Jism 2 Has Good Weekend Due To Opening

Jism 2 scored well over its first weekend thanks to a good opening and strong paid previews on Raksha Bandhan. The reports of the film were not so good so it had a huge fall on Saturday and Sunday did not pick up much.

The weekend including paid previews is around 20.50 crore which is a good total but 9 crore of this came n Friday and paid previews which is nearly 45% of the weekend total meaning Saturday and Sunday gave just 55% of the weekend total.

The film is sure to come down on Monday but the initial makes it an average fare though circuits which went for big prices like CPCI Rajasthan and Bihar will have losses for distributors.

The CPCI Rajasthan belt went for 3.25 crore and the weekend distributor share is 1.75 crore and looking at the trend the film can reach 2.75 crore at best meaning a 50 lakhs loss.



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