Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 Movie Review by Taran Adarsh


GANGS OF WASSEYPUR was an expansive, energetic, ragingly determined work of film-making, which hit the right notes. It marked the return of Anurag Kashyap to movies he’s synonymous with: manically mannish, zealously authentic. It was not so much about the criminals as much as it was about people who were thrust into hooliganism.

The moment has arrived for the subsequent chapter of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR to unfurl and as Anurag Kashyap would have it, this one is more gripping of the two. While the former fraction saw Manoj Bajpayee and Tigmanshu Dhulia’s characters locking horns, the succeeding portion sees their sons cart frontward the resentment.

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 has some genuinely unusual flashes which preoccupy you even after the show has wrapped up. The fact that you carry the film back home, the fact that the characters perturb you and so does the finale only goes to demonstrate that the film has worked for you.

Wasseypur is no longer the settlement that was once fixated by the rampant war between Sardar Khan and Ramadhir Singh. It has spawned a fresh generation of power hungry people. With unlawful actions, fraudulent administration bureaucrats, election rigging and hooliganism, the township has only gotten murkier. All and sundry are craving for a coalition with the most authoritative man of Wasseypur, Faizal Khan, whose singular aspiration, however, is to exterminate Ramadhir Singh.

Murky, menacing and petrifying and yet witty, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 is one intriguing expedition that’s several notches above the foremost part. Strengthened by exhilarating acts and stimulating plot dynamics, this is a transfixing motion picture that confiscates your complete concentration. In fact, this cartridge-ridden chronicle is immensely praiseworthy and commendable for a multiple viewing, only to grasp all its fine characteristics to the optimum.

GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 is attention-grabbing, spellbinding and compelling than the initial part. Along with vibrant characters, Anurag amalgamates humor skillfully in the sequence of events [note the amusing names: Definite, Perpendicular and Tangent]. It also illustrates how Wasseypur is consumed with Bollywood; they emulate hairdos and appearances of various Hindi movie heroes. While there is little doubt that GANGS OF WASSEYPUR was winning to the core, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 infuses some remarkable light moments in the narrative that reeks of vengeance and reprisal.

Director Anurag Kashyap, in his trademark pragmatic approach to story-telling, fascinatingly spins this tremendous account. However, with an elongated runtime, the movie misplaces grip, albeit faintly, towards the middle of the subsequent half. But congregates steam yet again without much ado, ensuing a spectacular culmination. On the facade, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 is a vengeance story, a representation of retribution connecting generations of gangsters. Scrape that exterior and you’ll notice more than that. The writing is unrestrained and imaginative. In fact, in terms of its screenplay, there is not a single scene in the film that leaves you with a sense of deja vu.

Not just the plot of the movie, but the musical composition of this motion picture is an enchantment as well. After presenting moviegoers with some sprightly sounds in GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, music composer Sneha Khanwalkar returns with some impressive music in the succeeding chapter of the film. While ‘Hunter’, ‘Womaniya’ and ‘Bihar Ke Lala’ remain etched in the hearts and on the lips of many, the songs in the subsequent installment, ‘Chi Cha Leather’ and ‘Kaala Rey’ have incredible recall value. Also, I’d like to point out that Anurag uses the songs against the film’s most violent and fierce scenes, which hardly ever happens in a Hindi movie.

Like the first part, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 tops with out of the ordinary characters. This time, in spite of so many more adding up, there’s no room for puzzlement, since each of these characters is well defined and has a tale to put in the picture. The narrative, in Piyush Mishra’s pastoral voice over, acts like an adhesive that clutches the various episodes as one. The movie is strengthened by its entrancing performances, with each actor pitching in a noteworthy act. GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 yields incalculably from a soaring act by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who gives it his best shot as the protagonist with such authenticity and controlled grace that it becomes unfeasible to detach the performer from the part. Ditto for Huma Qureshi, who shares some marvelous scenes with Nawaz. She’s simply fantastic! Richa Chadda fetches dignity to her character. She grows old in the movie by many years and brings that out as much in her tone of voice, body posture, facial expressions and eye movements. Tigmanshu Dhulia excels, especially in the final moments of the film. Piyush Mishra conveys a lot through his gestures, which is the hallmark of any brilliant actor.

Definite and Perpendicular, the two new actors who depict these never-seen-before characters, are remarkable. Reemma Sen doesn’t get much scope here. Pankaj Tripathi breathes fire in his part. Watch him gun down his sister; the expressions on his face gives you goose bumps. Anurita Jha is effective. Rajkumar Yadav, Vineet Singh, Jameel Khan, Yashpal Sharma, each actor justifies his presence in the movie.

On the whole, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR 2 is an Anurag Kashyap show all through and without an iota of doubt, can easily be listed as one amongst his paramount works. An engaging movie with several bravura moments. Watch it for its absolute cinematic brilliancy!



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