Highly Recommended Part 2 – Death Note Manga TV Series

death-note-frikiland-la-tierra-del-manga-y-el-anime-504387 Death Note Manga series – One of the brilliant series that I have ever come across after Prison Break. Brilliant concept, brilliant execution, brilliant dialogues and the war between good and evil or between the world’s 2 best minds.

Death Note is about a Note Book that has fallen into the human world from the Shinigami World. Whoever touches the Death note is able to see the Shinigami (monster type from the other world who used to be the actual owner of the book) and this death note happens to be real. Whose ever names written on the book shall die of heart attack within 40sec. You can very well control the time and action of the death but all you need is the real name and face of the person whose name will be written on the death note so that others are not affected from its results if the name turns out alias.

Light Yagami – Son of Police Chief is the brilliant college student who has always excelled lands up with this death note book. He starts killing the criminals all over the world by writing their names on the death note, soon his actions gets noticed by the general public and Police all over the world. He is named as Kira by his worshippers that gives him confidence of establishing crime free world and starts to think of himself as the new God of this new Crime free world. death_note

Meanwhile police of Japan as well as other countries run out of ideas on how to find out about mysterious deaths and man behind these deaths, Kira. Finally they are left with only one option and that is to seek the help of World’s best detective otherwise known as “L”. “L” has solved almost all difficult cases that were seemingly possible. World police and especially Japan offers him to give full support to crack down this case and hunt down Kira.

As “L” gets closer to solving the case something else turns out from nowhere forcing him to start the case from the “scratch”.

What I liked most about Death Note is the characters, Light Yagami and L (Ryuzaki) both had this unique abilities and excellent deduction skills. The two were very different from rest of the world but personality wise different from each other as well.

unnamed Normally in a thriller or a suspense drama the audience finds out about the villain or the grey part in the later stages of the development and sometime during the climax but in this series audience knows everything right from the beginning yet it has interesting proceedings and surprise elements attached to each proceeding. The screenplay is flawless, the voice over artists has done one hell of an exceptional job and the remaining characters are very interesting too.

I didn’t like the characters “Near” and “Nello” and so were the last few episodes. They were boring due to absence of “L” or maybe they could not recreate the charisma, charm or “L’s” personalities his energies into “near” or “nello” but the final episode are shot brilliantly.

The series consist of 37 episodes which are available in Eng dubbed version along with Eng subtitles. I didn’t like the episodes that introduces “near” and “nello” because you can feel the absence of “L” and director totally failed to recreate same the atmosphere for the audience that he created during the “L” episodes but I really liked the final two episodes, the end of an evil.

On the other hand I liked the second part of the Death Note movie series that has slight changes from the original manga tv series and have improvised in the movie brilliantly.

Lmovie02 Death Note 1, 2 and 3 – Once you seen the “manga series” you may not like part 1 so much but will assure you that you will definitely like part2 that was missing in the last few episodes of “manga” series. I was wondering how they can possibly bring the character of “L” alive on big screen but they really did it at least 80% if not 100%. They should have made the movie series on high budget as the series was popular as well as loved by most of the viewers. It also lacked international feel and look because you are talking of world’s best detective.

Now coming to the third part – “L” Change the world, it was really a disappointing film. I have not read the novel or manga series or how actually it is in text but the last part of the movie series and last few episodes of manga tv series are slightly different and cannot figure out which one has improvised from the other. But whatever it is, please don’t forget to see the manga tv series, it is highly recommended.

Would like to thank Nirjhar, Shehzad and Ihab to highlight this TV series.

  1. cr7 11 years ago

    one of the best series ever . finished it in just 3 days .i think L is the favorite character of everyone 😀 . but i liked N too . awesome concept and fabulous characters . movies are not half as a good as the series . glad u’ve seen it .

    • Author
      L (Rue Ryuzaki) 11 years ago

      I finished it in one day itself. It has 37 episodes but each episode is around 15-20min if u remove the songs in beginning n end along with small add of death note. Once u start the first episode you will never stop until “L’s” last episode.

  2. Author
    L (Rue Ryuzaki) 11 years ago

    Some Funny scenes from Death Note

    How “L” teased “Light Yagami”

    “L’s” Funny Moments

  3. Author
    L (Rue Ryuzaki) 11 years ago

    Also Watch these first two Episodes of Death Note… You will get hooked up instantly

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

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