Jab Tak Hai Jaan may release in Pakistan

Yash Chopra’s last directorial venture Jab Tak Hai Jaan is likely to be released in Pakistan. On Monday evening, the website of Atrium cinema in Karachi uploaded promo of the film and several working stills from the film. The website mentioned the film’s release date as November 13.

According to TOI: There were rumours that the film will fail to get clearance from the Pakistan censor board due to the fact that it deals with the Kashmir issue.

Chopra’s last home production Ek Tha Tiger was banned in Pakistan due to its depiction of Pakistan Intelligence agencies. Katrina Kaif played a Pakistani spy in the film.

Earlier this year, Saif Ali Khan’s film Agent Vinod too was banned for showing Pakistani intelligence in negative light.

Meanwhile, JTHJ has been cleared by Indian Censor Board with a UA certificate.


  1. Asif Ali 10 years ago

    Kya bakwas he.. A senior citizen making love to a half age girl.. molestation case should b filed.. lol

    • aryan 10 years ago

      First Promotion Press Conference – Part 1 – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

      • sauravjha 10 years ago

        Thanx for the videos Aryan ! I liked what he said in 2nd video frm 12.00 till last…he is bang on wid what he’s saying. Actually now many ppl have suddenly got interested in Business of cinema to the point that even if they r not going to watch that movie they are interested in knowing how much it will earn and it will beat dat collection and not beat…i think if ppl who r making the movie would have worked wid collections in their mind it will always come out as a compromised product. So better we njoy the movie and leave collections to follow. Nobody discussed wt DDLJ, HAHK will earn in their first week and whether they needed to break sholay’s record to be the gr8st movie ever..so hope we as a movie going audience try to enjoy the movie more. (Note to myself too! )

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        Anushka looks fine on screen but she needs to put on some weight.

        • Author
          mate 10 years ago

          “Anushka looks fine on screen but she needs to put on some weight.”
          Ritz, I think she intentionally wear some loose outfits here, as Srk is there. 😉

      • Ritz 10 years ago

        Ironically they did not take Lata for the song as the voice did not match Katrina’s and now the song is not there in the film.

        SRK is really pissed off with the person asking question at 5:06 in last video (I think he said mazaakbaazi thats why)

        And Kat really caught him when he was praising Anushka – he was saying always (“both of them” etc) – at around 11:30 (watch 9:00 onwards) . Obviously he was praising Anushka very much and rightly so – and just for the sake of diplomacy kept mentioning “both of them” etc.

        • Ritz 10 years ago

          The above two incidences clearly show that SRK’s sense of humor has really gone and he cant control his anger/ego when confronted.

          • sauravjha 10 years ago

            To be honest Ritz that was a real poor way to ask somebody a question ! “acha ab mazak baazi bohot ho gayi” are you asking a kid?? Obviously any one will feel offended more so when you wud have seen until that point it was almost a party happening there wid every1 njoying rather than a normal press conference!

            Refering to katrina vs anushka thing to me looked as how comfortable katrina is wid srk or has become wid srk that she was almost pulling his leg everytym he spoke and thats a rarity cos srk generally do that to others 🙂

            Also the fact that we could sit thru the entire intvw shows how enjoyble srk’s press conferences r evrytym and not a boring one! I feel very strongly that apart frm Amitabh srk’s the most spontaneous and a fantastic speaker which is not the case unfortunately wid our other big superstars.

            So i hope this mite help you to see it in a slightly different perspective.

        • sputnik 10 years ago

          I had watched part of the videos the other day. There was some confusion in the part numbering so did not post it.

          I saw the bit where Katrina talked about her and Anushka being identical twins. Katrina seemed pissed off with SRK praising Anushka and calling her only gentle – it seemed like she was jealous of Anushka. Anushka on the other hand acted so mature.

          Frankly there is no comparison when it comes to acting talent between Anushka and Katrina. Anushka is a brilliant actress (Rab Ne, BBB) and Katrina is a pathetic actress. Its a shame that a talent less Katrina is a star in India just because she is part Caucasian.


          There is not much any man (even SRK) can do when a woman is being catty about some other woman 😉 He was being so fake when he was saying working with her was the greatest thing.

          • hithere 10 years ago

            “Its a shame that a talent less Katrina is a star in India just because she is part Caucasian. ”
            Lisa Ray, Yana Gupta, Negar Khan, Nargis Fakhri, 🙂

          • Baba Ji 10 years ago

            “Katrina is a pathetic actress. Its a shame that a talent less Katrina is a star in India just because she is part Caucasian.”

            no actress today apart from vidya can boast of good acting.anuskha is an overactor and she is going to be pathetic in jthj (watch jiya re) .She has been overdoing the BBB north indian loudmouth girl.if anushka can be called good,kat too can be called decent in films like NY,NL,znmd etc.

  2. Author
    mate 10 years ago

    Agree, it’s really shameful to make a love to half age girls especially in movies. But I suggest you, don’t file a molestation case against him, it’s a sheer waste of money and this can also go against you. You should just stick to comment on him because it’s totally free of cost. And one more thing you have to make sure that your comments should be related to the post, just like your above comment. Thanks a lot.

  3. Ritz 10 years ago

    @Saurav, yes that journo was kind of rude in asking but SRK gave it back to him more than enuf – by telling him to stand up (khade rahiye) more than 2-3 times…just like a principle/teacher gives a punishment to a school kid .
    Disagree totally on Kat thing. He cudnt answer properly when she caught him…doesnt show at all that she was comfortable – but she apparently was pissed off by constant diplomacy/fake answers. I can tell that 🙂
    Even SRK’s expressions when she confronted him shows that…he tried to answer something smart in reply but cudnt…and he was all tense.

    • sauravjha 10 years ago

      okk ritz 🙂 even looking from ur perspective i found it good that finally someone(katrina) had srk short of words which is a big thing and a rarity.

  4. Serenzy 10 years ago

    I Agree with Baba… Niether is Anushka Better than Katrina and Nor is Katrina a PATHETIC Actress.

    Both are Good in their Own Way and Deserve all the Accolodes they are Gtting.

    And Baba, as for Anushka Repeating her Act, it’s No Fault of her’s actually bcz the Charactrs of her Movies have been Similar and She has Set a Benchmark with BBB.

    It’s Similar to Sonakshi Thing in Dabng Series, RR, SOS.

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