I m too much in love with Genelia: Riteish Deshmukh

“Yes, Genelia and I are getting married next year. We haven’t fixed the date yet, but it will be early 2012. We are working on the details.

You’ve been together since 2003. For seven years you’ve kept your relationship shielded. Why? I’ve always been a very private person and wasn’t comfortable talking about it. I am not accustomed to the limelight. I have respect for actors in relationships who talk about it and give it the dignity it deserves. But I think in our own way we’ve been really dignified in our decision to not discuss it in public.”

“Did not talking about it have to do with you coming from a political family? No, more than that it had to do with the fact that we are both from non-filmi families. There was some hestitation because… (trails off). I think second generation actors handle this better. They are more accustomed to dealing with such things as they come from film families and are used to growing up in the limelight. Both of us didn’t know how to deal with the focus on our personal lives, so we agreed to keep it private.

Did your respective families know? Yes, our families knew we would get married someday. Right from the beginning we’ve had their blessings, but they left it to us to decide when we wanted to announce the decision.

Will it be a double marriage? Your brother Deeraj too is getting married in February. I don’t think so. We still haven’t set a date.

Why is Genelia the one? I don’t know what to say. I think we grew up together. We learnt about life, love and work together. It was gradual. It wasn’t overnight. We were friends and the bond just grew and became stronger. I just felt that she was the one. I’m too much in love with her. That’s it.”

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