Jai Ho Theatrical Trailer

  1. Baba 8 years ago

    typical salman khan trash with OTT fight and cheesy one liners.what is that roaring in the end right into the lens? cant believe all the hype was for this.

  2. shan 8 years ago

    Jiska dar Tha, wahi hua. Same ghisi piti action, poor dialogues, pathetic dialogue delivery. Highly disappointed πŸ™ can’t believe I was waiting with bated breath for this trash. πŸ™

  3. Shalu Dhyani 8 years ago

    DonΒ΄t get it. These scenes could have been cut and pasted from Bodyguard or any other Salman movie. Tells us nothing about this particular film.

  4. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    As expected. Bakwas trailer.

  5. Tulmul Memender 8 years ago

    Whoa………. What a outstanding teaser….

    Will I get some sleep tonight or my mind will be thinking of this one minute of pure Awesomeness ??

  6. dwnpiyush 8 years ago

    So much hype and they release a 1 minute promo! From this promo looks like a regular Salman Khan masala. Hope it has been made well.

  7. Power Singh 8 years ago

    ce record is gone

  8. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Poster= ETT
    1min teaser=READY promo
    sohail yr umeed mat todna meri 6bb ki..
    ab yr full promo pr he sab kuch.pr bs ab salman apne bhaio se dur rahe

  9. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    sirf 1 min kyu muje yeh nhi samj aa rahi

  10. dwnpiyush 8 years ago

    It is a mini promo. 30 sec of fast cut bits from action scenes basically. I think it was smashing except the roar at the end, which reminded of Veer and Singham. Too short to judge whether the action is good or not. Too short to judge anything except that it confirms that Salman returns in a crowd pleasing avatar with a typical Masala film. How good or bad the film would be, remains to be seen.

  11. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Trailer started off well with that one person helping three thing but then turned into another typical Salman movie. Salman is looking fat in some scenes like the scene where he is shown walking from behind. The action scenes look straight out of Bodyguard, ETT and Dabangg. And that roar into camera is ridiculous. Salman had a good opportunity here to make something different – a social change movie ala RDB but looks like he is content doing same action masala stuff.

    Also I think they should have released a proper theatrical trailer instead of a teaser after having promised a trailer.

    • Baba 8 years ago

      the three ppl-helping another three is just a gimmick to reproduce another bg/dabang/wanted.it was clear when all the 3 posters featured only salman with his typical poses. it is like the “badla nahi badlav” thing of singh sab the great

  12. shan 8 years ago

    And what’s with the monkey face he makes when saying that tardy “phaad dega” dialogue?? And what’s the “sher ki dahaad” at the end? 1 min trailer and almost 55 secs were action scenes. Agree, these could have been leftover scenes from any of his last few movies.

    Can’t believe this is the highly awaited Jai Ho trailer. When will Salman give a good, clean, fun movie? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  13. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Salman drawing that human chain reminded me of those irritating chain marketing ppl giving demo…

  14. Dhamaka 8 years ago

    yet to watch the trailer or teaser but thing is why ppl are expecting something different when it is a remake of stalin and directed by sohail ?
    tulmul paaji lagta hai in logon ne hello brother nahe dekhi πŸ˜‰

  15. FS 8 years ago

    Chutiya trailer. Hopefully it will put an end to his masala genre and tirn out huge disaster / flop tht he should never be able to think another movie with his brothers

    • shan 8 years ago

      Sahi kaha FS. Let this one crash and burn! Thing is next one is Kick with Sajid Nad. No chances of that one being any different. Uske baad Bade Bhaiya shayad alag ho, but who knows- salman might convince even Sooraj to add masala action scenes. πŸ™

      Man, I wasn’t so frustrated with Salman even during the Jaanemann, salaam e Ishq, babul phase. Back then, he didn’t have a lot of choice. Now, he can get any damn movie made just as he wants to. It is sad to learn this is what he wants.

  16. FS 8 years ago

    It was rightly titled after the lead earlier as “Mental”

  17. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    kk 40sec tak promo awsm he ,.uske baad πŸ™

  18. aryan 8 years ago

    Average trailer waiting for the 2 and half minute trailer aur mujhe zyada expectations nahin hai Sohail Khan ke direction per.

