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As we are saying good bye to 2012 I would like to post some of the Hollywood movies I watched this year. This is not a review or a ranking but just a small list of movies which I enjoyed. There are several other movies which I really liked, But I have kept this list to only those movies I have seen In theaters.

As this is my first post on TQ, Forgiveness is already pleaded. 😉

The Avengers Poster

The Avengers– This is certainly and by fair margin a best movie of 2012 for me. I would go even further mile to say that this is the best movie in SuperHero genre ever. I have written a piece about the movie here.


The Dark Knight Rises Poster

TDKR– Being a Sequel to very popular and highly successful Film comes with certain perks But what we most often forget that it also bestows you with huge responsibility of overly projected expectations. TDKR was no different. There was so much craze around the movie since its announcement. Did it match up to those expectations? For me it certainly did.  It may not find it’s place anyway near TDK in ‘movies to watch before you die’ list. But it is the best Nolan could have delivered without Joker.

Ted Poster

Ted– Who wouldn’t enjoy Buddy comedy with A badmouthed Teddy bear?  Ted is by far the best buddy comedy in this year, though one would not recommend it for those who are into Adult comedy or their Adult Age.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Poster

Madagascar 3– It pains me to see that in India we consider animation genre for Kids Only. Actually if you ask me Well maid animated movie could provide you as much entertainment as normal masala movie, or sometimes even more.  After watching first two installments I had a hunch about what novelty the third installment could possibly bring. But ‘Circus Afros’ proved my hunch wrong. Movie was as fresh as first installment. But my favorite character remained same- The Madagascar Penguins

Ice Age: Continental Drift Poster

Ice Age 4– Another Animated movie, another installment, in fact a fourth one. Again my hunches remained same and again they were proved wrong.  It is really difficult to maintain novelty when it comes to fourth installment of any franchisee. And it gets more difficult if that franchisee is Ice Age. But Ice Age 4 does his job very well. Theme is not entirely ‘novel’ and most of the characters and setting remains same but few additions in characters and strong basic characters (especially that of Sid) make it an enjoyable endeavor for fans.


Please feel free to comment below and mention your experience with Hollywood movies this year.

  1. sputnik 12 years ago

    There is no need to plead for forgiveness. Good post.

    I have seen only The Dark Knight Rises out of these. Will be watching The Avengers in the next couple of days.

    Had written a mini review of TDKR some time back.

    “The Dark Knight Rises starts off with a lot of build up about Batman. There are a lot of corny scenes and dialogues about Batman. Some scenes are excellent like the mid air plane scene, the football stadium scene and the initial fight scene between Batman and Bane. The pit scenes are the best scenes of the movie. The escape philosophy is very good. Christian Bale is good as Wayne and he has only a few scenes as Batman. Tom Hardy is excellent as Bane. The Bane character and his acts of destruction and the philosophy behind them seem inspired from the movie V For Vendetta. Gary Oldman’s character and Matthew Modine’s character are such cliches. Michael Caine’s character is totally unnecessary in the movie and even his acting was bad. Marion Cotillard is decent. I was able to correctly guess which character will turn out to be the bad one. So there was no big shocking twist. Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character was so ridiculous. He goes around the city but never gets caught. Morgan Freeman’s character seemed inspired from James Bond movies. Movie was very long and could have used lot of editing. Its definitely overrated on IMDB. Does not deserve the 8.8 rating.”

    Movies You Watched This Month – November 2012

  2. FS 12 years ago

    I loved Avengers for sheer Entertainment… Loved TDKR even with lot of loopholes…

    TED was a routine comedy drama just that the ted was almost real. Didn’t like the film much but there were few brilliant comic scene but most part of the film was OTT/slapstick comedy which doesn’t make you laugh.

    Madagascar 3 – The cinematography and direction were brilliant and climax was one hell of a climax for an animation movie… But over all i would give 3-3.5stars… I liked the lady inspector character most.

    Continental Drift 4 – Was the worst of the franchise and didn’t like the film the as well… The animation was even more pathetic than the earlier ones.

  3. Baba Ji 12 years ago

    congrats on your first post topshot. I have seen only TDKR from your list and you may be knowing my views on it. It doesnt stand a chance near TDK. I recently saw its climax .Compare that lame TDKR climax to this,it stands nowhere.

    the reason i prefer tdk climax is bcos its very exciting for me to see a superhero, trying to do good for the city, becomes helpless bcos of some circumstances and is forced to get chased by the law of the same city for a crime he hasnt done, what irony!
    who has shown such an angle in a superhero film before?
    this aspect made tdk special for me.nolan is genuis.his movies may not have extraordinary action,but he gets the philosophy behind super heriosm pitch perfect.it almost moves the viewer.he connects at emotional level.

    “batman is not the hero we need right now,its the hero we deserve,so we will chase him right now”
    “we will hunt him bcos he can take it. bcos he is not our hero.”

    kya dialogues likha hai


  4. Serenzy 12 years ago

    Good Post.

    Yet to See the Madagascar/Ice Age Final Parts but I Absolutely Love the Series.

    Madagascar Moreso bcz except Alex and Gang, We have King Julien and Maurice.

    And, then who can forget – Skipper, Private, Kowalski!

    Super Stuff.

  5. Author
    TopShot 12 years ago

    @sputnik… thanks bro…. BTW along with Avengers I would also recommend those two animated movies as well….

    @FS… bro completely agree that Avengers offer us great entertainment only few could match… TDKR has it’s loopholes like some pointed out by Sputnik but still I feel it is the best Nolan could have done without Joker. Joker was big plus TDK had and TDKR didn’t.
    Partially Agree on Ice Age 4. It kinda lost novelty but yet very entertaining for me. For me Ice Age 3 was best with Character of Buck. But I dont understand how could you find Ice Age 4 animation pathetic?

    @babaji… thanks. Yes TDK’s climax was one of the best climax you get. Climax of Avengers is also extremely good. For me TDK and Avengers are best product. Both had very different treatment. Avengers offer you Shear Entertainment while TDK offers you Intellectual Entertainment. You can watch Avengers by keeping aside your head while you need your head to enjoy TDK.

    @serenzy…. Bro.. i know u like animated movies. You would enjoy Madagascar 3 and Ice age 4…

  6. narad_muni 12 years ago

    TDKR – absolutely loved it though not as much as TDK, but a great end to the sequel

    Avengers – horrible movie, its made just for the heck of it for fans of superhero movies. I could not stand it. Comparing it with TDK is blasphemy!

    Ted – routine comedy and quite vulgar … not recommended.

    Have not see IceAge and Madgascar.

    Some others I have seen
    Brave – Definitely a nice watch for kids…cute little movie
    Hunger games – I liked it..it is one of the biggest grossers of this year. I found it quite riveting though some of the sets/art direction kinda looked ordinary. Recommended

  7. Aditya007 12 years ago

    Avengers: Loved the Movie Core of Heart. Every Part of film was very entertaining!

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