Happy New Year First Look Poster

  1. I.One 6 years ago

    WTH does that tagline supposed to mean. Very cheesy and cringe worthy. Sounds like a Race poster.

  2. mate 6 years ago

    WoW Grt Poster. 400 cr nett in Domestic and 200 cr in Overseas confirmed.

  3. DABANGG_NIINJA 6 years ago

    player + race2 ko mila kar bana diya hny

  4. Ipman 6 years ago

    sputnik should find out where its copied from. poor animation

    • Author
      sputnik 6 years ago

      Zoom TV tweeted this.

      “SRK’s ‘Happy New Year’ poster inspired from Ajay Devgn film Cash”

  5. Anupam Anand 6 years ago

    Its a good,poster

  6. mate 6 years ago

    Note: You can get your own personalized #HNYPoster here:

  7. Manish Kumar 6 years ago

    good start (Y)

  8. Bored 6 years ago

    Is tagline recycled from TMK ?

  9. mate 6 years ago

    The time, occasion and the way of unveiling the poster…unique…different…and just perfect!! Indeed a masterstroke.

  10. Anupam Anand 6 years ago

    HNY Tanqeed Movies and Manish Kumar

  11. aryan 6 years ago

    Good Poster liked it.

  12. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    So its a heist movie with them pretending to be dancers. I did not think Farah would try to make another heist movie after Tees Maar Khan.

    Agree that the tagline is very cheesy and that the poster reminds of Players and Race 2.


    Don’t know if the poster is copied but the bank vault in it reminds me of Now You See Me.

    • Serenzy 6 years ago

      Seriously now…. The “BANK VAULT”!!!! 😐

      • Author
        sputnik 6 years ago

        I know the Bank Vault is a common thing in all heist movies but it might borrow from Now You See Me. Will have to wait for the movie though.

    • Ipman 6 years ago

      see with farah as director, an intelligent/sensible story is out of question or even something mindless but enjoyable like rohit shetty. she wil make her usual pretentious neo masala with corny dialgues and songs, dances,overacting.

  13. Serenzy 6 years ago

    Average poster… Didn’t like it much.

  14. Serenzy 6 years ago

    The ‘online now’ feature is quite attractive.

    ps: Have you seen Salo: 120 Days of Sodom? 🙂

    • Author
      sputnik 6 years ago


      No don’t think so. But had watched Il fiore delle Mille e una Notte aka A Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights) and I Racconti di Canterbury aka The Canterbury Tales by the same director. Both were very weird movies.

      • Serenzy 6 years ago

        Damn.. I always wondered what kind off sick minds made such movies and called it ART when I read about it 3-4 years back.!

        • Author
          sputnik 6 years ago

          Yeah I think both A Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights) and I Racconti di Canterbury aka The Canterbury Tales are award winning art films but they are just weird movies for the pseudo crowd. Also the director is gay so there is lot of male nudity and almost gay scenes.

  15. FS 6 years ago

    Poster is good – Sounds like a fun movie.

  16. ank_16n 6 years ago

    If the characters look in poster are same in film then have to say Abhishek n boman irani in this sardar getup will surely give a headace to Audiences..!!

    Boman irani in that sardar look is looking pathetic..!!

    Rest poster is ok-Good..!!

  17. shan 6 years ago

    Average poster. Quality of poster is surprisingly poor. Do not expect a masterpiece from Farah but hope this one is more Main Hoon Na and OSO and less TMK. 🙂

  18. narad_muni 6 years ago

    Did not like the poster..
    total lack of imagination. Seems like the same old stuff in a new bottle.

    Am not excited for this one.

  19. alfa.one 6 years ago

    Average !!

  20. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago


    is that farah khan signature?

    • Author
      sputnik 6 years ago

      I think its SRK’s signature. I did not know whose signature it was and I thought it was Farah Khan’s too.

      I had tweeted this post with the earlier poster personalized with someone else’s name and I was tweeted this poster by Happy New Year’s official twitter handle. So I updated the post with this one instead of the old one with some other website’s name.

      They tweeted the personalized message poster to all websites who tweeted with the #HNYPoster tag and every website has a poster with the personalized message. They had some marketing thing which I did not pay any attention to.

  21. cr7 6 years ago

    No Comment

  22. Amit 6 years ago

    Yes.. It says Shah Rukh…!

    Yes, Poster is average..

  23. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago


    mail me and I will send you Aloof contact.

  24. mate 6 years ago

    SRK honoured with ‘International Icon Of Indian Cinema’ award by Asianet


    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Lol, sounds like “World famous in India”

    • Ipman 6 years ago

      when will ppl stop falling over these stupidities?

    • shan 6 years ago

      Hahahah, International Icon of Indian Cinema awarded by Asianet 😀

      SRK ko kya jaroorat hai ye sab karne ki? He has done some fabulous roles in Chak De and Swades and given legendary blockbusters in DDLJ, KKHH, DTPH. He will always be remembered as a the romance king of this era. There was a time when he was the undisputed baadshah of the industry, giving superhit after superhit. Now that he is doing slightly worse by his own standards (and giving terrible movies by everyone’s standards), he doesnt need these fake awards to keep him afloat. he is hurting his own credibility by even accepting such crap. All he needs is a good movie where he doesnt ham.

  25. mate 6 years ago

    Anurag Kashyap & Vishal Dadlani playing d role of RealityShowJudges in HNY!

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Perfect . now i am sure this is going TMK way.

    • Ipman 6 years ago

      when it comes to ideas, both the siblings are completely bankrupt. its been a decade since MHN and she still has to rely on item songs, series of guest appearances , homage to 70s etc.

  26. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    New posters

  27. cr7 6 years ago

    TBH this movie looks like a mess .In term of content,never had high hopes from it .I still think It’ll gonna do well at box office . But It could end up being another Ra.one. The indiawale thing sounds pathetic. Read couple of posts about it . Looks like they solely depending gimmicks.

  28. cr7 6 years ago

    Happy New Year Motion Poster

  29. Author
    sputnik 6 years ago

    New Poster

    • Baba 6 years ago

      the pic is preponed. this is how srk would look after its release

      • cr7 6 years ago

        Looks like a character from Walking dead 😛 But movie looks in right path .If PK content is slightly off beat then HNY will be the biggest grosser of the year .

        • Baba 6 years ago

          day dreaming is a bad habit

          • cr7 6 years ago

            Do you have any other film in mind ? I think Its obvious . The competition is between HNY and PK. I think PK is the favorite . But I’m not quite sure about the content . If its like munnabhai series or 3i then my bet is on PK .

          • Baba 6 years ago

            HNY fight is with tmk. it wil be lucky to get past jai ho

    • Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

      Actually dogs are very loyal and best friend of human-beings. I dont know how anyone can think dogs will do gaddari. The tagline is stupid to the core.

  30. cr7 6 years ago

    LOL . Hope you won’t delete your comment .I am not taking any screenshot . We will resume this conversation when the first week numbers are out .

    • Baba 6 years ago

      You missed the sarcasm. Its was an exaggeration to stress a point. I am aware it has holiday release. But it looks as trashy as tmk. I had seen its trailer twice in a hall.The film has literally no buzz. Deepika has to do all kinds of dirty pr stunts to get attention

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