‘Instinctive, not cautious’

The arrival of his bonny baby boy a few months ago was an event in itself.  And now, in addition to Azad Rao Khan, who is quite a handful and more, Aamir Khan has Talaash, Dhoom 3 and a lot more up his sleeve. It’s a full house indeed. Over multiple rounds of piping hot tea and scrumptious snacks, Aamir Khan bares it all to Mirror.

We hear there have been differences between Reema Kagti and you. Portions of Talaash need a reshoot.
That’s not true. Reema has done a fabulous job and I am very happy with the way Talaash has shaped up. It is my home production and I want to be there for it. Since the past few months, I have been too busy with my brainchild, my TV show.

Have you delayed Dhoom 3?
I have postponed it only by a month. I was supposed to start it in June. Now I will shoot for it from July. I play a circus artiste in the film and so I need to get into shape in the remaining time, which I hope to achieve soon under a trainer who has come down from the US.

Your decision to work with Victor Acharya, whose first film Tashan bombed, has surprised many people. What are your thoughts?
I worked with Ashutosh Gowariker in Lagaan but he had also directed Pehla Nasha and Baazi. Rakeysh Mehra hadn’t done well before Rang De Basanti happened. Success and failure is not in our hands. Victor may have gone wrong in Tashan but he is very talented. He has a very fine creative sensibility.

Rajkumar Hirani would have cast Ranbir Kapoor in Peekay had you refused it. But you went on to shatter Ranbir’s dreams…
(Laughs) Why would I not work with Hirani? We start Peekay in December.

We hear you took lessons in swimming for the underwater scenes in Talaash?
I had to do it. I didn’t know swimming at all. I learnt it at a five-star hotel pool. In fact, it took me a long time to get it right. Two full months to be precise.

The way you think before uttering every word, you must be also thinking before every move in the pool.
(Laughs) No. In fact, I react instinctively. I was asked to host a game show. What could be safer than that? If I was treading with caution, wouldn’t I have taken it up?

But you come across as someone who thinks before his every move. It is said that aapka dimaag bahut chalta hai…
(Smiles) I might appear like that. Go by my actions, not by my words (winks). Aur dimaag chalna koi buri baat toh nahin hai na?

Only news you want to share finds it way to the media. For instance, news about the IVF surrogacy came only when you were ready. Comments please?
One day, I shall tell you how I manage to keep things under wraps. But that isn’t going to be today.

But you surprised us by publicly admitting that Kiran and you opted for IVF surrogacy.
Had I done something wrong that I should have hidden it? We are very proud of the whole thing. She had a number of miscarriages. We realised that her uterus lining is very thin for her to carry the baby for nine months. Which is why we opted for this method. Biologically, the baby is ours.

That you are fond of Tiger Shroff is the talk of town.
Tiger is a fine guy with a fabulous physique. If I can find material where I can offer him work, I would be happy. Jackie is so warm. He and Ayesha are family to me. But honestly, Tiger doesn’t need me to become an actor.

Do you think ten years down the line, the likes of Imran Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor will have the kind of fan following you, Shah Rukh and Salman do even at this juncture in your careers?
They are extremely talented and get lots of appreciation.

I am talking about the euphoria that you three Khans generate.
Mera kya euphoria tha early days mein? Abhi bhi nahin hai. Main bas ghodagiri kar raha hoon.

Are you refusing to admit that you are No.1?
I am not No.1. Salman is. Look at his fan following and you will know what I mean.

We hear Kiran and you are looking for a new place in Bandra. When are you shifting?
For now, I have dropped the idea to move into a new house. I want to continue staying where I am.

Of late, Junaid has been in the news. Does he plan to become a hero?
Not that I know of. Whatever he wants to do in life, Reena and I will support him all the way.

What’s Kiran working on?
She was working on a subject but she is not emotionally ready to continue with it, at least for sometime. Right now, she is enjoying motherhood with Azad. Waise this question should be addressed to her and not me. Main kuch bolunga toh joote padenge.

Why is it that every married man speaks exactly like this about the wife?
(Laughs) Why should I be scared of her? I love her. Why should she be scared of me? She loves me. While I directed Taare Zameen Par, I think her film Dhobi Ghat makes me even more proud.

TZP reminds me of Amol Gupte. Will you forgive him? And Chetan Bhagat too?
Who am I to forgive them?

If you bump into them someday?
(Pauses) I wish them well in life.



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