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Failure of Besharam and Boss signals the End of Masala Genre?

images Well I don’t think so. No genre can fulfill the appetite of cinema lover or movie goers. Either it’s a bad film or bad phase of the Star of the film or the Director of the film. Promos do play an important role in influencing people and attracting them to cinema halls, same way the stars current phase at the box office do replicate on the openings and collections of the movie. I believe Besharam is a failure due to lack of story, direction, conviction and honesty in the movie. The Star of the film hammed like there is no opportunity for him tomorrow, too crappy dialogues, gross action and gross acts from the performers and overall being a bad product. On the other hand Boss (positive word of mouth from average section) didn’t open well due to the bad phase of Akshay and his no. of averages at the box office. It also didn’t open well because it didn’t convince and influence the audience from the promos that it was quite different from his previous craps.

Most of the other masala movies that released didn’t really made any impact on the audience and hence failed miserably. Because of so many failures that belongs to similar genre doesn’t mean that films releasing in same genre within span of 2-3 months won’t work nor it gives any indication that public is fed up of this genre and looking for any other substitute. One right and good movie can change all the perceptions just like CE shocked everyone.

Is media against Modi? Is it Impartial towards Modi? Will he be the next PM?

I don’t see a day pass by where Modi is not mentioned in any news Narendra-Modi-New-Look-HD-Wallpaper article or in any news publication. If he is so hated or if Media is against Modi then why the name Modi is being scattered all over the newspapers, articles, blogs etc…? Same news provides two opinions on Modi still Modi bhakts outcry about getting misled as if they have privately investigated the matter and the people or the media (again, Modi bhakts) they follow says so?

I don’t deny the fact that Modi has amazing followers from all walks of life that are dedicated and determined to see him as Next PM. Some have dedicated their free available time in promoting his brand and pampering his followers. Just like movie stars have fanatics Modi to has army of fanatics. They have done a remarkable job in transforming and influencing people’s attitudes, perspectives and perceptions from Gujarat 2002 to Gujarat shining hence India will shine. It could be a revolution in today’s time but at the same time present government is one of the worst governments in history of Indian Governance. There are literally 100’s of scams scattered all over the country no matter who/which party is running the state. People are pissed off, lost their trust and faith completely and convinced that corruption has taken over governance.

Sachin-Tendulkar1 Cricket – Since I don’t watch and follow cricket I will skip this part. However I would definitely like to salute to the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar on his retirement and pray for his better future. At one point in time his wicket was the thin line between victory and defeat for Indian Cricket team and for other few years he became a laughing stock in Indian cricket team jumping in and out of the team. However, I don’t think anyone from present generation of cricketers can break the records he created and runs he garnered. His contribution to Indian team can never be justified nor his loyalty. Watching Indian Cricket will never be the same again for millions of Sachin fans all over the world. He was born to play cricket, eat cricket and sleep cricket. India should give one of the best fair well to the greatest cricketer of the century/millennium or whatever…  Like they say, Cricket in India is like religion and Sachin is considered as the god of Cricket. I hope Indian cricket would pay its due respect and commemorate Sachin Tendulkar with honor and highest respect on the occasion of his retirement from the Indian Cricket. Wish you all the best and success in your future endeavors.

  1. salmanfan 10 years ago

    the very definition, or nomenclature of masal movies is faulty. all movies are masala movies – or none are.

    isnt a marriage song a masala ingredient? how come that doesnt make yjhd a masala movie? isnt a candle march already a amasala? doesnt that make satyagraha and rang de basanti masala movies? isnt a guy trying to win over a girl who is about to get married to another person a masaal ingredient? doesnt that make kabhi haan kabhi na, pardes and dilwale dulhaniya…, and even chennai express a masal movie? isnt two boys one girl – one boy two girls romance a masal ingredient? come to think of it – isnt the fab india sari on a poor village woman in paan singh tomar itself a masal ingredient?

  2. ank_16n 10 years ago

    well on Boss i liked the movie but its not getting the appreciation from multiplexes i m saying this bcoz i have seen it in multiplex only..!!

    Modi—-Media is helping him and as well as trying to hamper him but telling half truth..!!
    example recently CAG in report said malnutrition cases in gujarat has reduced from 71% to 39% but media reported the 39% part which itself is less than 80% of rest indian states..!!

