Heather Graham says yes to SRK, no to Aamir?

‘It could have been her debut in Bollywood, if Hollywood hottie Heather Graham hadn’t refused Dhoom 3, opposite Aamir Khan.

Apparently of the handful of Hollywood stars, including Oscar winner Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria who had been approached to star in Dhoom 3, Heather was on top of the list. However, very recently, the actress expressed her desire to work with another Khan – Shah Rukh.

“The producers (of Dhoom 3) were looking for an international face since some time, as this is touted to be the biggest film of the franchise till date. They were pretty convinced that they would be able to rope in one of the leading ladies from Hollywood to star opposite Aamir. In fact they had a few meetings with Heather’s managers, but for some reason things did not work out,” said a source.’

‘Interestingly this is not the first time Heather has received her ticket to Bollywood. The actress who was in India recently for the Goa film festival met up with SRK who also expressed a keen interest in working with her.

She was even quoted saying, “I am overwhelmed at this kind of welcome from India. I had heard a lot about Shah Rukh, but did not realise he was so popular. We discussed a lot of things and I am eagerly waiting to see what can be worked out.”

Does this imply that she prefers SRK to Aamir? Adds the source, “That cannot be said, but apparently there were some date and money issues with Yashraj. That’s why she couldn’t say yes to the project.” Heather’s Bollywood dreams will now have to wait. For now, we’ll have to do with Katrina zooming into the Dhoom mode. Yashraj, however, denied approaching Heather Graham.’


  1. sputnik 10 years ago


    please post links to articles.

  2. sputnik 10 years ago

    Silly PR article.

    Create an article with a big headline and then the main source denies it in the final line.

    “Yashraj, however, denied approaching Heather Graham.’”

  3. jamoon 9 years ago

    Heather must be unaware of who Aamir is.

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