I know I was late to catch this but Gone Girl is the greatest film ever made (Mini Take)


I became an instant David Fincher fan after seeing his Social Network in 2010. It is infact one of my all time favourite films. I always thought will be ever be able to outdo this film.

Well,He has surpassed it by a huge margin because Gone Girl is not just his greatest film but among the greatest films ever made!!! The initial 20-30 mins can make you think this is a slow film but as it progresses you realise the reason why the pace is so. The film stunned me in almost every department be it story, screenplay , editing, BGM, actinn and most importantly the direction. David Fincher is a legend!!!!


:blowkiss: to @sputnik and @ritz for recommending me the film.Going to see it again this week.

@Nolan – please pull your socks and stop making craps like interstellar. Learn how to make real human movies from Fincher

Rating: 10/10 or Meri Aukaat ke baahar

  1. sputnik 7 years ago

    Ha Ha

    I knew you would like it.

    • Baba 7 years ago

      i doubt if anyone can dislike it. its too good. i think is the greatest female character i have seen so far. this is on par with oldboy meticulous style revenge. it also has satire. the climax gave me goosebumps

      • sputnik 7 years ago

        Yeah the way she plans everything was great. I loved the dialogues on how she uses that stupid pregnant friend.

        I loved the murder scene and it looked so great with the blood and all. The audience here just did not expect it would be that brutal and were howling and shrieking.

        I don’t think Kangana can pull off that character. I have not seen Queen but since she gave some interviews where she was supposedly honest (which I thought was just a act) she is being overrated. She speaks with a lisp which I don’t like.

        • Baba 7 years ago

          oh i was blown away in that planning scene and i thought that was going to be the highpoint of the film and it will become dull. but as ritz said, gone girl is like slow poison. it kept getting better and better.

          kangana because she is not hesitant to play bold roles. deepika or katrina will get cold feet especially in all those scenes where she had to do sodomization etc.they are too image conscious.

    • Baba 7 years ago

      i dont think very highly of hollywood but it is films like gone girl and directors like david ficnher which redeem hollywood from time to time and restore ppls faith that this film industry still has great artists. i doubt if any filmmaker and any actress will have the balls to make a film like this. kangana ranaut might attempt it but can someone direct it like the way david did?

      • sputnik 7 years ago

        David Fincher is a great director. His filmography consists of Gone Girl, The Social Network, Seven, Zodiac, Game, Fight Club and Panic Room and I have liked all of them or at least found them watchable. The only movie of his that I did not like was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which felt like a wannabe Forrest Gump.

        Watch Seven too. I think you will at least like Kevin Spacey in it.

        I love Memento and that is my all time favorite movie. But Nolan has become quite overrated.

        David Fincher is my favorite director at the moment and I will surely pick him over Nolan. Nolan needs to stop trying to make this spectacular epic movie (Inception, Interstellar) and get back to a movie like Memento.

        • cr7 7 years ago

          I have always said I’m a big fan of Fincher .Fight club is my all time favorite movie . Loved Seven,TSN,Game . Only benjamin button,girl in dragon tattoo were underwhelming.I love house of cards too which he makes for netflix. About Nolan, if his try to make spectacular movie results into something like Inception I won’t mind him trying again7 again . Nolan is highly rated and deservedly so . I don’t care if he’s making emotional movie or scifi as long they’re good.

          • Baba 7 years ago

            cr – you still havent commented on interstellar. did you see it?

          • sputnik 7 years ago

            Haven’t seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet. I tried to watch it a couple of days back but I figured that I will need subtitles as many of the dialogues felt like mumbling.

            I need to watch Inception again. Nolan’s strength is human psychology and relationships which he used so well in movies like Memento and The Prestige. In all his movies including superhero movies he tries to bring the human psychology and relationships but they are getting lost somewhere in his attempt to create spectacular epics.

          • cr7 7 years ago

            I couldn’t . There is only one show of the movie here and the timing is not convenient for me . I;m waiting for them to change the show timing .Actually I went to watch Interstellar but watched Gone girl instead .

          • cr7 7 years ago

            @sputnik-Watch the original Sweedish one .Its better .

          • Baba 7 years ago

            @cr7 when you are done watching interstellar, then go through ritz and my comments and try to counter it 🙂

            @sputnik – nolan is doing an exercise in futlity IMO with his fetish with scifi. He should leave that to the likes of specialists like james cameron. cameron is known for making hollow but rich vfx based films. nolan is known for his scripts and rich human complications

          • cr7 7 years ago

            You guys should check out House of cards . Fincher has directed only 1-2 episodes .But he’s the executive producer .And usually executive producers are involved creatively .Its one of the best shows on Tv right now .kavin Spacey is too good.

          • sputnik 7 years ago

            Had heard that the original Swedish one is better. Its in my queue right now but have avoided watching it because I don’t like the lead actress Noomi Rapace. Had watched the movie Passion starring her and did not like her looks or her acting.

