Ferrari ki Sawaari Box Office Collection by Komal Nahta

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    sputnik 12 years ago

    At the end of the video Komal Nahta clearly says that the movie will lose money for Eros.

  2. Author
    sputnik 12 years ago

    2012 is a watershed year for Bollywood. A number of movies left an indelible impact at the BO. But what makes this year special is the fact that a wide variety of stories were warmly embraced by moviegoers: Right from masala entertainers [AGNEEPATH and ROWDY RATHORE] to love stories [ISHAQZAADE] to sequels [HOUSEFULL 2 and JANNAT 2], even those that chose to walk a different path [KAHAANI, PAAN SINGH TOMAR and VICKY DONOR]. Now add FERRARI KI SAWAARI to this list!

    Though it’s a bit too early to pronounce the verdict on FERRARI KI SAWAARI, I’d like to put this on record that the film has found acceptance by its target audience [families] and the day-wise growth bears testimony to the fact. While watching the film with its cast and crew, two weeks prior to its release, I distinctly remember Vidhu Vinod Chopra telling the gathering [before the screening commenced] that irrespective of its fate at the BO, he was so damn proud to be associated with it. The audience feedback and also the escalation in footfalls at cineplexes seem to endorse Chopra’s confidence in FERRARI KI SAWAARI.

    The positive response to FERRARI KI SAWAARI will spur film-makers to opt for actors [not necessarily stars] for their projects in the future. I see it as a positive development. If you can recover your investment, or make decent profits at the end of the day by tapping all sources of revenue, well, the purpose is solved. Films like KAHAANI, VICKY DONOR and ISHAQZAADE are prime examples of films that worked magic despite lacking a ‘bankable hero’ in the cast.

    FERRARI KI SAWAARI may not be a huge money spinner like the producer’s earlier films, but the ride has been absolutely worth it.

  3. Serenzy 12 years ago

    – So, B’Wood has had
    “8 Clean Successes” by Now this year which is a Fantastically Out of this World Reslt.

    Kudos to the Audience fr giving Every Movie Chance @ the BO and Glad that Filmmakers along with AP,HF2,RR are doing a VD,PST,Kahaani.

    A ‘Landmark’ year this will be in terms f Content & BO Figures.

    8 Successes with Many Biggies to Come in Later Months…We might End Up wid 20+ Hits this Year vich is way ahead den B’wood Average of 12-14/Year.


  4. Serenzy 12 years ago

    FKS cud have been a Hit wid low COP but VVC filled his Coffers(Not that I Blame him…I wud hv done the same) by selling it @ 42cr and now the Movie will Lose inspite of Decent Appreciation.


    EMAET & TNLHG are the
    Two “Above Averages”….
    Rest all the Movies released since Players (in my Books) are Failures.!

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