Hate Story Indian Express Movie Review by Shubhra Gupta

VickyCast:Gulshan Devaiah, Paoli Dam, Nikhil Dwivedi

Director: Vivek Agnihotri

Indian Express Ratings:**

A couple of reporters (Dwivedi, Dam) dig out the dirty details on an industrialist (Devaiah), and his dodgy deals. The latter gets furious, and lashes out at the better looking of the two, (the other is Dwivedi) declaring I **** those who **** me.

Four letter words, starting with an F, are no longer a rarity in Bollywood. But when the plot abandons all pretence of being homegrown, we are in a territory that is so well mined by Hollywood that you start wondering if the Woman Scorned can ever be well done in Hindi cinema.

It’s not like Kavya Krishna (Dam, established actress in Bengali cinema, making her Bollywood debut) has no desi antecedents. There have been several raging ladies, from Sadhna to Rekha to Rani, who’ve wreaked revenge upon men who’ve wronged them. But Paoli Dam’s character is more a mix of the hardcase women played by Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone. So what we get is an oomphy, oozy femme who is uninhibitedly fatale, and capable of steaming things up, but stuck in a story which starts off as credible but all too soon plunges us into a pit of disbelief. And treatment which drags it out too long, minus slickness.

We are not going near the plotholes because that would be a long list. Suffice it to say that they are so glaring in places, that you miss out on some not-so-bad parts of this film, chief of which are a few strong scenes by the main performers. Devaiah plays the rich guy who is a stammering sheep in front of his dominating father, and menacing lion outside his gaze, and holds our attention. Despite her accented Hindi which grates occasionally ( she could do with a voice coach), Dam shows she can do sultry well, lots of naked arching back and flashing leg and all. They just needed a better film.



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