        • Baba 7 years ago

          completely agreed on fincher and nolan. i will definitely see the movies you mentioned but first i want to see the uncensored version of gone girl. i am also planning to see it again this week in theatre.

          nolans best is memento and that was because he made a great film on human psychology and traits. his TDK became iconic because of its human aspects. but his recent fetish with science-fiction is not letting him explore more real drama.

          i read your review of gone girl. some of the shortcomings that you have pointed are definitely there but the goods are one too many! usually in a failed marriage, herione is shown as the one who suffers and who is insecure but here ben affleck is insecure, he is scared and made to suffer in a position where he can neither kill her nor leave her. i just loved this aspect.

          • sputnik 7 years ago

            hmm so you watched it in theater. There is not much nudity but here you can read about all that is there. I read on twitter that they censored the murder scene and that it lost its impact there.


            Fincher’s movies usually have some implausible stuff but I think he is a mainstream commercial filmmaker and he just tries to make popular entertaining movies.

            “usually in a failed marriage, herione is shown as the one who suffers and who is insecure but here ben affleck is insecure, he is scared and made to suffer in a position where he can neither kill her nor leave her. i just loved this aspect.”

            Yeah the scene where he is scared and locks his room door was so funny.

            Agree with you on Nolan.

  2. Baba 7 years ago

    just loved this scene. there are many more too

  3. Baba 7 years ago

    • sputnik 7 years ago

      LOL on her line “who also has a husband” about Neil Patrick Harris.

      Her debut movie was the James Bond movie Die Another Day (2002) and I liked her a lot in that. I thought she was very talented but her career never really took off until now. I think she finally got a good role where she could show off her talent.

      By the way I watched Gone Girl again tonight.

      • Baba 7 years ago

        i just finished downloading it and skimmed through my fav parts which is the planning scene, faking sodomization and rape and the climax.

        Those lines and the way it ends gave me goosebumps

        ” What are you thinking?’ ‘How are you feeling?’ ‘What have we done to each other?’What will we do”

        just masterpiece. no guy will ever marry in his life after watching this film!

  4. AAP 7 years ago

    Good that you loved it.

    I also watched it again yday night.

  5. halakoo 6 years ago

    i m just amazed to see so much love for this over rated movie which has so many loop holes, first of all who knew about us lawa and ivestigation procedure they never left any murder investigation whatever the circumstances were, second the whole stay of Rosamund at niel patrick pent house have so many loop holes if investigated she can easily framed. other than that they showed affleck as such a stupid person not able to counter his wife manipulation despite knowing her violent past thru her exes. in my eyes gone girl is the most overrated movie of the year and for me Interstellar is by far the best movie of the year and no one came close to nolan at the moment. finchers best movie todate is social network and seven. he didnt able to give justice to the dragan tatoo mov remake. at the moment nolan and sam mendees r the best directors.

  6. Baba 6 years ago

    There are many good dialogues in Gone girl but my favourite was this and the way it was picturised

    ““Cool girl. Men always use that, don’t they, as their defining compliment? She’s a Cool Girl. Cool Girl is hot, Cool Girl is game, Cool Girl is fun, Cool Girl never gets angry at her man, she only smiles in a chagrin, loving manner, and then presents her mouth for fucking. She likes what he likes, so evidently he’s a vinyl hipster who loves fetish manga. If he loves Girls Gone Wild, she’s a mall babe who talks football and endures buffalo wings at Hooters. When I met Nick Dunne I knew he wanted Cool Girl, and for him, I’ll admit, I was willing to try. I wax-stripped my pussy raw. I drank canned beer watching Adam Sandler movies. I ate cold pizza and remained a size 2. I blew him, semi-regularly. I lived in the moment. I was fucking game.”

  7. sputnik 6 years ago

    Ben Affleck and David Fincher Reteam for ‘Strangers on a Train’ Reboot

    Following the success of “Gone Girl,” David Fincher and Ben Affleck are reteaming for a new take on another classic story.

    Warner Bros. has tapped Affleck to star and Fincher to direct “Strangers,” a new take on the classic Alfred Hitchcock pic “Strangers on a Train.”

    “Gone Girl” author Gillian Flynn will pen the script which follows a movie star in the middle of an Oscar campaign whose private plane breaks down and is given a ride to L.A. on another plane by a wealthy stranger. In the original, the plot revolved around two strangers meeting on a train and discussing the idea of exchanging murders — an idea one of the strangers decides to carry out.

    While how exact details will go with this plot are unknown, its likely to deal with the same dark tones as the original.

    Affleck will produce through his Pearl Street banner. Jon Berg will oversee.

    Affleck is currently filming “The Accountant” for Warner Bros. with plans to star and direct the adaptation of the Dennis Lehane book “Live By Night” right after filming “The Accountant.” Fincher is about to go into production on the HBO series “Utopia.”

    Affleck is repped by WME. The news was first reported by Deadline Hollywood.


    • Baba 6 years ago

      should be great

    • cr7 6 years ago

      I didn’t like Strangers on a Train much .They should work with something original . Good to know Utopia is going into production .Loved the original British series .Will be difficult to better the original . But I trust HBO & Fincher. Looking forward to it .The original didn’t get much popularity .Got cancelled after 2nd season . With the names associated with the remake , I hope It gets due recognition .

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