  19. Jaya Lahori 8 years ago

    I felt he sounded like Ajay Devgan .. ItΒ΄s regular Salman stuff.

  20. Nitin Singla 8 years ago

    Awesome love it!!!

  21. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    jab poster salman bna skta he to promo bhi salman hi bnaye yr ., poster itne ache the aur promo utna hi bekaar ,., pr fise kahuga phele 40sec acha he promo ,. baad me to kuch dikhaya hi nhi

  22. Sanket Porwal 8 years ago

    I didnt get what it tried to say from promo.. Cant say abt the content but yes its pretty much the regular stuff. It might emerge blockbuster but it does look OTT to me

  23. narad_muni 8 years ago

    Even by Sallu’s own low standards, this is pathetic.
    Also, Sallu luks bad and his dialogue delivery sucks.
    This movie will probably be his first flop after a long time.

  24. Reddemon 8 years ago

    Bad trailer.

    And what is the fuss about poster? It was similar to Salman’s ETT look and that human chain shown with line is no great shakes in art either. Infact it is one of the easiest way to show some chain which even a 5th class student will be able to think of.

    Either the expectation is too low from Salman or ….

    This is not a Eid Release. Dabbang2 collected 150crs. Eid is the real Superstar which gave a highest grossing film even to SRK in his worst phase.

  25. Tulmul 8 years ago

    Dhamaka :

    Paaji Tumse milkar aisa laga Aaj tum se milke (Oops, Forgot 377 is valid here) ….

    Janabe Ali, Kaha hoon ..

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      Lol, Tulmul paaji full on humor today.

    • Dhamaka 8 years ago

      paaji mein ne kahan jana hai bus aap ke raj mein zinda hain by the way i am gathering courage to watch this one minute of awsomeness

  26. mate 8 years ago

    Yeh trailer dekhne k baad mujy yeh kehna hai k Salman bhai, aap ko khuda ka wasta hai movies aur acting ki jaan chhod do, yeh tumhare bus ki baat nahi. Koi pansari ki dukaan khol lo, waha bhi kafi profit hai, aur tumhare level ka kaam bhi hai. Ya phir 100 auto rikshaw khareed lo, 1 khud chalana baqi rent par de dena, itna tumhe shok hai auto chalane ka har movie main jo chalate ho. Kuch reham karo is desh ki gareeb janta par, meri humble request hai aap se.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      Mate, are you ready for 60cr opening day?

  27. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    kkk to theatre me 2.30min promo dikhaya gya he ,,.hope wo acha ho

  28. mate 8 years ago

    Yes sir, I’m ready for 60 cr opening day for the next diwali. πŸ˜‰

  29. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    to fir srk ko paan ki dukaan khol leni chahiye πŸ™‚ sabse jyada to wo gribo ko lut raha he πŸ™‚

  30. Tulmul 8 years ago

    Ritz :

    Tu kal be tha, aaj be hain aur kal be rahega : ‘Kameena’ πŸ™‚

    Paaji :

    Jisne sunny paaji ko dekha hooo toh salman kis khait ki mooli hain… Suuny Hand pump hilata hain aur salman bracelet πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Are you on fb ???

    Apology to Sputnik for doing social gap shap πŸ™‚

    • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      Haha, Sirji, I am only here and on gmail.

    • Dhamaka 8 years ago

      paaji search noman amin in manish’s friends list or in fb search.

      ps: jo bhi sab se smart banda nazar aaye samajh jana ke hum hain πŸ™‚

  31. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    kal full promo aayega 2.30min ka

  32. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Theatrical Trailer of Jai Ho full 2 and a half min πŸ˜‰


    Cant believe Lehren trolled Salman and his fans like this.

  33. Sanjeev Dhital 8 years ago

    This is only a teaser but looks way better than Ready, Bodyguard and Dabangg 2. But this was never supposed to be a big movie as the only ingredient in favor of the movie is Salman Khan. Anything above 150 is very good… waiting for the trailer.. teasers of all movies (except ETT) have been worthless, so no worries.

