Jabra Fan Song from Fan ft Shah Rukh Khan

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    aryan 6 years ago

    Catchy song SRK looks very energetic. Since 3 to 4 years I didn’t see any of his movie in theaters because he is doing all the time same movies with same directors. I hope Maneesh Sharma will try to spark SRK’s magic again.

  2. sputnik 6 years ago

    Did not like the song. SRK is trying to be energetic like he was in the 90s but it comes off more as trying too hard. They are trying to making him dance badly or differently than SRK but then wouldn’t a fan copy his favorite star’s moves and dance like him?

    Anyway I just don’t like this whole SRK playing a fan of himself nonsense.

  3. shan 6 years ago

    Agree Sputnik. This one reeks of narcissism. The song is so-so and the steps are totally out of sync. I am surprised at the positive comments it is getting. Hope the movie turns out better.

    • shan 6 years ago

      Also, the part “main Tera hai re jabra hoy re jabra fan ho Gaya” sounds a lot like “kabhi bang kabhi boong aise Akshay Akshay”

  4. sputnik 6 years ago

    This is interesting. Maneesh Sharma Interview –

    “First and foremost, the song is not in the film. Our film is songless.”

    “A commercial Bollywood film with a superstar… how is Fan a songless film?!
    (Laughs) I know where you are coming from. But this is a thriller and when we were at the writing stage, we didn’t feel the need for a song. And, with my producer’s (Aditya Chopra) support, we stuck to the fact that we didn’t want a song in the film. You are right when you say that a film as big as this is not only expected to have songs, but also songs that are chart-toppers. But, even if I say it, the producer believed in my vision and allowed me to do it my way. Honestly, the plot of Fan is so tight there is really no space in it to break into a song. ”


  5. sputnik 6 years ago

  6. sputnik 6 years ago

    Jabra Fan Anthem Parody by Salil Jamdar

    • Author
      aryan 6 years ago

      Good one.

    • saurabh sharma 6 years ago

      Its interesting that he put the gerua parody there and criticize it though he got the benefit because of it. Probably srk would have approached him for coming in gerua parody and there may be some transaction of money too. I am not sure how it worked abt the parody.. but it is certainly interesting and there is conflict..

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