Housefull2 has steady Monday – 6.5-6.75 crore – BOI

Housefull 2 has had a steady Monday as it collected around 6.50-6.75 crore nett as per early estimates. The all India drop is around 50% from its first day. The film sustained much better at single screens where the drop was just 40% at places. Multiplexes in Mumbai and South saw larger drops of around 55%. Business in Delhi/UP, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan was steady as these circuits dropped less than 50% from Friday. Mysore had the biggest fall of around 57%.

The film has grossed around 48.5 crore nett over its first four days and is probably heading for business of somewhere in the region of 62-65 crore nett depending on what happens over the next few days.


  1. Author
    narad_muni 12 years ago

    The fall is much more than expected..BOI is trying its best to pump up HF2.
    Anyways, I don’t see the movie hitting 100 Crores. At best, it will do 90-95 crores.

    And why is BOI not giving accurate numbers with territorial breakdown for the weekend or Monday?
    I suspect that the actuals might come below the estimates

  2. Serenzy 12 years ago

    It looks difficult to cross 100cr but not impossible.

    Its trending score is similar to don2 though it wont cross don2 nett.

    It seems arnd 95cr nett and will cross the likes of TDP,ZNMD,RNBDJ,Rajneeti.

    Its a clean,assured Hit abv 90cr…2nd weekend is imprtant.

    Finally, a success fr akki aftr 2 loooong years.

    • Author
      narad_muni 12 years ago

      DON 2 first Monday was very good.. the drop was in the range of 40% from Friday.
      Here it is 50%. So, I doubt it will trend well.

      Right now, I think it will do around 90 crores, 95 crores is the max.

  3. password 12 years ago

    HF2 deserves to be a 100cr grosser. It had some hillarious moments and over all very good movie. Full on Entertainer. Akshay, John and chunkey were awesome. Hope it makes 100cr atleast.

  4. Serenzy 12 years ago

    @narad muni

    who u frm ng??
    Raj, ali bhai, tanned sen??

    Btw, don2 was near 8cr on monday.
    It did 110cr nett frm 47cr weeknd(i am incl. reg).
    Trending Score- 2.3

    at that rate hf2 shud end up near 90-96cr for sure to be a Clean Hit.

    If its less than say 85cr than it will b HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT.

    • Author
      narad_muni 12 years ago

      that’s not correct.
      BOI goofed up big time with DON 2 first Monday and Tuesday collections and they adjusted later in the weekly collections. If you add up the daily numbers you will fall almost 2 crores short of the weekly total.
      These are fine prints but I expect you to remember those πŸ™‚

      • Author
        narad_muni 12 years ago

        Just to illustrate, DON 2 weekend was 46 approx and first week was 71. So it collected 24-25 crores in the weekdays. Now, do the maths. You will understand. Monday was 8 cr+, otherwise it could not have collected that much.
        BOI tried to cover up their goof up with some lame commentary and finally gave proper weekly numbers. Even Tango confirmed that initial estimates for Monday n Tuesday were lower by all people. Taran Adarash also increased the numbers. Taran had 8.85 for Monday.

  5. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Serenzy- Its going above 95 anyways. Don2 had big fall in third week because of PLAYERS taking too much screen space. Housefull2 will still do well in third week especially in Single screens. Even TEZZ looks failure in terms of opening! Housefull has all the chances of going around 100. Below 95 is not possible.

    • Author
      narad_muni 12 years ago

      I think 95 is the max..more like 90

  6. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    If considered only Hindi version of Don2, then its trending was 2.32- Weekend 45.5 and Lifetime 106.

    With same trending of 2.32, HF2 will score 97.75. But the advantage HF2 has is the third week which is open especially in Single Screens.

    DOn2 had 78% fall in third week from second week. HF2 wont have this big fall!

    HF2 in any case should hit 100

  7. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Narad Muni- Are you Shilac from NG? Ignore it if you are not, i just thought you’re.

    Now monday figures. I guess you know that BOI had first come up with 6.5cr monday and commented that “Don2 Falls on Monday” but later on they updated it with 7.25 and they also mentioned that they had made mistake in reporting figures. After 7.25 I dont remember any numbers they have given for Monday.

  8. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Narad muni is my dear Shilu????????

    Arre shilu…Kabhi ng par b darshan de do yaar.


    don2(incl reg)
    weekend- 47cr
    lifetime- 110cr

    trending score- 2.34

    hf2 shud do abt 95cr but 100cr looks impossible…
    But its going to b success anyway abv 90cr+

    btw,sanku….I have askd u a question in my hf2 review but u faild to reply der and m trying to ask u frm long time.

    Anyways m asking here again,
    EMAET vs TNLHG(u gave both 3/5)

    PST vs Kahaani

    ur choice..?

    And u gave hf2 3.5/5….Dont u think pst and kahaani deservd bettr compard to it.

    Btw, hf2 is 4th “clean” success f d year in 4 months.

    ur most awaitd f d year EMAET has faild at d bo(tnlhg like case) and it was 2.5/5 fr me.

    @narad muni(shilu)
    nice to c u aftr many days….Still in awe of ur analysis and predictions sir.