  34. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    sputnik bro image ki option nhi he

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      That’s because you are commenting without logging in. I see that you are already registered as bunty.

      So if you forgot your password click on the Lost Password link on the top right corner below login and reset your password.

      Once you login with that account and try to comment you will see those buttons at the top of the comment box.

  35. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    BRO maine img pr click kiya pr kuch nhi ho raha bro

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      img par click karo phir ek pop up/alert aayega saying β€œEnter the URL of the image”. Paste the link/URL of that image in that text box and hit ok. Leave Description field blank and hit ok. The image tag will appear in the comment and when you submit the comment the picture will show up.

      The full size image will appear in the comment and I can edit the width to fit in the space or else you can add width=”700″ or a lesser number after the alt=”” in the image tag.

  36. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Bro maine img pr click kiya tha kuch nhi aaya pr .img ke sath jo link ki option he us pr click krne pr jo ap likh rahe ho wo khul jata pr img pr nhi…
    mai mobile se try krta hu ab

  37. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Mobile pr options nhi aa rahi

  38. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Sanjeev agree wd u bro
    aur trailer acha hoga

  39. alfa.one 8 years ago

    hahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!! best trailer

  40. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    alfa teaser he trailer nhi ,trailer aane do

  41. anjanpur685miles 8 years ago

    Nice change in having latest comments at top.

  42. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    yes yahi mai bhi chahta latest comment upper hone chahiye thanks sputnik bro

  43. alfa.one 8 years ago

    @dabang_ninja – I did not laugh at teaser but on that 2.5 min trailer posted by @sputnik (as nothing was there) !!! just for some light moments yaar !!!

  44. alfa.one 8 years ago

    @sputnik – I dont know why when I put some reply by clicking the reply button, the comment either come in the begining or in the end. Never in the reply for that particular person.

    2) Till date I have not posted any thing but want to start. How to do that ? (u have already allowed me for that)

    Guide me please

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Are you commenting after logging in with your account? If you are not logged in and reply to a comment it won’t show up as reply to that person.

      After logging in you will see Add New Post on the top right corner. Click on it and you can write your article. You can click on Preview from top right corner and preview your post while making changes. Once you are done with your article click on Publish button and the post will show up on the site. If you are having trouble let me know or if you want me to align or do anything with any picture or something leave it as draft and let me know. I can make changes and publish it.

  45. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Alfa yahi mere sath hota jab rply krta hu kisi ko

    • Author
      sputnik 8 years ago

      Its because you are not commenting after logging in. Use your bunty account and reply then your comment will show up correctly as reply.

      I tried to fix the buttons not showing up issue on mobile phones. But they don’t show up properly. You can click on Add Media and then add URL and paste your URL there.

  46. Baba 8 years ago

    0.2 mil views in almost 24 hrs on youtube.its shockingly low

  47. Serenzy 8 years ago

    Below Average trailer.

    The action scenes are again “Over-the-top”.. The treatment of the movie is in the similar ‘masala’ style as seen before.

    Salman Khan seems to have got himself stuck in some kind off a rut, all together.. He seems incapable of doing/trying out movies of a different genre even though he has got what it takes.

    Only thing that registered with me is the ‘human chain’ helping element that they’ve seem to put in it.

    ps: My wait/expectations from BADE BHAIYYA(barjatya movie) just went a notch higher.!

    • DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

      Serenzy trailer ya teaser .agar teaser he to plz teaser likho .trailer likh kr aur mat darayo bhai.trailer to acha hoga

  48. Manish Kumar 8 years ago

    Looks like BB .. room for perfect emotion nmaar dhaad … (Y) thoda sallu ki dialogue delivery is down rest looks sure shot

  49. Manish Kumar 8 years ago

    Tanqeed Movies yeh nahi post kiya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMMEODhZUfA&sns=tw
    this also seems like hit .. ranveer ki nikal padegi if it turns out good

  50. Tanqeed Movies 8 years ago

    Manish Kumar aryan posted trailer on TQ Will share it now on FB page

  51. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Kya kisi ne yaha full trailer dekha plz rply ..

