God Allah Aur Bhagwan Song – Krrish 3

  1. Author
    aryan 6 years ago

    Didn’t like the song picturization bhi bawaas hai.

  2. cr7 6 years ago

    ROFL . WTF is this ?

  3. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    Not bad. Looks interesting, so Kaal strikes after this song?

  4. FS 6 years ago

    Loooool… Why has he grown his hairs so long? Looking bad – kinda gay

  5. Baba 6 years ago

    .this is the “jadoo jadoo” song of k3.seems farah khan has choreographed this.reminded me of the crappy ending songs of oso, mhn and tmk

  6. John Galt 6 years ago

    There’s no chance in hell, that anyone can watch this video just once.

  7. Reddemon 6 years ago


  8. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    John Galt, I saw this twice, and I feel heavy and heavenly.

    Comeon guys, what were you expecting from a Krrish3?

    Its perfect for kids in age group 3-12.

  9. yakuza 6 years ago

    CE fans can celebrate now.

  10. shan 6 years ago

    Kya hai yeh? I thought the song was lame when I heard it, but the video takes it to new lows. This is for ages 3-8 only.

    What has happened to all big budget, big star movies lately? Dabangg 2, Chennai Express, Besharam, and now Krissh 3 – all so disappointing!

  11. Bored 6 years ago

    Reminding me of the PT drills that we were forced to do on school sports day. Here they are doing it beside a Krrish statue instead of a Gandhi one. Song is decent, Rajesh Roshan has used this tune many times before.

    I just dont get this fancy for ‘child like’ characters from bollywood superstars – Bachchan in Paa, SRK in MNIK, Salman in every role, Ranbir in Barfi, Hrithik in Krrish … always comes out cheesy and cartoonish.

    • Bored 6 years ago

      One more entry to the ridiculous list – Bachchan will play a 102 yr old man with mental age of 26 (will be a mix of Paa and Nishabd it seems).

      • yakuza 6 years ago

        No you got it completely wrong .. 102 years old man with mental age of 26 means the man who has ambitions and energy as good as 26 years old. Now he has willing to break world record of longest living human being on earth .. and to achieve this he did some amazing things which is inspiring not only to oldies but to young ones as well …

        I am eager to see this .. not only because of Amitabh, but also because this is such a life inspiring movie and can help many who are just counting days of life either because of age or anything else, it will inspire everyone to live well.

        • yakuza 6 years ago

          And none other than Amitabh suits this role .. because he represents same enthusiasm in real life too .. he is probably first main lead of Bollywood history who is continuously working since last 44 years with same passion and energy. He did more than double number of movies in last 14 years compare to any other busiest actor in same time .. apart from KBC, Daily blogging, Ads and other regular events. Even his close one’s wondering how he manage to do such number of tasks every day .. He appeared on blog and Facebook between 1:00-2:00 AM .. and we see his going gym at 4:00 AM in morning as well. Leave at 71 .. This enthu, energy along with discipline is unmatchable for any age group.

    • Baba 6 years ago

      i think its the only song that belongs to the kmg/krrish series.its cheesy but it goes with the theme of the film.sonu has sung well.it looks cheesier due to farah khan style picturization . the other two songs are wannabes.

      • Bored 6 years ago

        @Baba – yes it may work with KMG/Krrish fans due to the nostalgic dance steps and all that. For me the only thing that works in these Krrish song promos is a more subdued Hrithik compared to those 2 previous films in the series.
        Btw, plz check ur mail.

  12. imon 6 years ago

    Dont dare to put CE in this category..

  13. yakuza 6 years ago

    Once upon a time we had real Desi Super Heroes

  14. Bored 6 years ago

    U mean all the overblown heroes in OTT masala films of the eighties? Calling those caricaturist masala heroes as ‘desi superhero’ is a poor excuse to defend them. 80s was the worst phase of Bollywood history (apart from the current Dabangg wave) – thanks to the likes of Bachchan, Mithun, Jeetendra and other bloated cartoons from that era.

    Its equivalent to Salman claiming Bollywood doesnt need superheroes since his southern remakes are all superhero movies!

    • Baba 6 years ago

      agreed.and it is ok to make an OTT masala film but many of those films were purely embarrassing , regressive and sexist in its dialogues.try watching this scene from 54:27 and just listen to the dialogues


      • Bored 6 years ago

        LOL … Mard was really poor – as bad as it cud get in the eighties. The fact that Bachchan had started to look bad only added to its woes.

        Bachchan did a couple of superhero films – Toofan and Ajooba. We laugh at Abhishek’s Drona and SRK’s RaOne, but these recent embarrassments were nothing compared to Bachchan’s superhero avataars in those two movies!

        The previous Krrish was very cheesy. But even that ‘Baap Ka Baadla’ film was way better than the crappy ‘Judwa Bhai’ nonsense of Toofan. And less said abt Ajooba is better – Shashi Kapoor showed true worth of himself and Bachchan’s in that movie.

        • shan 6 years ago

          LOL. Well said Baba and Bored. What a scene from Mard, I must say! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. ank_16n 6 years ago

    I liked Mard n Ajooba as a kid ๐Ÿ˜€

    • yakuza 6 years ago

      @Ank .. Ajooba was bad, but may be likeable for kids. But MARD was WOWW .. over the top, yes .. but highly enjoyable. Memsaab reviewed it very well … http://memsaabstory.com/2008/12/02/mard-1985/

      This is Salman Khan’s most fav movie and he had dream to do this role .. Veer had some shades, but it was not even 1% as entertaining as Mard.

  16. rajesh 6 years ago

    I cant stand most of Big B’s blockbusters as of now though I enjoyed those during my childhood. Mard is simply horrible, a father writing Mard on his new born son’s chest is something on which you can only scratch your head. he has done many forgetteble movies and unfortunately still following the same path. Khans are much more choosy in comparison to him.

  17. John Galt 6 years ago


    For god’s sake check your mail and go online. ( on behalf of Bored)

  18. Anjanpur685Miles 6 years ago

    LMPO , hahaha Galt ji.

  19. Tulmul 6 years ago

    Yakuzza :

    Mard was Poop and so are all movies of Big B from coolie till date barring few exceptions like Khaaki, Cheeni kum

    Poop also tastes gold to #YouknowWho ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • yakuza 6 years ago

      That’s fine … I am not forcing you to like. But if someone likes, you can not force to dislike. Till 1994 … I didn’t like Nastik, Khuddar, Ajooba, Jaadugar and Insaniyat at all. GJS and Toofan had flaws .. but I still like seeing these two. Rest all from 1969-94 I love to see at regular intervals.

      Post 1994 .. Khakee, Baghbaan, Cheeni Kum, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, B&B, Aks and BHTB are absolute favorite. Loved his cameo in Veer Zaara.

  20. Tulmul 6 years ago

    Yakuzza :

    Fair enough if someone likes it, as liking is personal choice but if someone intellectualizes it thn others have every right to poke holes in it.

    I have seen how blind fans do it :), they find tropes, codes and what not in Mard, GJS and other such movies and in same breath diss ready, bg, JTHJ and vice versa

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