I’m extremely fond of Priyanka: Shah Rukh Khan

‘SRK, you call her a jungli billi in one dialogue. Is she like that?

SRK: She is my tame rat.
PC: I’m not a rat, and I’m certainly not tame. Please find a better-looking animal to compare me to.

SRK: Ok, she is my tame rabbit. Look, I am extremely, extremely, extremely fond of her and I have a huge amount of genuine love and respect for her talent. She is really talented as an actor and I am not saying it because she is sitting here. I like learning from actors who know more than me; Priyanka is one of them. She is one of those actors who knows more than me in her own way. But she is not over-smart. She knows everything; yet there is a naivete about her that I find endearing and interesting. Sometimes I feel a little bad that I’m treating her so badly in Don2.

PC: Shah Rukh, you are just basically patronising, that is a personality trait and you cannot help it. Ok guys, I’m supposed to be really tough in Don2. And even after I have given a really tough shot, SRK comes up to me and says: ‘Oh she is so cute.’ How will I ever be able to be tough after that?

SRK: I’ve seen you when you were 19.
PC: No, when I was 17.

SRK: Ok 17; that’s why I think of you with a huge amount of fondness. You are sweet even when you try to be tough. And I found it cute in the scene where I get arrested and you put handcuffs on me. Remember I said, “Oh, kinky!’ and you said, ‘Iski aadat daal lo, Don.’ I found that so cute. PC: There you go again!’

Is there ‘kinky’ stuff?

SRK: Of course not. Incidentally, I have still not done a full-fledged man-woman kind of romantic film, social film or drama with her. I hope someone comes up with a nice, gentle film giving the two of us a little more scope for boy-girl, man-woman type of relationship. It will be wonderful. Don is a thriller and we have to say words like jungli billi. It would be nice to say the normal, cute things around her. Having said all that, Don2 is without a doubt, the most fun and special film that I have made. I am sure Priyanka, Ritesh Sidhwani (producer) and Farhan Akhtar (director) will agree.

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