Films (2012) you should have seen!

Here I am listing out the films of 2012 you guys might just have missed. These are all small scale films because big films gets the accentuation, but these petty films do not. So here are the name of those films-

4. Supermen of Malegaon- This small documentary film is plodded at just 65 minutes, is engaging a ride. Though the film could have been much better if not for the unnecessary use of handy-cam to shot the film.

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3. Chaalis Chaurasi- This decent flick, has ups and downs popping up severally, but its second half in particular is impressive which distracts you from many lapses.

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3. Gattu- GATTU is a must-watch because of its approach. The film doesn’t want you to stress your brains, but the film in turn stresses on your heart.

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4. Gali Gali Chor Hai- It’s a very unique and engaging comic-satire which deserves a watch. Everyone associated with the film has done very honest work which reflects in the product. What makes the film more engaging are the inherent characters and sensible execution of the topic.

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