Hate Story And Vicky Donor In Photo Finish For First Day Business

Hate Story and Vicky Donor are in a photo business as far as all India first day business is concerned. As per early estimates, both films will finish around the 1.75 crore mark give or take a few lakhs.

They may have a similar all India total but the way it has come is totally different as the places where Hate Story collected Vicky Donor has not and vice versa.

Vicky Donor has collected best in Delhi city and Punjab while Hate Story is good in West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra and CP Berar. Below are the Delhi/UP breakdowns for both films and it can be seen how one film dominates a section of the circuit while the other film dominates the other section.

Hate Story

Delhi city – 12 lakhs

UP – 21 lakhs

DUP TOTAL – 33 lakhs

Vicky Donor

Delhi city – 37 lakhs

UP – 9 lakhs

DUP TOTAL – 46 lakhs



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