Jannat 2 India Today Movie Review by Kaveree Bamzai

Director: Kunal Deshmukh
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta

Sex and guns. Emraan Hashmi is the champion of B-life. He’s back again in a vehicle tailormade for his unique ability to look fear in the eye. Betting illegally on cricket, dealing in drugs, chasing married women, selling sex, is there a single low life activity that Hashmi has not done onscreen? Well there was running guns and that’s now on his bio data too with Jannat 2.

So there he is again, flirting outrageously, doing all sorts of things to make money (selling pirated CDs, illegal guns), running from the police, being generally a kutti kameeni cheez. And since it’s supposed to be a Delhi film (cue to visuals of Hashmi dancing at India Gate and drinking at Ansal Plaza), every third word is the national abuse of the national capital (b…c…d) The film acquires a certain requisite tension thanks to the presence of a powerful foil to Hashmi, the underrated Randeep Hooda, an insomniac police officer with a bullet in his brain and a thing on his conscience about bringing illegal gun runners to book.

The atmosphere is not totally authentic, but the film is more about a certain type. A certain type of Delhiwala who lives off his wits, with little education but a lot of guts, who wants to get ahead in life. The movie gets the friendship unto death right with Mohammed Ayub (yes, Manu Sharma in No One Killed Jessica), the girl he falls in love with right (slightly posh, aspirational, change-the-world doctor) and the scary villain (almost, Manish Chaudhury, shedding his uber urbane image.)  Hashmi has emerged as the voice of the angry half-haves, those not poor but not rich either, who have access to view a certain kind of lifestyle, but not the means to procure it. He has army of fans among people like him. With films like this, the closet fans can come out.


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