  9. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Just checked, the weekend of Don2 is 46.5.

    So its trending of 2.3. HF2 with similar trending must score 97.

    Narad Muni- Maths is clear for Don2 now.. 7.25 monday, tuesday 6.5, wednesday 5.75, thursday 5. So it makes 70.75cr first week.Thats what it made i guess.

  10. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Serenzy- I enjoyed both EMAET and TNLHG equally when I saw first time. But i feel EMAET has repeat value esepcially for some amazing moments in it and thus i would put EMAET above TNLHG.

    Kahaani vs PST is tough choice. Though i think Kahaani will take reasons.

    Now HF2… Let me tell you one thing.. When I watch every film i strictly judge them by their merits and not by the genre. I dont remember when i had so many laughs in a film (HF2) post ALL THE BEST. And thus 3.5 seemed perfect rating.

    Kahaani had no loop hole if not for few here and there in first half. Thus i somewher felt uneasy in first few reels. But as the film unraveled, it kept me thoroughly attentive. PST’s problem occured second half.

    Entertainment is all what matters in films like HF2, DOn2, AP.. And how much the film keeps you engaged is all what matters in films like PST, Dhobi Ghaat, Kahaani..

    Thats how I judge a film.

  11. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    BTW, EMAET a failure? No way!

    Its Agent Vinod which has failed big time which was in my most awaited list.

    Screw me for right reasons (AV) not for wrong (EMAET) πŸ˜›

  12. Serenzy 12 years ago

    thnx for clarifying on ur ‘judging’ part…I wantd to ask u on Ng SB but u were hardly der.

    Wat abt d success list till now…U agree??
    (this is d reply i m looking more frwrd to πŸ˜‰ )

  13. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    BTW, serenzy, I am not sure if Narad Muni is Shilac or not. I just thought. The very habit Shilac had/has is that he declares all matters very easily like Narad Muni has said to me “Thats Not Correct!” Though he is correct at times, but what he does is first declaration and then demonstration πŸ˜€ Missing Shilac a lot. We used to track BMS everyday when Ra.One and D2 released…! πŸ˜€

    Narad- Do No Feel offensive at all (if you’re not Shilac) πŸ˜€

  14. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    I take TNLHG also as Hit as it has super hit+ trending. thrice the weekend! Also the cost is recovered and few profits are also thats above average ROI wise.. overall HIT.

    So far 2 super hits (AP, KHNI) and 2 Hits (Tnlhg, PST)..Hf2 will be 5th in my books.

  15. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Okay, lets put EMAET in avg box but at the end of d year it wont come in d ‘Successes of the year’ list(just like TNLHG…Both the films missd by a whisker though).

    general concise amng ppl was dat TNLHG was bettr den EMAET.

    Still to watch it though…Will watch TNLHG,AV,LPNY,BM asap.

    Btw, kahaani for me over PST…Damn happy dat vidya is bak strongly aftr a poor TDP vich even u hated.

    My next bets are on :-

    Vicky Donor vs Bittoo Boss vs Hate Story(one f dem will b success, VD has highst chance as of now).



    Rowdy Rathore


    tezz,dangerous ishq,ishaqzaade,teri meri kahaani look failure to me.

  16. Serenzy 12 years ago

    wat r ur next bets on?

    I will have to go thru TNLHG’s bo once more and c d film too…Generally it gaind bettr WOM den EMAET.

    Hope u r not biased to cute ritesh-genelia couple(Tujhe Meri Kasam πŸ˜‰ i m still dying to watch it)

  17. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    if boi says 6.5 cr,it means 6 cr monday in reality.I dont see hf2 crossing 100 cr at all.will finish at 80-90 cr.

  18. Author
    narad_muni 12 years ago

    sanku n champu,
    happy to c u guyz …keep this place rocking

    I am happy with the quality of movies this year.
    EMAET – 3.5/5
    Kahaani – 3.5/5
    PST – 4/5 (Irfan is amazing)
    Agneepath – 3/5

    Haven’t seen AV though, but luks like it will be a disappointment.

    Watched Dirty picture finally.. its a WTF movie…seriously plain mediocre.
    I understand the sex starved Indian males might have queued up in the theatres at the sight of meat.
    But what I don’t understand is the critical acclaim and the numerous awards the movie is getting as if it is a masterpiece.
    Vidya was gud no doubt and Ooh lala rocks, but thats pretty much it.

  19. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Serenzy- Of course TNLHG had better WOM than EMAET. EMAET had mixed response and TNLHG had clear good WOM which shows in trending despite of competition every week. And i have seen Tujhe Meri Kasam 6 times in theater πŸ˜›

    And hey, i didn’t hate TDP at all. It was disappointment though. First half was decent. Vidya and Naseer rocked. It was mediocre. It could’ve been made well easily if given in better hands.

    Well, I will watch Bitto Boss (i dont feel it will work) and Vicky Donor for sure (yes i agree it has bright chances to strike the chord). Will watch Hate Story only if it has good reviews.

    I am interested in TEZZ as well just because Priyadarshan who handle thrillers well (Bhaagam Bhaag’s suspense was bravo, i also liked Aakrosh). Though i know TEZZ will fail economically!