    But as they any publicity whether good or bad works in favor of u….so modi shud not have any problem in this..!!
    If indian public wants him no one can change that and if indian punlic doesn’t want him then also no one can do anything….so lets wait for 2014 elections..!!

    on sachin retirement i have said things already so no need to repeat..!! 😛


    Btw good post..!! 😀

  3. sputnik 10 years ago

    A different and good post.

    Don’t think its the end of masala genre nor the end of South remakes. Besharam was a bad film and that’s why it flopped. CE was a masala film too and it became the highest grosser just about a month ago.

    Sachin is obviously a great player but he should have retired a long time ago. He overstayed his welcome. He should have retired after the WC win.

  4. Tulmul 10 years ago

    Very Good Thread… Nice concept and nicely inked by you 🙂

    ps: One suggestion, Such posts need to be narrated with both pro and con but never should author impose his/her ‘I’ ;). Ignore it if you mind it 😛

    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      Thanks ank, sputnik and tulmul.

      Tulmul – I got your point but the aim was to put forth my point of view and get others point of view on topics. Just like a small chat.

  5. Manish Kumar 10 years ago

    agree on masala thing .. Boss i liked and infact i decided to check it in ghaziabad multiplex and i saw ppl enjoying it as well, i thought it myt work bt when nos came true picture emerged Multiplex or big city ppl didn even endorse it…..

    and they are right IMO … who does these truck driver and thaet roles like akki has been doing in Khiladi 786 n Boss …. these movies look like mithun movies where he used to play shera , chandaal etc etec or 80s bad masala which today´s young generation n families doesnt want to watch ….

    IMO boss was strictly either for C & D section or for fans of akshay


    besharam seemed like ranbir trying to imitate akki of CC2C or TMK or Sallu of Hello brother Chal mere bhai type …

  6. Manish Kumar 10 years ago

    Sachin shd have retired from all forms of cricket after 2011 world cup win as he himself used to say he finds he has achieved everything except world cup …. bt still a true champ .. played across three generations successfully …

    virat Kohli IMO will thrash every sachin record in esepcially ODI easily for two reasons he has almost all shots , good technique(good batsman) plus lower std of cricket in comparison to a decade back when aussies had all time greatest team , pakistan used to be a force to reckon and even Zimbabwe used to have world class players …

    Bt still sachin will be remembered as a cricketer in a league of his own like say bradman was /is considered

  7. Manish Kumar 10 years ago

    Another important thing few critics have blamed Anthony for Boss which is wrong IMO.. blue yes was his mistake bt surely not Boss , anybody who wd have seen the original had know what a crap it was and Boss is much much better than the original …

    the way last fyt is picturised is awesome , i never liked the idea of remaking crap pokkiri raja it was like remaking After the fox (TMK) bt still anthony managed it better than expectedf …

    amongst his upcoming movies iam dicey abt Ramanna remake ( Gabbar) seen ramanna looks OUTDATED

    hope he gets another chance and surely the last one where he makes his kind of movie ….

  8. Manish Kumar 10 years ago

    BTW akki record of repeating the director of his big flops again n getting second flop from them remains intact …. Nikhil adwani – PH after CC2C , Shirish Kunder – TMK n joker after JEM , Anthony – Boss after blue ….

  9. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    Manish – Akshay should stop working 10 films at a time and concentrate and focus in every department where most of the top stars get involved just to make sure that everything is going smoothly and as per the expectations. If he continues 4-5 films a year then nobody is to be blamed but him alone. He has developed huge fan following and that itself is an achievement but at the same time he is doing nothing to retain but in fact doing all possible things to loose them.

  10. raj 10 years ago

    if akshay works in one film a year and it flops, his career will be wiped out. thats why he has taken thsi startegy of thousand films a year.

  11. Author
    FS 10 years ago

    If Media is for Sale then Modi has Owned the Media

    today I had discussion with my relatives, college friends, school mates and colleagues about the Modi and the talk of town in media. Many of my college friends are rooting to vote for Modi in 2014 Election but my school mates and majority of parents of school friends and college friends are rooting for congress. Some have even changed their minds from BJP to Congress. What I learned from the discussion is that the ground reality is completely different from what social media & Media in general is projecting. The youth & urban mass is in favor of BJP but rural mass is completely awestruck by food bill act and some property act (not sure which they were referring to) passed by Congress even though I have little knowledge what those acts are. Also, none of the either party will find a majority leading to third party governance or another NDA or UPA type of collaboration. Anyways, this is completely my views and understanding and hope I didn’t hurt the feelings of any karya karta….

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      Disagreed about Modi owning Media.. NDTV, TOI, IBN, and 100s of other channels: Watch their news and you will know how big of Congress chamchas they are.

