My Most Favorite Comical Monologues in Films

There is no match for this one. Sanjeev reading a horror book – his reactions are epic!

This one is one of the best monologues ever in films:

I am putting this reluctantly. Its been done to death. But I am putting up as I loved it a lot as a youngster. And its brilliant. Salute to Amit and the director. I still love it.

  1. sputnik 8 years ago

    Good post @ritz

    Sanjeev Kumar one from Angoor is good specially the “haath” part.

    Kartik Tiwari one is already famous and had posted in a comment on your other post.

    The Amar Akbar Anthony one is classic.

  2. Ipman 8 years ago

    ritz – why two separate post for the same topic? your last post was also same, isnt it? just asking

    • Author
      Anjanpur685Miles 8 years ago

      A monologue is separate than a speech. How could I have included Sanjeev Kumar’s above scene in the earlier “speech” scene?

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