Holi kab hai. Kab hai HOLI!

Posting for Shinji.

Well, i have to admit, it’s some time a movie/video/scene motivated me to write/post something, but there are moments in life which move you from your work and normal life, and make you notice something extraordinary! and yet funny that you realise yes indeed you are living! ( ya i know i exaggerate at times but being a fan masala movies doesnt help the matter, everything is larger than life ) But on this one seriously I am quite moved at simple innocent colourful fun the short offered me with it’s backward technique! If you thought those mind bending movies/short only can be serious like inception, etc wait till you have seen this

I had one such small moment as i was about to crash tonight, when my friend Bandish, send me a link for this short! and i was like what the hell, was that sent for me?? that’s a first! My second reaction was must be some movie trailer/some music video… and as i sleepily awaited buffering, the music caught my attention! which couldnt have been more appropriate… and than began fun magic riot! as the Dhuleti ( holi ) celebration unfolded with a beautiful rainbow coloured girl ( Reema Shah, it was delightful fun to see your expressions ) and the magic of Holi Colours!! The girl had some very pertinent expressions, which drew my attention and along with the crazy fact that i was not knowing what was happening! i was like what the hell, as i was quite sure something Mementosque about this short! My mind was trying to figure the trick! and yet but the sheer enjoyment of colours and fun she was having overcomes my natural human instinct to think/analyse and i enjoyed it! The fact that i was compelled to write, forgetting the fact that i was otherwise sleeping with tensed dreams of an fresh urgent matter, was washed away in the water and colours of this Holi video ( Lord save my client! ) , hopefully suggest others may also like it so sharing it!

Two Thumbs Up!

* When Bandish is not making Holi videos with friends and having a riot with mind bending colourful videos, he is practising lawyer at Gujarat High Court! A expert at his craft imo.
* it was his first video to my knowledge!
Reema Shah also when not playing holi and acting for first time in the short is Chartered Accountant by profession, sure she would be making numbers also as colourful and fun as her act in the short

  1. Author
    sputnik 9 years ago

    Interesting video. Good use of the GOW song too.

    The backward technique has been used in a very famous music video The Return to Innocence by Enigma but what’s different about this is it looks like she is moving forward while things are happening in reverse. Good execution.


    SOTD : Return to Innocence – Enigma

  2. shinji 9 years ago

    Thanx Sputnik for the post! Thanx for enigma video, saw it first time, interesting.

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