Holi Songs in Hindi Movies

  1. Nilda 11 years ago

    Was thinking of this post in the morning… But realised that I can’t make a post two songs I was thinking of are these, old ones but like them

  2. hithere 11 years ago

    Happy Holi!

  3. Alia Bhatt fan 11 years ago

    i think the holi festival has become notorious over the years. some useless guys do all kinds of antisocial acitivites under the guise of “festival”. i dont now why ppl like to throw baloons and colours on strangers on the road? apne ghar mein khelo na. doosre ko kyun invovle karna hai?


    • Author
      sputnik 11 years ago

      The bad guys just need an excuse to misbehave.

      • Alia Bhatt fan 11 years ago

        in my locality, there were some kids who used to throw glass bottles containing water from 2-3rd floor of building on the road. imagine if such a bottle hits a person on the head. is the anti-socialism limited only to the bad guys? think over it.

        • Author
          sputnik 11 years ago

          hmm… Parents need to teach their children not to do such stuff and generally everyone should be made aware that its not ok to throw stuff at strangers or people who do not like that.

          May be colonies/localities can all get together at one place – may be a park/ground and throw color at each other.

          • Alia Bhatt fan 11 years ago

            well, most of them derive fun by doing these activities. they like harassing a stranger walking down the path. where is the fun if you play holi with someone you know and is aware of it? 😉 there are laws that could land you in jail but ppl still do it.

          • Nilda 11 years ago

            As kids even we used to throw balloons at strangers and derive fun :), also had selected targets in people who got more frustrated by it.

  4. Alia Bhatt fan 11 years ago

    Holi ke din dil mil jaate hain, Gunde bhi gale pad jaate hain – should be the updated lyrics.

    • Nilda 11 years ago

      This festival has always been notorious, have heard abt such stories right from childhood. We were never allowed to go out with friends, only with family we could go. Have some fond memories of those days, but now the idea of applying color appears funny. I like this day only because of old memories.

      • Alia Bhatt fan 11 years ago

        its a good/harmless thing till you limit yourself to the ones you know. why to inflict it on others?

        • Nilda 11 years ago

          Actually even among the known ones only to people who do not mind it.. Rest should be excused and not forced…People do it and say “Bura na mano holi hai”

  5. Manish Kumar 11 years ago

    I too agree with Baba Ji abt it becoming notoriuous … i go and socialize with friends …. BTW i cant get better song than – rang barse and holi ke din .. they are eternal Holi songs .. news osngs have come but these two are timesless….

  6. Manish Kumar 11 years ago

    Baba Ji recently a women with er children was throwing water over ppl .. one old uncle ji was abt the fall off the scooter he is riding … pathetic .. she has been wraned twice by ppl .. hope if she do that gain there shd be complaint againt her IMO

  7. aryan 10 years ago

    Holi Celebrations & Dance by SpiceJet Crew on 17th Mar 2014


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