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Heropanti Aiming To Be Top Solo Newcomer Opening

Wednesday 21 May 2014 11.00 IST
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Heropanti will be aiming to have the best opening for a film starring a new solo male lead. The best number so far is Ishaqzaade at around 4.50 crore nett. Student of The Year managed a higher number but that was a different kettle of fish as it was a big budget production and heavy marketing spend.

Heropanti is half the cost of Student Of The Year at around 25 crore and if it can get a 4-5 crore nett opening day number it will be a good stepping stone to go on from.

Although it has a star son, its not quite the same market today as it was in the early 80’s when films like Betaab, Love Story and Rocky opened to bumper initials and it requires the music or marketing to make a mark. The last few weeks has seen Heropanti create awareness with its promotion and songs like Whistle Baja.


  1. sanket to me on fb : Heropanti will open well. 4+cr opening. Congrats.

  2. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Has Good To Decent Opening
    Friday 23 May 2014 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti had a good opening across the mass areas as both multiplexes and single screens opened well in cities like Jaipur and Nagpur. The opening in places like UP, Rajasthan and Gujarat was 50-55% and this is likely to be the case in other mass circuits like CPCI and Bihar. CP Berar has a very wide release for a newcomer film.

    The opening in Mumbai/Thane belt was also pretty good though occupancies were lower but this is always the case as films open on too many theatres. In the South the opening was affected by the Kochadaiiyaan wave.

    South was always going to be affected by Kochadaiiyaan so the under performance was really the big multiplexes of Delhi city and East Punjab where collections were around the 30-35%. Overall the film should have a pretty good day due to Mumbai and the Central India markets.


  3. sputnik 7 years ago

    Heropanti Records Good First Day Collections
    Saturday 24 May 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti had a good first day as it collected around 6.50-6.75 crore nett on its first day. The collections were the fifth highest for an opening day for 2014.

    The film put up some very strong numbers in mass circuits. Rajasthan was best as it collected a huge 58 lakhs nett which is the third highest opening day of 2014 in that circuit. CP Berar, CI and Bihar were also very good while Mumbai circuit was good.

    South India had competition in forms of two big films in Tamil and Telugu so collections were expected to be a bit lower. It was North India which did not quite hit the mark for the film as Delhi city and big cities of Punjab did not collect too well. The film will just need to hold these collections on Saturday to emerge a winner as Sunday should see growth.


    • it has got a good opening due to hit music and may be tiger shroffs youtube videos of his rehearsing. all the songs were good but they are stupid to not include papi song in the film. one of tigers USP is dancing and they removed his dance song and kept sad song just before climax. whistle baja song looked good in theatre. ending is total ddlj

  4. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 22h
    #Heropanti has a super start in UAE+GCC. Thu AED 261,000, Fri AED 420,000. Total: AED 681,000 [₹ 1.08 cr].

  5. Heropanti Does Well On Saturday
    Sunday 25 May 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
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    Heropanti did well on Saturday with collections in the same range as Friday. The film grossed around 6.50 crore nett on Friday and was around 6.25 crore nett on Saturday taking the two day total to 12.75 crore nett.

    Considering the good start at single screens on Friday, it would have been expected for single screens to drop a bit but the collections were in the same range at most places. The film is doing good business outside the big metros where collections are average. The metros which were not as strong on Friday did not witness much growth.

    The film should go to 7 crore nett on Sunday for a 20 crore nett weekendand this will ensure the film is a success and then the weekdays will determine how big a success it can emerge.


  6. congrats to tiger shroff and kriti sanon for the success. they are both very talented and atleast they deserved this hit. i hope they get bigger and better films from here

  7. aamir khan at heropanti success party

  8. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1m
    #Heropanti Fri 6.58 cr, Sat 6.42 cr, Sun 8.28 cr. Total: ₹ 21.28 nett. India biz. Huge growth on Sunday. EXCELLENT!

  9. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Does Very Well On Sunday
    Monday 26 May 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti had a very good Sunday as it grossed around 8 crore nett takings weekend business to around 20.75 crore nett. The business on Sunday was good practically all over, even the places which did not start of too well.

    The film had collected around 6.50 crore nett on Friday, 6.25 crore nett on Saturday and 8 crore nett on Sunday giving it a very good 20% plus jump on Sunday.

    The figures are very solid as in the South it has been hit by the Rajnikant starrer and at high end multiplexes by X Men – Days Of Future Past so for a non cast film to go over 20 crore nett for the weekend with competition is a good result. Heropanti should hold over the weekdays and has an little competition in week two so can have a good run for two weeks.


  10. Heropanti Set To Have Solid Monday
    Monday 26 May 2014 22.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti held up well on Monday with collections across India holding up very well. The Monday figure should go over the 4 crore nett mark which would mean a less than 40% drop from Friday.

    The film opened well on Friday so to be less than 40% down on Monday means the film should sustain well for the next 10-12 days or so. The collections are rock solid in mass centres with some single screens even collecting higher than its its Saturday collections.

    Heropanti is doing excellent business in Rajasthan with figures of 2.10 crore nett in four days which is much higher than films like Ragini MMS 2, Main Tera Hero and Shaadi Ke Side Effects all of which had similar weekend business to Heropanti.