  52. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    jaiho ka full trailer bhut badiya he boss πŸ™‚ grt
    teaser kuch bhi nhi uske samne

  53. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame (verified account) wants to do a movie with Salman Khan. He says he liked him in Dabangg 2. Here are his tweets.

    “@BeingSalmanKhan hey its the Hoff, knightrider/baywatch..Loved you in dabangg 2! Would love to hook up for a movie together! :)”

    “Where are you?@BeingSalmanKhan gotta a great idea! It’s not Bollywatch but better ! The Hoff”


    • DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

      bro who is he ,. inki koi movie ka naam ??

      • Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

        Dabangg_Ninja – sputnik ne bola he uper hi – baywatch ik tv pe aari serial ti bhut badiya uska hero tha vo.

  54. ank_16n 8 years ago

    Its very bad trailer didn’t like it…….Till now only liked the
    2nd Poster..!!

  55. dwnpiyush 8 years ago

    Saw the hall recorded version of the full trailer… It is full masala all action.. Typical salman south masala, hoping it is as good as wanted… Tabu lends credibility to it.. The way she cries out for jai, is superb. From the slight bits that can be seen in the trailer, the songs look like they have been shot lavishly and the action seems to have been mounted on a grand scale. But disappointed in the sense that I thought Jai Ho might be diff, because kick also is south masala, so I am guessibg now that salman won’t stop till one flops badly, but that seems unlikely.

  56. aryan 8 years ago

    Jai Ho Teaser Trailer Launch event in Mumbai


  57. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    trailer awsm he bhaioo ,.,teaser acha nhi laga tha pr trailer badiya he boss

  58. Author
    sputnik 8 years ago

    Updated the post with the longer theatrical trailer.

  59. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    yeh trailer acha he

  60. shan 8 years ago

    Don’t understand how the trailer is in any way better than the teaser. It’s the same stuff, just for longer. Scenes like Tabu screaming for Jai make it look even cornier. It’s all action and zero drama or emotion. Will mostly skip this one at the theaters. πŸ™ was looking forward to a Salman movie since a year, but have to say he is on a disappointing spree. His last movie I found even remotely enjoyable was Ready, and even that had a bunch of cringeworthy scenes. I hope this one and Kick underperform like crazy so that Salman stays away from masala for a couple of years.

  61. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    shan CE se to acha he na ? πŸ˜›

    • shan 8 years ago

      Agar comparison itni ghatiya movie se kiya, to acha hoke fayda kya? Ghajini, Dabangg, Agneepath have been the better masala movies of the lot, not that they are masterpieces. None of the masala movies are any great shakes. And this one looks nowhere close to the better ones. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter how much money this makes. I wanted to see a fun, clean, entertaining, if possible, slightly social, film from Salman with no crass comedy, over the top action, cringeworthy dialogues. And doesn’t seem like this movie will fulfill that wish.

      • DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

        fun clean entertaining to ETT thi ..na hi usme ott action tha ,na hi dialogue baazi na hi crass comedy ?
        yaha tak jaiho ki baat he sabko pta he sohail bna raha he to kya expect kare ?? agar poster itne ache na hote to muje bhi jaiho se koi umeed nhi thi pr poster ke baad umeed ban gyi ,.
        aur trailer fir bhi theek he kafi movies se hope logo ko movie pasand aaye aur bb ho jaye

  62. Sanjeev Dhital 8 years ago

    Trailer is quite good because action scenes are good… Others we can’t say because they revealed nothing in the trailer.

