Jodi Breakers Movie Review by Komal Nahta

Jodi Breakers Review (Jodi Breakers Movie Poster)Business rating: 1/5 (One star)

Star cast: R. Madhavan, Bipasha Basu, Omi Vaidya, Helen, Milind Soman, Dipannita Sharma Atwal, Mrinalini Sharma.

What’s Good: A few comedy scenes; the music.

What’s Bad: The defective screenplay; the uninspiring and meaningless second half.

Verdict: Jodi Breakers is a dull show. It will not be able to break even.

Loo break: Several.

Watch or Not?: Watch it for the performances and the music, but do not expect much else.

Jodi Breakers Review: Script Analysis

Sanyukta Chawla’s story about two divorce facilitators messing it up and, in the process, also messing up their own relationship is quite novel but that’s about all! Beyond that, the drama is full of loopholes. Screenplay writer Aakash Kaushik has done a job that leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest defect of the screenplay is that the film’s second half – the entire drama created to get the separated couple together again, seems unwarranted as merely telling them the truth would’ve sufficed. Orchestrating the drama with the help of the grandmother would’ve worked if and only if admitting to their mistake and confessing before Marc and Maggie would not have been enough – and that would’ve been the case if the love between Marc and Maggie had gotten over completely. For, the orchestrated drama seems to be directed more at reigniting the love than anything else. But the fact that there’s no more love between Marc and Maggie has not been established and so the entire drama to reignite it looks meaningless. Maggie is shown to be sad and shattered, not out of love. Even Marc is shocked and hurt at what he is led to believe about Maggie; if he has fallen out of love, it is not established well enough.

Also, the fact that Sonali is very principled and Sid had to hide the fact about Ira being his ex-wife from her and also the other facts of the case from her is established after the facts are revealed to the audience. A far better option would’ve been for the screenplay writer to establish the fact about her principles beforehand.

All in all, the drama in the film’s second half doesn’t hold. And the incidents in the first half are too stretched to create much of an impact. In other words, the screenplay is defective. Dialogues, penned by Aakash Kaushik, are fairly nice. The muting of the sound in some of the dialogues, due to censor objections, sticks out like a sore thumb.

Jodi Breakers Review: Star Performances

R. Madhavan acts with effortless ease, very smoothly slipping into the character of Sid. He makes several scenes a delight to watch because of his natural acting. Bipasha Basu looks pretty and performs ably. Omi Vaidya has his moments of comedy. However, the scene of his speech in front of a group of ladies is hardly funny and will not be understood by many among those who do not consume alcohol. Besides, it looks a poor cousin of and too heavily inspired by the actor’s landmark speech scene in 3 Idiots. Milind Soman does an average job. Dipannita Sharma Atwal is alright. Mrinalini Sharma is quite earnest. Helen lends fair support. Mazhar Syed (as Sid’s friend, Sahil), Tarana Raj (as Sid’s cardiologist friend, Isha), Paritosh Sand (as the doctor) and Bomie (as the old man on the operation table) provide adequate support.

Jodi Breakers Review: Direction & Music

Ashwini Chaudhary’s direction is average. His narrative style does not get the audience hooked on to the drama. Of course, he is also handicapped by the weak script. Salim-Sulaiman’s music is very nice. Kunwara and Darmiyaan songs are the pick of the lot. The Bipasha song is also appealing. Mujhko teri zaroorat hai has lilt and melody. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are praiseworthy. Song picturisations (Rajeev Surti and Bosco-Caesar) are good but could’ve been better. Camerawork (by Arun Varma) is eye-filling. The locales of Greece are a treat for the eyes. Sets (Aparna Raina) are appropriate. Production values are nice.
Jodi Breakers Review: Komal Nahta’s Verdict

On the whole, Jodi Breakers is not too much of an entertainer and will not be able to break even. Considering the dull start and lack of merits in it, it will entail losses to all concerned.



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