Have you ever witnessed bizarre situation in a cinema hall?

****FIRST ONE****

Well, one interesting thing- in 2009 when I went to see KAMBAKKHT ISHQ second time (god knows why I was watching a boring film again.) Only 10-15 people in theater and almost all were boys and college going. There was a man in front of me recording the film. I said him that his cell phone will be taken off and he will be suspended from the theater. He seemed to have to have come to a multiplex for the first time and he retorted me saying “Arre mene sau baar ye sab kia hua hai.”

I then did not want to discuss much So I neglected the issue. After 15mins or so, one of the theater servant noticed it and directly warned him “you have to stop this activity or else your cell phone will be taken off.”

Not giving too much importance to his warning, within just three to four minutes he started it yet again. That same servant came with another one and snatched the cell phone. That man started advertising whatever he knows of theater halls by saying “Arre ye mene pehle bhi kiya hua hai. Aur aapne aise cell khinchne ki himmat kaise ki?”

Obviously, everyone got disturbed and was making funny noises as if they are watching the film without blinking their eyes even for once. I was laughing but the issue got even more dramatic when that man physically hit that servant. The servant started same thing and the film was stopped for time mean. The owner turned up and settled it off, but the other audience were quite annoyed by this and demanded refunds! And as you know- “Junta is the king.” 😀

****SECOND ONE****

It was when watching KAL HO NAA HO in a single screen at 9.30pm show in Balcony class. It was pretty much full but some seats at corners were empty. After first 10-15 minutes of the film, there was a group of friends arrived. They started arguing with the people who sat on their place. The argument got more intense and the show was turned off for few minutes. When the manager stepped in, he discovered two tickets of same seats were sold. And there were 7-8 such seats of which two tickets were sold for same show!

Then the owner offered them the corner seats and gave them 50% of ticket price back in interval. And the film was not resumed from where it was paused; they instead have to start it from beginning.

****THIRD ONE****

As you guys know DUM MAARO DUM was released with paid preview shows on Thursday. So the first paid preview show was at 6.15pm. But it was 6.25pm and the show was still not started. The impatient viewers got up from their seats and bothered to know why the film was not started yet! The owner without giving many details said that the show will start within 5-10 minutes.

It was 6.45pm and then some viewers were frustrated. They called for refunds. There was a group of three men and they said that they want to catch a train at 9.15pm so they need to get back their money.

So out of some 90 odd people, 15-20 were in anger and started arguing with the owner. Then the real reason came out for the delay. The reason bewildered me- there was no print available yet! The distributor didn’t provide the print at time. By 7pm, many got refunds. So the few remained asked that till what time they will have to wait? The owner said just 5 minutes.

Finally the film started at 7.20pm and they kept the interval just for 3 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

And thankfully I saw it and loved the film.

I just shared away my three such moments which we seldom observe at cinemas. If you have ever witnessed, please share!

  1. Rehan 11 years ago

    My first ever movie that I watched in a theatre was ra.one 😀

  2. Serenzy 11 years ago

    Good one Sanku..!

  3. Reddemon 11 years ago

    Lol hard luck rehan… I didnt witnessed ne bizzare in the theatres but watching almost all akki movies frm SIK was similar to dat. BTW my 1st movie in theatre was SIK nd i hav watchd ol d movies of top 6stars in theatres post SIK

  4. sputnik 11 years ago

    Good different post Sanket.

    I went to see Don 2 3D (because that was the only choice at the time I went) and when the movie started it was all blurry even with the 3D glasses. I removed my glasses and it was all blurry. At first I thought I got bad 3D glasses.

    And then everyone started looking at each other and started saying that glasses are not working. Then someone went and told the management and they said there was some problem and they restarted the movie again and it was fine.

  5. Serenzy 11 years ago


    A Big Thanks fr changing the cmment column style.

    This one is Better & more Helpful…Keep it!

    • sputnik 11 years ago

      Thanks Serenzy.


      Did the comment alignment too. For some reason the comments in the Update/Feedbac thread are not showing up on sidebar.

      • fearlesssoul 11 years ago

        @Sputnik – thanks and its looking much better than earlier version and what are yours and others opinion on this…? There is something missing and you know what?

        —– if you remove the paragraph space between the comments of the same thread on the side bar and keep the paragraph space between the threads as it is then it will look more elegant. you can avoid or keep the bolt’s for each thread.

        One more thing is try to remove the date and time of comments from the side bar and see how does it look. If it looks better then remove it permanently or if it looks awkward then you can add them again. Just an experiment to make this site look better.

        • sputnik 11 years ago


          I too think that this looks better. I tried to remove the date & time but there still needs to be something to click to go that comment. I tried to put the move the name from beginning to that date place but the comments are getting misaligned.

          If I remove the spacing between each comment it looks like too much text is at one place. Check this link below.


          • fearlesssoul 11 years ago

            yes Sputnik you are right, its looking too much of text that is because the side bar column size (width) is smaller.. But anyways the new look is a loooot better…

  6. Author
    sanket porwal 11 years ago

    LOL Rehan.

    Thank you Serenzy.

    Sputnik- You know what, in some single screens same problems occur many times whenever 3D film is there. My friend had this problem during Haunted.

  7. fearlesssoul 11 years ago

    @Sanket – Quiet interesting… i have not faced anything as such till date as I hardly watch movies on big screen if they are not special or worth the money… But i have faced similar problems downloading from torrentz where it stops at 98% or 90% due to lack of enough seeds which pisses me off and i can’t ask for refund of my time and data.

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