  11. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Set To Emerge A HIT
    Tuesday 27 May 2012 12.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti looks set to emerge the fourth hit film of 2014 after Queen, Ragini MMS 2 and 2 States as it held up strongly on Monday with business of around 3.75-4 crore nett.

    The film has now collected around 25 crore nett in four days and the week should should end up in the 35 crore nett region. The film has been doing well at most places outside the metros since Friday but on Monday even a major metro like Delhi held up well which was one of its weaker markets.

    The drop is less than 40% from Friday. The collections in CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan and Gujarat/Saurashtra were very good on Monday.


  12. Bored 7 years ago

    So Gunday n Yaariyan are not Hits, but Heropanti with 20 cr nett is a hit? This site is even worse worse n more dishonest than BJP’s paid media.

    • gunday budget was higher and it was not a debut fim. heropanti is going to possibly do 50 cr+ in lifetime. its clean superhit in anyones books be it taran ,komal or boi – pick your choice and sulk 😉

  13. Bored 7 years ago

    The point was on selective reporting … anyways.

  14. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Rock Steady On Tuesday
    Wednesday 28 May 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti remained rock steady on Tuesday with collections in the same range as Monday. The film is now at around 28.50 crore nett after five days and is heading for a 35 crore nett first week.

    Tuseday is an important day as it in recent times there have been many films which have held up pretty well on Monday but then gone and shown big daily falls over the rest of the week but with Heropanti holding on Tuesday it is set for a solid run till the release of holiday on 6th June.

    The second week not having a major release is a big advantage which should enable it to put up a good number in week two as well.


  15. taran adarsh @taran_adarsh · 5h
    #Heropanti Fri 6.63 cr, Sat 6.42 cr, Sun 8.28 cr, Mon 4.26 cr, Tue 3.79 cr. Total: ₹ 29.38 cr nett. India biz. HIT!

  16. Heropanti To Dominate New Hindi Releases This Week
    Thursday 29 May 2014 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti will dominate the new releases this week as both the releases have little awareness and depend on word of mouth. Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi and Citylights will find it hard to have better collections than Heropanti unless there is miraculous jump on Saturday.

    It is the last Friday before the flow of bigger films start. Next week will see the release of a the big budget Holiday and it was Gunday which was the last released film which had a budget of 50 crore or more. That was way back in February.

    Since February it has been smaller films that have dominated and some like 2 States, Heropanti, Queen, Ragini MMS and Main Tera Hero actually did well. The business of Heropanti as well of the new releases will be hit in East Punjab as that circuit will be dominated by Punjabi film Mundeyon Ton Bachke Rahin.

  17. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Does Good First Week Business
    Friday 30 May 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti had a good first week as it grossed around 34 crore nett in its first week. The film collected 8 crore nett more than the big Hollywood release X Men – Days Of Future Past and not many would have expected Heropanti to lead that film by such a big margin before release.

    The film held steady collections on the weekdays and could hit the 50 crore nett mark for its lifetime business as the second weekend looks set for a decent total.

    The film has put up strong numbers in CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan and Gujarat while circuits which were not too strong initially like Delhi/UP and East Punjab were pretty steady over the weekdays.


  18. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Continues Good Run On Day Eight
    Saturday 31 May 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti continues its good run on its eight day with collections around the 2 crore nett mark. The film was aided by the new releases being dull and Heropanti collected much more even if we combine the first day business of Citylights and Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho gayi

    The film is now on course to go over 50 crore nett which will be the second time that the collections of a new lead pair will go to 50 crore nett. The first was Student Of the Year but that had a budget similar to some star cast films.

    Heropanti will emerge the fifth or sixth biggest nett grosser of the year but its distributor share is likely to be fourth highest beating likes of Queen and Main Tera Hero. .


  19. aryan 7 years ago

    Heropanti Has Good Second Weekend
    Monday 02 June 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Heropanti had a good weekend of around 7.75-8 crore nett taking its ten day total to around 43 crore nett. The drop in the second weekend was around 62% which is very good. It is better than most films released this year barring the ones which sustained very well like Queen and 2 States.

    The film should now comfortably collect 50 crore nett lifetime business and maybe go even higher if third week does not totally capitulate due to the release of big budget Holiday..

    Heropanti did not start too well in North India bur it held up in the weekdays and that pattern help up over the second weekend. The drop in Delhi/UP was less than 60%.


  20. aryan 7 years ago

    Citylights Is Lowest Opener For Vishesh Films Since Awarapan In 2007
    Monday 02 June 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Citylights had a poor weekend of around 3.25 crore nett. There was growth on Saturday but with a starting point of not even 75 lakhs nett it had to be 100% plus growth and a repeat on Sunday. The film is the lowest opener for Vishesh Films since Awarapan in 2007 which collected under 3 crore nett in its first weekend.

    The banner normally does well with small budget films but Citylights is set to be one of the poorer performers. The business was best in Mumbai circuit.

    The other release Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi had even worse results collecting around 1.50-1.75 crore nett and not even trending well over the weekend. The film is a low budget but collections don’t even justify that low cost.


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