How Would You Compare The Agneepath Of 1990 And Of 2012 In Terms Of Footfalls?

Q. Why don’t they release every film gets a Wednesday and Thursday release and take advantage of an extended weekend?
A. It is only an advantage if its a big hype film and a holiday is there because 80% of movies released don’t have good public reports so therefore an early release will mean the film will not take advantage of the best days Saturday and Sunday.
Karim Ali

Q. Was the Agent Vinod released in 1977 a box office success?
A. It was not a grosser but was successful film as was made on a very small budget. The film was no where near the scale of the Agent Vinod which will release next month.

Q. How would you compare the Agneepath of 1990 and of 2012 in terms of footfalls as that is best comparison between two different time scales?
A. In terms of footfalls there is not much difference as the first one had around 1.25 crore and the new one will have 1.5 crore but it has to be looked in the context of what was happening in the period of releases. We have had a dwindling audience in terms of theatres goers since the mid 80’s when video got going and it is has continued till date due to piracy gaining steam and cinema becoming unaffordable to a lot of the potential audience. In 1990, Agneepath had around 1.25 crore footfalls but a big blockbuster like Maine Pyaar Kiya released around the same time had 4 crore footfalls while Agneepath (2012) has 1.50 crore footfalls and big blockbuster like Three Idiots today has 2.5 crore footfalls.
M Bedi

Q. Is Agneepath the biggest opener ever as biggest first day but holiday or third best as its four day weekend was less than Bodyguard and Ra.One five day weekends but then it will take five years for films that only have three days to beat these records? how is best opening judged?
A. The best way is to take first three days and on that basis Agneepath is fourth best opener ever after Ra.One, Bodyguard and Don 2 in India.

Source – BOI


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