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Why Was Players A No-win At The B-O?

* All India theatrical rights were sold to Ginni Arts for `26C as MG (Minimum Guarantee) and `9C Refundable Advance
* Ginni Arts sold various circuits to sub-distributors and recovered around `8C as MG and retained key areas like Bombay Circuit, Delhi-UP, East Punjab

India Theatrical: `26C
Overseas: `2C
Satellite: `14C
Music: `2.5C
Home Video: `1C
Total Revenue: `44.5C

* Total Cost (Production + Prints and Publicity) `68C approx
* Loss of `12C to Principal distributor and sub-distributors

Who is the ultimate loser?
Both producers Viacom Pictures plus Burmawala Bros lost heavily with Players.

What Is A Hit?

How come some make money on a film and others lose on the same film?
Box-office HIT business can be measured in terms of the number of people who see it or the amount of money raised by ticket sales. The projection and analysis of these earnings is very important for the creative industry and often a source of interest for fans.

Hits and misses depend upon box-office success but the parameters are vague and depend upon what kind of deal you are entering into at various stages of revenue streams.

Take the example of Kites – A winner for the producer as it was sold to Reliance Entertainment for `90C but Reliance Entertainment was the ultimate loser. Similarly, Raavan was sold around `120C for two languages (Hindi and Tamil) and dubbed into Telugu. The ultimate loser was again Reliance Entertainment as both movies were box-office bombs.

RA.One – It is a winner for Red Chillies and break-even for Eros. The ultimate losers were distributors from certain circuits like Eastern Circuit, Rajasthan, Nizam-Andhra. They were losers because the price paid could not be recovered at the box-office.

Don 2 – Winner for both producer as well as world rights controllers Reliance Entertainment, who made marginal money.

Ladies v/s Rickly Bahl – It was a winner for the producer, thanks to satellite rights which were reportedly sold for around `15C. Theatrical revenue was average. No one lost money on this film.

Why makes Agneepath a blockbuster hit?
Agneepath is a HIT across all platforms of revenues.
Theatrical box-office returns made it the first member of the `100C club of 2012 and the 10th among Top 10 `100C Club. It will manage to close at the box-office in the range of `125C which will stand No 4 among Top Lifetime Grossers.

Cost: Cost of Production with Prints and Publicity approx `75-80C to the producer

a) Theatrical: India – `65C Overseas – `16C
b) Satellite: `38C
c) Music and home video rights: `10C Total Revenue: `129C
Total Cost: `80C Profit `49C

How will Agneepath impact Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra?
The box-office rating of Hrithik has already gone up as his next is Krrish 3 and it has been pre-sold across all India to independent distributors by Film Kraft. Overseas, satellite and music rights have also been pre-sold before its release (release date November 1, 2013).

Priyanka Chopra, also a part of Krrish 3 which is already pre-sold. She also has Barfii with Ranbir Kapoor and Tere Mere Kahaani with Shahid Kapoor, her stock is on the rise. Karan Johar as producer (Agneepath, Ek Mein Aur Ekk Tu) is a double winner. As a director too, he has a winner in hand: with Student Of The Year which carries a whiff of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Karan Johar is clearly on top of the heap.


Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu
EMAET: Opening weekend `21C at the box-office. Moviegoers said, “I DO” and safely checked in above `30C for the first week. Looking at a lifetime box-office of `45C plus.

UTV acquired EMAET from Dharma Productions at `28C plus spent on prints and publicity
`10-12C. Total cost: `38-40C.

All-India Theatrical: `22-23C (approx 50 per cent of box-office collections)
Overseas: `5-6C
Satellite: `14C
Home Video: `1C
Verdict: Easy recovery

Ek Deewana Tha
Looking at lifetime recovery of `2.5C.
Satellite and other rights `3.5-4C (maximum)
Pl note: Satellite rights will go to STAR which is a part of 20th Century Fox, the producers of EDT.
Total revenue: `6-7C
Total cost: `18C
This remake (a hit in Tamil and Telugu) is clearly a loser.


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