Kangana Ranaut needs Salman Khan’s approval!

There have been reports of Kangana Ranaut being in talks with Ekta Kapoor and Sanjay Gupta for ” Shootout At Wadala”.

A bitchy actress called TOI to remark: “Does her good friend Salman know about it?”

But why would it bother him? She adds, “Sallu is apparently not fond of Gupta but maybe the actress is not aware about that. Kangna and Salman are very good friends and he certainly won’t approve of this working relationship.”

So it’s okay for Salman’s ‘good friend’ Katrina Kaif to sign films with Shah Rukh Khan, but not for Ranaut to do “Shootout At Wadala”?

We think Salman is too large-hearted a man to care about such petty matters!



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