Khiladi 786 – Jukebox Full Songs

  1. mate 7 years ago

    The whole album is beyond criticism. That’s the ‘magic’ of Himesh we know.

  2. Ritz 7 years ago

    This is just 50% songs. Here are rest. (though most are remixes)

  3. Ritz 7 years ago

    wtf is that Lonely song. Lol. Only Balma and Title track are good.
    saari saari raat is another funny/pathetic singing Himmesh style. (music is lifted but I cant recall from where – have heard it many times).

    Only Balma is good and title track is decent.

  4. mate 7 years ago

    Balma is the best of the lot, and that’s too a strictly ok. The rest are not even worth one time listen. And yes, Sari Sari Raat is the worst song I have listened in a long time.

  5. Aditya007 7 years ago

    Hookah Bar & Long drive is bestest song of Album .

    • Author
      aryan 7 years ago

      I like all the songs and interesting lyrics overall good album.

  6. cr7 7 years ago

    listened 3 songs .
    balma is good ,khiladi bhaiya is bad and lonely is probably one of the worst song ever. i wonder do they even listen their own songs ??how they convince actors like akki to perform in such songs?

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