Ferrari Ki Sawaari First Day Business

Ferrari Ki Sawaari collected around 2.50-2.75 crore nett as per early estimates on day one. The film fared better at premium multiplexes of major metros. Mumbai circuit was best with collections of around 1.1 crore nett.

The business of the film was low in the smaller circuits as Rowdy Rathore remained the number one choice. Ferrari Ki Sawaari had around 75% of its business coming from Mumbai, Delhi/UP and East Punjab.

In the Maharashtra area, the film had better collections than Shanghai though other places were lower. The release was also smaller with around 800 screens compared to 1000 of Shanghai.

A 40% jump on both Saturday and Sunday and the film will have a decent weekend total.


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    sputnik 9 years ago

    Shanghai Drops 75% On Day Eight

    Shanghai dropped more than 75% on its eighth day as it collected around 75 lakhs nett compared to 3.25 crore nett on its first day.

    The drops were at similar levels all across the country. It should get a bit of an upturn on Saturday and Sunday but as there is no appreciation it will be just the normal growth which every film gets on second Saturday and Sunday.

    The 8th day figures in some circuits are as follows with day one in brackets. All figures in lakhs.

    Delhi/UP – 20 (72)

    East Punjab – 7.5 (32)

    Rajasthan – 2.5 (14)

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    sputnik 9 years ago

    Rowdy Rathore Rock Steady On Third Friday

    Rowdy Rathore was rock steady on its third week as it collected around 2-2.25 crore nett. The release of Shanghai last week and Ferrari Ki Sawaari this week week is making no difference to the film at the box office. Despite being in its third week the film was collecting than the well publicised new release Ferrari Ki Sawaari in Gujarat, UP, CI, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan.

    The film is trending better than Dabangg at the box office and that film had absolutely no competition for the first three weeks.

    The third weekend may cross the 10 crore nett mark which will be only behind Three Idiots and Dabangg for third weekend business.

    The biggest difference between Rowdy Rathore and the other big blockbusters is that they had no competition while Rowdy Rathore is being hit for multiplex screen space every week.

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    sputnik 9 years ago

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari First Day Territorial Breakdown

    Ferrari Ki Sawaari collected 2.75 crore nett approx on day one. The first day was reasonable at select multiplexes on day one but single screen business was very low. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 1.12 crore

    Delhi/UP – 60 lakhs

    East Punjab – 24 lakhs

    West Bengal – 12 lakhs

    Bihar – 3 lakhs

    CP Berar – 13 lakhs

    CI – 9 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 14 lakhs

    Nizam – 12 lakhs

    Mysore – 16 lakhs

    Others – 5 lakhs

    TOTAL – 2.80 crore

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