First Look Still of Akshay Kumar from Once Upon a Time In Mumbaai Again

  1. Aditya007 10 years ago

    One Of the best in recent time 🙂
    Don of Mumbai is Back with Bang >> Really Fuckking awesome !

  2. Aditya007 10 years ago

    Why did You not give your view/rating about first still of OUATIM2

    • Author
      sputnik 10 years ago

      Was waiting for others to comment first 🙂

      Akshay is looking good.

  3. Bored 10 years ago

    Akshay looks bloated.

  4. Suprabh 10 years ago

    I must say he looks very much like Dawood Ibrahim in this pic..Not cent percent resemblence but it defintely works.

    • phoenix 10 years ago

      I somehow feel the whole idea of Akshay Kumar delivering punch lines ala realistic Don fashion a little funny…

  5. Bored 10 years ago

    Ajay Devgn was good in the prequel (though not as impressive as in Company). Akshay Kumar was still a clown in something like Special 26 – doubt if he can deliver here.
    Would like to be surprised though.

  6. Serenzy 10 years ago

    Loved it!

  7. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Good Poster. Akshay is looking Good

  8. dwnpiyush 10 years ago

    First look? Kuch time pehle bhi toh similar first look aayi thi. With Imran. Anyway.

    Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan, and Sonakshi Sinha were at Eden Gardens yesterday- all three sporting T-shirts that shouted ‘Once Upon a Time in IPL’- apparently they were there to kick-start promotions for their Eid release. But not once-not even once- were the three shown on TV- during the entire duration of the match (including before and after). The entire focus was on SRK and his Chennai Express co-star Deepika. I watched the entire match- ball by ball- and was looking out for the Akki led team. But not even a single frame, not even a slight honorary commentator’s mention. Ha Ha. Insecure Khan at it again. But this open warfare makes for exciting viewing for the neutral. Kehna padega SRK ne Dabanggai dikhai khoob. Akshay ab kya karega, dekhte hain.

    But one thing is for sure, IPL is SRK property. Trespassers will not be welcome. Even if it is another ‘superstar’.

    On the look: Can’t be too exited about a film that will make heroes of petty gangsters. The story is has been seen multiple times. Wahi Dawood Ibraham-Chhota Shakeel ki ladai- Company type.

    • phoenix 10 years ago

      I noticed too. Read a news report of Akshay, Sonakshi and Imran being there to cheer for Kolkatha. All three made statements praising the Kolkata crowd. But no media coverage, no pictures of them being there….

      I wonder why the promotions of OUATIM-2 has started so early. Isn’t it also a sign of insecurity dwinpiyush??? Are you really being neutral???

      In 2007, when SRK turned up in Wankede cricket match and distrubuted OSO CDs to players, MCA guys criticized it openly. Looks like it is a trick everyone follows nowadays.

      Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Shakeel haven’t fought. Its Chota Rajan.

      • dwnpiyush 10 years ago

        By neutral I meant I don’t like any of them. So am not rooting for either SRK or Akshay.

        Now a days most big movies start promotions early. Some credit (or discredit?) has to be given to SRK here (remember the 9-months he took for delivering on diwali?)

        Anyway I think vising a match is no promotion. It is just excess which is not required.

        To me, everything he does shouts ‘insecurity’, including the frantic air kisses he makes to the crowd with a smug face without really looking at anyone. Salman has also said directly and indirectly that SRK is insecure. I choose to believe him.

        In this case however, I applaud SRK for being so direct in warfare. Like I said in the previous comment, IPL is SRK’s territory and no publicity gimmick by the opposite side should have been allowed to go according to plan.

        Chhota Rajan ho ya Chhota Shakeel- point is that many movies have been made on the subject- Company being the most prominent.

        • phoenix 10 years ago

          Read below… Apparently payment is required for ‘air time’ while promoting something…

          According to sources, the camera crew was acting on the behest of a certain ‘administration official’ from the the IPL team. And while Akshay and Co eventually left with not even half a second of air time to their credit, the Balaji team seized the opportunity to make it sound like a case of ‘sabotage’.