      Agree about rest as its your opinion.

      • Author
        FS 10 years ago

        Above mentioned news channels have always had two opinions about Congress, Modi or any other parties.

    • rajesh 10 years ago

      Dont think, Congress is going to gain anywhere in country. The image of the government is very poor and recent surveys also indicate the same.
      It is another matter that BJP may only be gaining slightly from whatever congress is loosing.

      • Author
        FS 10 years ago

        There Are few state elections that are going to be scheduled and we can know the vibe.

    • John Galt 10 years ago

      Onions is 100 Rs a Kg in India today…Do you still think people in villages are hanging on to food security bill?

      • Author
        FS 10 years ago

        I have no idea about the bills they passed and even when my friends were pointing out about the bill. But if you are talking about the inflation then India is in a better state compared to other countries in the world including some of European countries.

        • John Galt 10 years ago

          If a farmer (ironically the person who grows food of one of the largest farming countries in the world) can’t buy onions (the staple food)- its no rocket science to deduce that he doesn’t care about the inflation in European countries.

          • Author
            FS 10 years ago

            What makes you think that farmers can’t buy onions? If they can’t buy then they’l grow dude, I don’t know which world you are living in but if you ask the retail outlet chains in India they’l tell you how much money they earn from money spent on shopping, marriage purchases and in other hundreds of things by farmers, agriculturist.

            Its the middle class families that get affected mostly from inflation as they are addicted to the lifestyle they live in that they can’t afford to think of living like poor nor they’l risk more to get rich.

            People below poverty line are not worried about onions or staple food, they are much worried about drinking water (though its free of cost), roads and infrastructure, electricity and other important things than an onion. There are substitutes for many items but not for water and electricity. And people below poverty line are not farmers, they are unemployed people who has no work to do, they are street vendors and wage workers…

  12. jeetu 10 years ago

    Congress use muslims to create riots and gain politically, but muslims still like to become their puppets. While they ignore every statistics about muslims in gujarat.

  13. 10 years ago

    I dont know from where the media is getting all these false news. Or perhaps they must be searching a special shop where onions are Rs. 100/kg ! I live in Mumbai, which is considered to be quite expensive when compared to other cities and here in my locality its in the range of 60 ~ 70 per kg and this is not constant. Last week it was 45 !!!

  14. 10 years ago

    As far as the political results are concerned, nothing is sure at this point of time in spite of the fact that the present government is worst on every front. There was a time few months back when Modi was considered as real contender for PM but since recent past people are getting fed up with constant and rude attack on present PM, Sonia and Rahul (though they deserve that)but now people are thinking, criticism is right to some extent but there should be some limit to it and instead let people know your action plan to make India one of the finest country. Gujrat model ? let people know what is Gujrat model. If you have made that state as model state then let people know the mechanics behind it and future line of action. Or else all this hype will be fizzled out like Ra.1 and people like Mulayam will form the government and ruin the country further.

    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      Agree with you to a certain extent alfa. Keep commenting frequently here. Can u make a list of iranian movies As you have a very good knowledge on iranian movies.

  15. John Galt 10 years ago


    Looks like you are talking about a select few farmers. Haven’t you heard of thousands of farmers committing suicide in India?
    The point is not that they can grow onions..thats like saying if I cant buy oil, I will dig a well. Inflation and price of common commodities effect everything in general.

    • Author
      FS 10 years ago

      They were committing suicide due to lack of water supply, irrigation, electricity shortage and supply of vad pesticides that ruined their crops leading them to financially broke & burdened with loans & interest. aftet protest govt did interfere and allowed water for irrigation & cleared all the debts of the farmers.

      Most farmers committed suicide not due to inflation but lack of infrastructure & other income generating resources that is still a distant future among below poverty line of people not particularly farmers.

      Buying oul is cheaper than digging well be it for water or oil but growing onions foesnt cost u a thing except water.

      Nobody wants to talk abt people below poverty line but rather they just refer for mere figures to alarm the general public be it BJP or Congress or any other party.

      • John Galt 10 years ago


        The point is inflation in Congress’s reign has reached to devastating levels..Do you think Farmers would have committed suicide had they been able to provide for their family despite the water shortage. Things do not work that way. They committed suicde because they did not have any options left for themselves to provide for their family- Thats the impact of inflation and scam filled rule that brought such exponential levels of inflation. Now you’ll say the whole world was going through price rises- and to that I will say- compare the inflation rate of India as compared to other developing economies in the last 10 years.