  63. Baba 8 years ago

    Danish on fb:

    Danish Raza
    salman ko sohail aur arbaaz ko dhakke de de kar ghar se nikaal dena chahiye
    arbaaz gave zero direction in dabangg 2
    has sohail gone into negative?
    its infuiriatingly bad yaar
    c grade stunts
    i am a guy who loved bodyguard at 1st look
    the music, the styling, the action
    and then the emotional quoitient was like an icing on the cake
    but looks like sohail hasnt even attended shoots of jai ho
    looks like he directed from home and comdy circus sets on phone

    • cr7 8 years ago

      Whats the point of posting someone’s comment who is not even allowed to comment on TQ ? πŸ˜›

  64. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    Talking about Rajni and Salman and Govinda:

    Rajni brings new style statement with each film – same with Govinda’s dance steps – both are/were innovative in each film.

    Salman is same old same old always.

  65. aamir 8 years ago

    trailer is fantastic.it will break all records.

  66. Sanjeev Dhital 8 years ago

    If we go by the trailer only the movie should collect about 80 crores lifetime… Lets see how much Salman’s starpower can push this movie…140 crores is more than enough… Lagta hai no 6th blockbuster in a row for Salman… But if this becomes 6th then 7th is a guarantee

    • DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

      sanjeev bro ready ke promo pr bhi yahi kuch huya tha ,. pr public ko movie achi lagi thi kya pta yaha bhi aisa hi ho

  67. saurabh 8 years ago

    Laughable trailer… Tabu also got wasted. I find her scene totally frustrating.. Salman looks old too.. Nd also not hving good body
    @ninja bhai ce was better than bodyguard.. Hvn’t seen ready nd ett so cnt compare. CE can be compared dabang 2.

  68. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    saurabh bro mai trailer ki baat kr raha tha .jaiho ka trailer ce ke trailer se to kafi acha he ..
    aur bodyguard muje D2 se jyada pasand he ..D2 khas nhi thi

  69. saurabh 8 years ago

    Since for me Jai ho trailer is completely laughable.. so if its a comedy movie then surely its a better trailer than ce, in which I got less laugh than Jai Ho trailer.

    • DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

      aise to CE ke time pr mai bhi bhut hassa tha srk ko dekh kr πŸ™‚ face kaise bna raha tha srk har scene me:)

  70. Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

    The most sad part of this is how they have used Tabu – like any extra types..

    • shan 8 years ago

      Absolutely! I was surprised to read Piyush’s statement that the way she cries out for Jai is superb. Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions but I did not expect it. Anyway, hope the movie is better than the trailer!

      • dwnpiyush 8 years ago

        @shan, Ritz… I would be terribly disappointed too if Tabu is indeed used as an extra in the film. In the promo there is no one apart from Salman. Yes, the little that could be seen of Tabu in the trailer, in my view, is superb. I have always been a fan of her, and her voice. I think she has the most haunting voice amongst all heroines. They way she cries out of Jai gives the gimmick a credibility that wouldn’t have been possible with someone other than her. It is an old trick- a sister calling out for her brother when a villain is troubling her.

        As far as I can make out, she will have a meaty role, meatier than the love interest in the movie. Hope it is worthwhile.

  71. saurabh 8 years ago

    @ninja bhai that was a comedy movie, so its very good thing that u get laughs….
    on serious note, when u r very desperate to reply, be honest, and read comments carefully.

  72. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Pr laugh promo pr nhi kisi aur pr hi aa raha tha …aur yaha tak jaiho ki baat he trailer fir bhi acha he kafi aur trailer se .aur ce trailer se bhut jyada .

    • shan 8 years ago

      Dude, just a suggestion. I know you want this movie to be good and are trying hard to make people like the trailer. I empathize with you. But trying to show this trailer is better than other movie trailers and making fun of other actors is not going to serve the purpose. In fact, that makes you look bad. Chill out and go watch Dabangg or Wanted or Judwaa (or whichever Salman movie you like) and enjoy. Jai Ho ka jo hona hai, hoga. Mean this in a good way. Hope you dont take it negatively. πŸ™‚

  73. saurabh 8 years ago

    @ninja bhai “AAP”- ki “Jai HO”

  74. DABANGG_NIINJA 8 years ago

    Chalo chhodo yr bs film achi ho bb ho jaye .150cr tokr hi jaye

  75. aryan 7 years ago
  76. Author
    sputnik 7 years ago
  77. Author
    sputnik 7 years ago

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