    JANNAT2 will have very good opening because of its music and brand. People are crazy. Single Screens will do 70% of business for it. I am excited to watch the film, but i am doubting if Kunal Deshmukh has made a good one or not this time. I had hard time watching TUM MILE. It was incurable pain.

    Ishaqzaade might do well I feel because Parineeti is getting famous especially for her looks. It may do well. Dangerous Ishq will fail badly no doubt.

    Department looks cool. Will watch it. Hope, RGV has done well.

    But, I dont know why, RR just doesn’t excite me. The promos are so pedestrain that I had to watch it again to check out if i am missing something. Naah. About the opening I cant say anything! Not above 37cr for sure.

    TMK looks boring ofcourse. Only time can reveal its fate.

  20. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    So it is you Shilac πŸ™‚ LOL, unbelievable that it is you.

    Yes i agree, the quality served in this year is very superior. Shilac, i also suggest you Gali Gali Chor Hai. A buoyant take on corruption. Very nice movie.

    CHAMPY- Btw, you were so excited and optimistic of LPNY. But you haven’t seen the film. Anyways, its a occasional fun film. First half is average, second half is good.

  21. Author
    narad_muni 12 years ago

    sanku BMS πŸ˜‰
    I am one of the first people to join this forum.

    I really liked EMEAT… it was a very gud movie, handled with maturity n I know why it didnt click very well at the BO.

    Tell me one thing – why is BOI not giving the numbers for HF2 with territorial breakdown? πŸ˜‰

  22. jamoon 12 years ago

    hf2 should cross ready

  23. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    Shilac- BOI might’ve not got the figures from the territories that is why they are not putting! Who knows if BOI come up with breakdown which is higher than what reported earlier.

  24. Serenzy 12 years ago

    good to know ur take on future films…

    I was going fr LPNY( was pretty optimistic for ali & aditi but PST thrashd it left,right and centre).

    jannat2 is creating Big Craze btwn 16-25yr old age grup….RR will trounce over Tezz….Shanghai is sleeper hit.

    yeah, me too happy wid TDP success but cant undrstnd d critical acclaim and awards…Such a bore it was…Even vidya was mediocre…Only naseer rokd!
    Paa,kahaani,parineeta,BB,ishqiya,nokj r wayy bettr.

    For me too dis year has been good,
    AP – 4/5
    Kahaani – 4/5
    PST – 3.5/5(rocking irrfan…Happy fr tigmanshu…Deservd success aftr haasil,sbag)
    emaet- 2.5/5(imran rokd…Movie sukd to d core…Dint click wid me…Wake up sid is miles bettr)
    hf2 – 3/5(tp fun…Bettr den ready,g3,ra1,oso,bg,rascals and d likes).

    Have to watch TNLHG,AV,LPNY next.

  25. Serenzy 12 years ago

    been thru some of ur cmments here…U frm ng??

    How u been???
    Vich movies u looking frwrd to??

    SBAG-2 has randeep,mahie,soha,irrfan and Jimmy wid Tigmanshu at the helm.

    Problm is dey might clash wid ETT.

    • sputnik 12 years ago


      I edited your comment partly to remove your advice to go to some other blog.

      I am not sure if jamoon is a troll or not. So I am giving him the benefit of doubt for now as he has not abused anyone.

      • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

        I believe you should not edit anyone’s comment if he or she is advising or recommending any other blog or forum. If there are abuses then you have the right to do it but for the rest you just can’t interfere.

        • sputnik 12 years ago

          It wasn’t a simple advice or recommendation. It said to “s*** ur rants on some oder blog”.

          • fearlesssoul 12 years ago

            It was not an abuse i believe. It was more of a rant than abuse. You could edit the abusive term but there was nothing wrong in that sentence. Anyways, it was just an advise but you being an admin do what is good for Tanqeed. Hope you don’t mind what i said.

      • jamoon 12 years ago

        is there something wrong? did i hurt someone? i may leave this forum if someone wants me to πŸ™

  26. sputnik 12 years ago


    “It was not an abuse i believe. It was more of a rant than abuse.”

    I edited the comment because I felt it was not proper to talk to him like that. If I had left the comment the way it was the other person can respond in similar language or worse. So it was more a case of prevention.

    If someone disagrees with someone’s comment they can disagree politely too. Just because a member is being negative on someone’s favorite star should not be the reason to be rude to that person. Moreover the other member has been positive towards the same star in some other comments too.

    ” You could edit the abusive term but there was nothing wrong in that sentence. Anyways, it was just an advise but you being an admin do what is good for Tanqeed. Hope you don’t mind what i said.”

    Hey there is nothing to mind. With advice from members only we can come up what is the best way to deal with these issues.


    There is nothing wrong and no one wants you to leave the forum.

  27. sanket porwal 12 years ago

    BITTO BOSS opening seems very dull and the numbers wont be even face saving.. If it does even 5cr at BO, it is huge for the film… and i mean lifetime..

    • jamoon 12 years ago

      nice to see a bittoo comment in hf-2 discussion

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