Jism 2 Title Song

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    aryan 9 years ago

    Good composition.

  2. Baba Ji
    Baba Ji 9 years ago

    Theatre-watch.I might not see talaash,srks next,ett but i will watch this for sure 😀

  3. Avatar Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    They made such a big fuss about this – “uncensored” and all. Just free publicity.

    Forget KLPD its not even KL.

    • Baba Ji
      Baba Ji 9 years ago

      you wanted xxx porn or what? this is india.

      • Avatar Author
        sputnik 9 years ago

        I am talking about movies – movies like BI. BI was not porn 😉

    • Avatar
      Ritz 9 years ago

      “Forget KLPD its not even KL”


      Does your wife know that you own this site? 😛

      About the video one word….


      • Avatar Author
        sputnik 9 years ago

        Ha Ha.

        They build it up so much on twitter but the song looks like a typical song these days.

  4. Avatar
    fearlesssoul 9 years ago

    It can even Calm the Tiger.. Such is the impact of Jism 2. Awesome composition Bhatt’s are far ahead in terms of Creativity 😉
    They say Tiger is stronger than Lion but I say Leon is strongest 😛

  5. Avatar
    Reddemon 9 years ago

    i vil miss the oppurtunity to watch it in theatres due to age factor-((

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