          However, it appears that the IPL’s code of conduct takes a strict view of surrogate advertising. And in this case, Akshay and company were ill-advised to wear the t-shirts. Moreover, the brand that had sponsored Akshay’s VIP box, had not paid IPL for any airtime.

          A member from the IPL events team argued: “IPL is all for celebrities adding glamour to the matches. The cameras love them, but not when they are promoting something else.”

          • Reddemon 10 years ago

            Haha Now will these ‘insecure’ fanatics be man enuff to accept their mistakes and say Sorry or they have already found a place to hide?

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Whatever happen lets Blame SRK.

      Joker floped, they said it was a plan by SRK to destroy Akshay. Joker was poduced by Akshay.

      ETT Falls on 2nd day and they Said ETT was a brainchild of SRK and YRF to destroy Salman.

      Himmatwala floped, a news channel Reported that SRK and YRF Spread negativity about HW.

      OUATIM2 team was not shown on TV lets blame SRK

      And than those insecure people calls him ‘insecure Khan’.
      And if at all he can do all those things than he is surely the ‘KING’ and you have no other option than to Bow before his decisions.

      • phoenix 10 years ago

        Someone had commented below an Himmatwala review that it was SRK’s evil plan to use Sajid Khan/Farah Khan to dilute the star power of Ajay Devgan/Akshay Kumar.

        Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case was near, Hindustan Times ran an article about all his controversies. A comment said SRK PR was spreading it.

        Now, I wonder who spreads negative stuff against SRK!

        Quite a lot it floats around …

        SRK and HR have a cold war … SRK’s VfX team is doing Krissh-2.

        SRK and Arjum Rampal have fought … Gauri attends his parties.

        SRK and KJo have a rift … KJo is still the costume designer for Chennai Express.

        • dwnpiyush 10 years ago

          You guys take all bullshit/ rumors seriously. Kamaal karte ho yaar.

          But in this case, isn’tit obvious. Common Akshay might not be a Khan, but he is not someone who can go unnoticed. Moreover Sonakshi and Imran Khan were there too. Can be it a coincidence that they were not even shown once on TV (in more than 3 hrs mind you), especially because IPL makes this fuss about it being a mix of cricket and movies? Yesterday even VENKATESH was shown. And Harsha Bhogle even mentioned him in commentary.

          • dwnpiyush 10 years ago

            Or maybe it was Sanjay Manjerekar who did. Harsha Bhogle was not commentating actually- he was in the studio.

          • Reddemon 10 years ago

            Not believing in all those rumours. It was just a reply to Show how insecure other people are with the ‘insecure Khan’.

            So you mean SRK has IPL and Sony Tv in his kitty? He can do whatever he want? He can order a TV channel but cannot Tackle a Guard?? I request you to think logically.

            Its strange how people conclude certain unwanted things but gives deaf ears when Someone is saying that his daughter was manhandled by security guard.

          • phoenix 10 years ago

            @ETCBollywood: As Per IPL, a celebrity can come to watch IPL but it’s a strict rule that IPL should not be considered as a platform to promote their movies.

    • stewie griffin 10 years ago

      Had it been salman in the stadium..even if the cameraman didn’t want it..the camera would still have turned towards him..even if it was srk home territory D

      • Author
        sputnik 10 years ago

        LOL Sounds like a scene from a Salman Khan movie 😉

  9. haqlu khan 10 years ago

    akki’s three previous movies (sp26 – 64cr, khiladi786 – 61cr, joker – 19cr) collections show reflections of his acting talent….I always feel akki is lucky to be successful he don’t have half the talent of aamir, salman, hrithik or ranbir as an actor….next once upon time in mumbai again I fear he will ruin ajay brilliant performance in first part…and from pics he is looking like circuswala and b-grade actor wearing rich suit and glasses…

  10. rajesh 10 years ago

    Hmm, looking good, lets see how movie unfolds from here.

