First Look of Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush from Shamitabh

  1. aryan 9 years ago

    Dhanush and Amitabh looks like they are going to start Magic Show.

  2. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    True. what kind of title is that?

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      Dhanush is actor and but deaf and dumb, Amitabh is his voice. Title seems suggesting bonding of both ..

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        But still doesnt make sense to me.

        If Amitabh voice was the soul, and Dhanush all dumb and deaf – it would have been called Dhanutaabh.

        Chutiyatic egoistic title.

        • yakuza 9 years ago

          Ritz bhai .. Agar aap bollywood mein entry maar lete to kuch to creative hota .. abhi to sab chutiye hai, creativity and art ko chod kar indian cinema mein sab kuch hai.

  3. yakuza 9 years ago

    None of these are movie stills, these are just click on sets.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Oh yeah, thank god for that! …

      (as if its some kind of good thing!)

  4. prince 9 years ago

    Instead of giving more importance to make ups/ dresses, Amitabh should concentrate on characters and acting.This is known to everybody that he has a good dress sense but showing it again and again in his recent outings has caused dent to his acting skills.

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      Amitabh abhi acting seekh raha hai .. jab tak poori tarah aa nahi jati tab tak makeup se hi kaam chalana padega na.

  5. prince 9 years ago

    Yakuza bhai,
    If you read my comment carefully, you will find i have used word “recent outings”. so please don’t take my comment otherwise. I haven’t raised finger against Amitabh’s acting and I’m sure no one will even think of that. My point here is simple and if you yourself will keenly observe and you also will find that his focus is more on make ups and dresses instead of falling into the skin of charecter since few years.

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      Not only dressing and all. After 90s Amitabh is too much in love with his own voice that he hardly gives an expression through that. The way he gave in Anand or a Deewar. He is way beyond that now – its been 24 years he has stopped being sensitive in voice and just loves the praise of his thuderous voice.

      Where is the expression we saw when he said “Maa” in deewar” or when he was upset about Anand dying in the end? He was unpretentious then.

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      Prince Bhai .. post 2000, 98% of time he appeared only in French beard .. infact one complaint that his fans mostly has is .. that he didn’t change his look since long. Minor variations like hair colour .. except Paa which is in different league, he don same look most of time.

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      Its his strong acting skills which overlooked his wrinkled look and bad shape .. and keep audience glued on screen. Otherwise at this age and bad health it is next to impossible for any actor to perform so strongly, that too in 1-2 movies, serials every year

  6. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    Here is Aanand ending scene. Listen to the true voice of Amitabh. He is true and really emotional here.

    And please dont give me a bullshit that his voice has changed beacuse of his age. He started to be too heavy from 90s, just because of ego. Nowadays listening him is no different than a fake heavy voice of Akshay Kuamr or a Arjun Rampal (born fakes in voice dept).

    • yakuza 9 years ago

      This one sequence is enough to answer everything ..

      Post 2000 ..

      And even if this is not enough, check the hospital scene where Abhishek was death bed or even Check Virudh intermission point ..

      Amitabh has given new dimensions to so many characters, right from AKS up to Satyagaraha … only ignorant can say what you are saying above.

      • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

        Why dont you answer to my point about his natural voice and added extra bass which is unnecessary?

        There is no fucking dialogue of his in this of that calibe !

        • yakuza 9 years ago

          Go and speak him in person and measure the bass .. and the compare the bass in his voice in any of movie .. check the difference and post it her .. 🙂

  7. Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

    The true strong voices (without a pretention) in hindi film industry were one of om puri and another amrish puri.

    I had always though of Kiran Kumar as pretending (just like PuneetIsaar/Amitabh/Akshay Kumar and the likes..) But I saw Bobby Jasoos lately and was bowled over by him. He was fantastic – last time I seen Amitabh in such was in INdrajeet (in bits and pieces – when he is beaten up and drinking a tea/ the cup shaking etc)

  8. yakuza 9 years ago

    This scene from 7:40 Mark .. put always me on tears ..

    • Anjanpur685Miles 9 years ago

      @Yakuza, dont get emotional. I put a simple point. Amitabh is a great actor no doubt.

      You just fucking chose to ignore my points.

      Stupid bass and egoism in voice doesnt mean he is the one!!

      • yakuza 9 years ago

        I see him as great as before .. that’s why i put these videos. I don’t see any artificial heaviness in voice .. can you show me any scene where he tried to create fake bass ??

  9. yakuza 9 years ago

    Shamitabh Audio promo ….

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