‘Ghayal 2’ may not happen

While the trend of film franchises is only skyrocketing, Sunny Deol seems to have hit a roadblock in that department. Buzz is that the actor-filmmaker’s plans for Ghayal have collapsed. Well-placed industry sources attribute it to the asking budget of Rs 50-55 crore for production alone.

Too expensive?
The plans for the sequel have been making news for almost two years. Our source points out, “Since the first announcement, many action films have released. Not to forget, action is expensive.

To keep up with those standards and expectations, it wouldn’t be possible for Sunny to make his film on a lesser budget. However, the corporate studios felt it was a risky proposition. Because they’d have to spend another Rs 15 crore at least on print and advertising, putting the total investment at Rs 70 crore.”

Our informer further states that keeping the risk of investment in mind, corporate studios are doubtful about backing Sunny’s sequel plans for an action flick. “Comparatively, a medium budget sequel to a film like Yamla Pagla Deewana would have been a safer bet. Besides, an action film without any light moments might get a limited audience,” he points out.

Sunny Deol in Ghayal

This is not the first time Sunny’s sequel plans have been stalled. Previously, Ashwini Chaudhary, who was to direct the film featuring Deol as a professor, opted out. Reportedly, the actor-producer wanted to start the film in January, but the director was busy with post-production and promotion of Jodi Breakers.

However, Sunny’s spokesperson denied the film being shelved. She states, “After Ashwini Chaudhary left the film, the script underwent many changes. Writer Piyush Mishra has been brought on board to work on the screenplay and dialogue with Rahul Rawail. Once the writing is complete, we’ll begin the casting and pre-production work. We’ll start the film later this year.”

Past imperfect
Meanwhile, Sunny Deol’s much hyped directorial venture, The Man, has been shelved as well. More than half of the shooting done, an outdoor schedule was delayed as heroine Shilpa Shetty was tying the knot with then-beau Raj Kundra.

And now Shilpa is pregnant. The gap has been considerably long, so the completion of shoot seems impossible. A source associated with Sunny says, “The Man is over and done with. There’s no point digging up old graves now.”


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