        Regarding growing onions- if tomorrow cotton prices go high- will you ask them to grow cotton-then rice and then wheat?

  16. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    I am sorry John Galt,

    But when you blame Congress (like above), you sound like a typical kid who is influenced by BJP/Rathayatra/HIndutva agenda and dont know the whole picture.

    Maximinum number of suicides by farmers were in state of Maharashtra, and inflation was not reason for it at all. I think most of us (including me) forget the intricacies ( social/ cultural/ socialogical …about so many aspects…) when talking about larger picture…

    • John Galt 10 years ago


      Its a pity, if you think inflation can’t be a cause for it..

      Do you think socialogical/cultural aspects carry more weight than providing for one’s family when the action in concern is “ending your life once and forever”

      Famines, droughts and poor produce happens time and again- that does not mean all the farmers start to committ suicides..that happens when the government of the nation does nothing to help the farmers during those tough times and rather sitting at the center, churns out one scam after the other-which ultimately increases the inflation by many folds.

      Regarding- Hindutva/BJP/Rath Yatra- I dont think I am influneced by those but I am definitely in love with the source code of Sanatan Dharm.

      Also I am a proud Hindu and would like India to be governed by sanatan dharm philosophies

  17. Tulmul 10 years ago


    Can you explain Larger Picture ( Nidhi razdan syndrome), Plz ???

    Ps : Onion crisis is all Election money being generated.

    Its simply maths

    Onion is being brought from farmer at Rs 15-20 and hoarded by trader and thn same sells it at Rs 80-100.
    Profit of min Rs 50/kg and in week just maharashtra ( 28% onion prdn) traders get 800 crore profit. just imagine they will keep this trader driven crisis for 5 – 6 weeks and pocket 4k – 5K crores of money for election.

    Its all done with Poltical backing and one doesnt need to know who runs Mah, central govt and union cabinet minister…

    Everyone knows it only if you follow news as closely as you watch loopholes in movie or music…

    And Good thing is everybody in Mah knows who those traders are as they can be counted on fingers but one party and leaders need money… so it will last for few weeks, they will pocket 5K crores in the end and thn prices will crash and they will claim that also…

    Drink Sprite and have Mentos 😀

  18. ank_16n 10 years ago

    In delhi onion has touched 100 rs if u want to say it has touched 100 in delhi but not in other parts of india sorry i can’t buy ur statement..!! 😛

    ritz—if anyone who talks about bjp or support modi is influenced by hindutva/Rathayatra then sorry to say ur perception towards things are different…………its like saying u like Aamir khan so u might be flirting with an idea to file a case against ur father(its general example not to hurt anyones sentiment so sorry in advance any member including ritz got hurt after reading it) 😛

  19. 10 years ago

    Sure FS ! Actually tied up with lot of work these days. I will come out with a list of Iranian movies and songs as well. Hope u will like those too.
    In the mean time try Arabic song by Bob Azzam (Ya Mustafa) Listen to various versions of it specially from “Rida Boutrus”.

    • sputnik 10 years ago

      Nadeem Shravan already copied that song as Ya Mustafa from Aatish which I think was later changed to Ya Marhaba after a controversy/objection by some.

      I registered you and sent you a temporary password. I have given you posting rights. Please change your password after loggin in by going to this page.

  20. 10 years ago

    “……. sorry i can’t buy ur statement..!! :P” Please………….. dont buy my statement… buy onions !!!

  21. Anajanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Well, its a fact that Inflation has nothing to do with mass suicides in Maharashtra.

    Maybe at the max you can say the government played role in price fluctuation like Tulmul mentioned above for Onions – it could be a political play.

    Unpredictable weather and in result – unpredictable prices of products in market
    Lack of support from GOvt in terms of crisis.

    above 3 were major reasons.

  22. rajesh 10 years ago

    The current Congress govt can not be held responsible for farmers suicide, ever rising inflation, hundreds of scams etc etc.
    After all, this is secular government and has every right to do whatever because of being secular. Since independance, Congress is ruling party barring 8 years and we must give credit to it for excellent facilities provided to Indian citizens including infrastructure, drinking water, sanitation, food and education for all and numerous others. We should thank to god that a great ‘secular’ party like congress has ruled our country and provides us a great life to live for.

  23. 10 years ago

    Thanks a lot Sputnik.

    Yes, it was copied in film Atish, one of the versions on you tube has this where i they have also included arabic version !!

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