  11. Aditya007 10 years ago

    ”one thing is for sure, IPL is SRK property”

    Thats why, He wouldn’t even enter in Wankhede stadium after Ban !

  12. desire4grave 10 years ago

    i wonder if akki can match up to the level of aj in such types of roles..just wait and watch..

  13. Reddemon 10 years ago

    Shame on Akshay and Balaji team for using SRK’s name and spreading negativity against him.
    Waise ‘KING’ k darbar me sbko milta h. Sallu ko ATBB, akki ko superhit mil hi gaya h jisko leke unke fans besharmi se khush hote h 😉

  14. dwnpiyush 10 years ago


    “Haha Now will these ‘insecure’ fanatics be man enuff to accept their mistakes and say Sorry or they have already found a place to hide?”

    Your use of the single quotes on the word insecure implies that the comment is meant for me. That is your way of trying to be clever. Good. Anyway/

    Why should I say sorry? This is not your forum. Neither is this a SRK fan site. But most importantly I did not even say anything to you to take offense. I don’t even know you. Don’t even know Reddemon is a type of pokemon or a foreign sounding name. I just stated my opinion. If it offends you, can’t really help it.

    And you calling someone else an ‘insecure fanatic’ is ironical. As ironical as irony can be. Getting personal in frustration and trying to provide justifications for an obvious in your face act is evidence enough for me.

    They have to tell a story isn’t it. And naive people like you will buy it will glee. Tell me wasn’t Anu Malik shown on TV yesteray- in fact sourthern starlets- TV stars- all make the cut. I refuse to buy this official statement that the T-shirt was the cause of the blackout. ‘Once Upon a Time in ILP; in not an official brand-name. And even if it is, it is just a technicality.

    My view is that insecurity walks into a room before SRK does. Can’t say sorry for that. You may choose or not choose to concur. But the best thing is to ignore.

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Obviously my reply was meant for you so it showed below your comments.

      ‘To me, everything he does shouts ‘insecurity’’
      and i am being Fanatic. Seriously this is like crossing the limit of Irony. Shakespere would have introduced a new term if he was alive.

      Why should I say sorry? Because you were wrong. As simple as that.
      Ha ha as per my expectation. I knew you will not apologise for commenting BS because it needs a lion’s heart to do so.

      Ok so you want to believe in your self made story and not in fact? Another sign of pure fanatism.

      ‘My view is that insecurity walks into a room before SRK does’
      Opinions are like assholes and yours stinks.

    • Reddemon 10 years ago

      Ohh from your earlier comments i came to know that you are a Salman fantic.
      Now i am feeling Sorry for myself.

      You Win, I lost. Be happy now. Aagey se ye galti nahi hogi.

  15. Author
    sputnik 10 years ago

    Guys you made your points so please move on.

  16. FS 10 years ago

    Thakela Poster Thakela Hero

  17. ank_16n 10 years ago

    “.I always feel akki is lucky to be successful he don’t have half the talent of aamir, salman, hrithik or ranbir as an actor”

    Salman……hahahahaha i have never laughed this much on any social site in my entire life…..!!

  18. ank_16n 10 years ago

    nothing wrong in what Shahrukh khan has done…
    but be a man and accept what have u done…..
    but its fall flat in case of Shahrukh khan..!!


    1st Tell Shahrukh to cross collections of Ghajhni then think about crossing Rowdy Rathore un till than we all know who is a bigger draw at Box-office…!!

  19. haqlu khan 10 years ago

    Salman……hahahahaha i have never laughed this much on any social site in my entire life…..!!

    but I laugh always every sites when I see akki’s consecutive 3 movies (joker 19+ k786 61+ sp26 64+) & ur id name on naachgana. I have told ur name detailed in indicine.
    yaad hai

    • ank_16n 9 years ago

      na i don’t remember falto things 🙂

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