Ferrari Ki Sawaari Has Fair Opening At Select Multiplexes

Ferrari Ki Sawaari had a low 20% opening overall but managed fair collections at select premium multiplexes of metros. The DT cinemas in Delhi opened to around 30% plus collection, also some theatres in Mumbai managed similar collections.

Despite having low overall opening the opening day can be decent as premium multiplexes are all high grossing theatres and with the opening at a low level, the premium multiplexes with decent collections will bump up the overall collections.

Saturday growth will be the key but overall if we compare the opening to last week’s Shanghai as per the screen count then Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a bit better.


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  1. sanket porwal 9 years ago

    My friends are just back from FKS and they quite liked it. It has good comedy they say. Didn’t quite said about its emotional value!

    The opening in my place (Solapur) is good as far as the multiplex s concerned.

    The booking is also pretty good. Dont know about single screens.

    In Pune, its all good. A 3.5-4cr opening will be decent.

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