film). He will do well to quickly do another film with Kabir Khan.

          • Baba 6 years ago

            ETT gross was very good and its opening was extraordinary. it had beat the first day of ap by 10 cr which itself was a day 1 record grosser in earlier half of 2012. but like most salman films, it did not hold on but still did close to 200 cr.

          • Dhamaka 6 years ago

            bored ETT got 185 cr odd and i think its was a real good total as compare to 3i which got there due to strong content whereas ETT was all about bumper initial couple with yrf goodwill and salman’s star power

          • Bored 6 years ago

            Due to meaningless entertainment, its not fair to expect Salman’s films to trend well – specially when he is catering to single screens.

            I dont see much point of bringing in ‘trending theory’ to judge his films – the final total is what matters here, not front-loading. ETT was a very profitable film for YRF.

          • Bored 6 years ago

            ETT did 198 cr, 3I 202 cr – 5 cr difference dude, not much. Now dont try to skew the argument by quoting anonymous sources to bring down one & lift the other.

          • Dhamaka 6 years ago

            and yes at the time of ETT salman was at his absolute peak but now i am afraid he has lost some of his neutral audience due to D2 year long break and jai ho but then SRK was also down at the time of CE so any thing can happen on this EId

          • Dhamaka 6 years ago

            you dont know me that why you are saying that i am trying to bring down ETT πŸ™‚ BABA kuch batao yaar πŸ™‚

  27. DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

    Mobile par abhi bhi half page white aa raha he ???

    • aryan 6 years ago

      Mine too half page white ara Sputnik plz rectify.

    • sputnik 6 years ago

      Its working fine for me on IPhone.

    • sputnik 6 years ago

      @bunty, @aryan

      The half white page issue on mobile should be fixed now.

      • DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

        no bro ab bhi he bas phle se kuch kam he

  28. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    Btw, some have already mentioned but Salman looks very fat esp on bicycle scenes. Its funny actually.

  29. sputnik 6 years ago

    I thought that Salman’s walk before the train reminded me of some scene from another movie. And here it is πŸ™‚

  30. 6 years ago

    hahahahaha !

  31. sputnik 6 years ago

    Salman’s response to journalist’s question on Preity-Ness case.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Disgusting attitude by someone who is known to be a good person by his fans.

    • FS 6 years ago

      Fantastic response. He knows how & when to give it back & embarrass them the way media treats him

  32. shan 6 years ago

    I am surprised Kick trailer has got that many views! Looks like people are going to watch this one in multiplexes as well as single screens. Kick is looking better than Chennai Express did last year same time. There is no reason for it to not cross the initials and lifetime of CE. If it doesnt, Salman’s popularity has definitely been impacted by the “failures” of Jai Ho and Dabangg 2. Hope it is an entertaining film at least (minus the usual toilet humor and vulgarity that is staple in Salman films)

    • BK 6 years ago

      Youtube views don’t mean much to a certain extent. Hate story 2 has about 11 million views which is more than big films like CE but it will most likely be a flop at the box office.

      And kick is coming a year after CE so that should help.

  33. FS 6 years ago

    Hangover – in hangover after listening to hangover song of #KICK. Fantastic song

  34. aryan 6 years ago

    Kick Full Songs Jukebox – 1

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