Happy New Year Official Theatrical Trailer

  1. Author
    aryan 10 years ago

    Very very disappointing trailer nothing new same old story just like Don 2 infact Don 2 trailer was better.

  2. cr7 10 years ago

    Not as bad as I expected .Should be a box office hit .In term of content I’ve no expectation at all . We’ve already seen the story so many times . Don’t think Farah can bring any novelty to it . The song played in background is poor .20 min long dance sequence with this song will be a disaster .

  3. shan 10 years ago

    Did not expect this to be so poor. Surprised srk and Farah came back together for this story which looks like a mish mash of dhoom, rnbdj, abcd, Italian job, and many more heist films. The opening sequences were cringeworthy and most of the dialogues fell totally flat. The competition might turn out to be the only saving grace, if done innovatively. I hope this doesnt work at bo and srk goes to doing better movies.

  4. sunil 10 years ago

    HNY trailer isnt good.This wont outgross kick.

  5. yakuza 10 years ago

    Very predictable content. Only plus point is grand look. Indiawale song is copy of Vishal’s own Halkat Jawani

  6. DABANGG_NIINJA 10 years ago

    haha ab dekhte he jinko kick ka trailer nhi acha laga tha wo ab kya kahe ge 😀

  7. Baba 10 years ago

    is this a farah khan film or sajid khan film? the acting is so OTT. deepika is horrible in the few scenes she has. same for abhishek and sonu. srk thinks sporting cdi look will bring back its glory and luck into this film

  8. Baba 10 years ago

    looks like they have already given up 😀 the comments are disabled on youtube and also likes dislikes

  9. sputnik 10 years ago

    I was expecting at least a couple of funny lines and some funny potshots/spoofs since it is a Farah Khan film but there is not a single line that is funny. As others have said the movie looks like a mishmash of Don 2, Dhoom, OSO and so on. And the Indiawaale song is horrible.

    SRK seems to be in Don 2 and OSO mode. Deepika seems to be trying to repeat her Chennai Express performance with a different accent. The “Dance ek art hai” seems to be a potshot at some but don’t know who it is intended at. Deepika is looking pretty in a couple of scenes though. Abhishek seems to have a sidey role just like in the Dhoom series. Boman, Sonu, Vivaan all seem to be miscast. Jackie may be the best part of the movie.

  10. alfa.one 10 years ago

    Crap ….

  11. saurabh sharma 10 years ago

    I didn’t find it so bad.. I find it average. Though I already reduced my expectations after reading comments.

    What I liked – Production Value, Grand Approach, , Scenes at some desert Location,
    The Dialog “Dance ek Moza h, Dance ek art hai” , Radhe Radhe song in BG, Haso Mat Scene

    What I find OK- Boman Irani, Jackie Shroff,
    Abhishek(for whatever time he was shown, he has better role than D3 )

    What I find Bad-
    SRK’s over exposure in the trailer – At least Abhishek deserves a lil better space,
    same repeated action scenes, same old dialog,
    Deepika’s accent, Sonu sood’s accent,SRK’s colored hair and bad dialog delivery,
    Vivan’s Character of a Hacker – Now in Indian movie this hacker character is always bad as
    he can hack almost anything, In Players this character was almost joke coz of Directors’
    approach towards it
    Character Name Charlie – In Players also they had same name of the lead WTF,
    Everybody is inspired from Charles Shobhraj),
    India wale song(Irshaad Kamil has written the worst lyrics of his whole filmy career
    probably,wonder how he has written such stupid lyrics, Same guy has written “JO Bhi main”)..

    All in all a disappointing Trailer which has nothing except for its Production Value.Things to look out is Dance Competition.
    I am hopeful Movie will not ruin Diwali. I hope Farah Make it like MHN or OSO.. I liked both.

  12. sputnik 10 years ago

    More security for Shah Rukh Khan after threat call

    The Mumbai police have increased security outside Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s residence in suburban Mumbai after an alleged threat call was made to his office by gangster Ravi Pujari on Saturday.

    According to the police, the call was answered by his staff and the caller identified himself as underworld gangster Ravi Pujari. The caller warned that the actor should not work with Bollywood producer brothers — Ali and Karim Morani. Karim Morani an accused in the 2G scam and is considered close to the actor.

    However the zonal DCP, Mr. Satyanarayan Chaudhary denied that the actor received threat calls from the underworld.

    “The gangster wants overseas rights of his upcoming film. There is a threat to the promotional events relating to the movie and therefore the security has been extended to the actor,” a senior officer told The Hindu.

    The alleged call was received on the same day after three unidentified men fired five rounds outside Ali Morani’s residence in suburban Mumbai. Security has also been extended to the Moranis.

    “A month ago the Moranis had complained to the Mumbai police that he had received extortion calls from the underworld and the Anti Extortion Cell (AEC) is probing the matter,” a senior police officer told The Hindu.

    The actor’s security was recently withdrawn by the Mumbai police. In January this year, the Mumbai police had provided security to Mr. Khan after the agency suspected that the actor could be on the hit list of the banned terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba or LeT.

    This after the Jamaat ud Dawa chief Saeed and the alleged mastermind of the Mumbai 26/11 attack case, Hafiz asked the actor to move to Pakistan if he felt insecure in India. The offer was in response to the actor’s interview in a leading English magazine where he stated that he was a ‘soft – target’ and has to always prove his patriotism every time.


    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      After seeing the HNY trailer, anyone can give a threat to Shahrukh.

      To stop the nonsense!

  13. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    Jokes and hatred apart, who in their sane minds would like to see another Heist story when Ai (Shankar + Chiyaan) and Haider ( VB + Shahid) are on the same day !!

  14. KSS 10 years ago

    Haider’s coming on Oct 2nd not with HNY and not everyone watches south films. Just another heist story would be kick and dhoom 3, HNY will be a grand entertainer just like MHN & OSO were. You talk as if you’ve seen the film.

    And who’s going to see it? Well wait for it to smash opening records.

  15. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago


    Whats up with fascination with “put your hands up in the air” line? . First OSO and then this.

  16. Author
    aryan 10 years ago

    Dialogue Promo

  17. sputnik 10 years ago

    Dialogue Promo – Deepika Padukone as ‘MOHINI’

    • Baba 10 years ago

      if anyone had a misconception that deepika is an actress after seeing ce, they need to see above video. atrocious is a small word to describe her

      • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

        Deepika is still better than bland Katrina. Anytime.

        • Baba 10 years ago

          yes that is why katrina beat padakuans and the like in the votes and made it to madame tussauds. that is why finding fanny flopped and BB became a huge hit. deepika can be compared to kaam waali bais in mumbai,not to katrina

          • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

            I dont find any meaning in someone beat someone. As I see it , Katrina is a non-entitiy from the beginning – has been and will be.

          • Baba 10 years ago

            as you see it, d3 is a “classic drama” as well. who cares!

  18. sputnik 10 years ago

    Dialogue Promo – Abhishek Bachchan as ‘NANDU’

    • cr7 10 years ago

      Main prem ki dewani hoon’s record of most acting per unit area will be broken by HNY .

    • Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

      Abhishek will be saving grace of this film.

  19. Anjanpur685Miles 10 years ago

    @Baba, i dont find Katrina as a leading actress by any means. Live with it.

    And I will live with your concept that D3 was a humbug.

    • Baba 10 years ago

      LOL. why will i live with your opinions? I live with the fact that katrina is the numero uno and that d3 was “classic” drama. you are free to live with whatever pleases you 😉

  20. cr7 9 years ago

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