Faridoon Shahryar Interview with Kumar Sanu

  1. aryan 7 years ago

    Good Interview and the answers are almost same which was share with Komal Nahta.

  2. hithere 7 years ago

    Not my favorite singer but watched it and appreciate him that he is still trying.

    ps – Why people who worked X year back don’t like X-Y year era? So if you ask people of 70s they will say not so good things about 90s (which Sanu and other people defend). Or Whatever Sachin does he can never be Bradman. The only way you overcome such thing if you get some recognition no one has got in past. AR Rahman.

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      Parts 5-8 of the Interview

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      sputnik 7 years ago

      He had completely disappeared for so many years and he is trying to make a comeback but his time is over. Today music directors sing themselves and there are 5 singers for one actor in a movie which he rightly criticizes. He is saying that he has sung for 55 films and Faridoon is surprised. I think he is just bragging.

      “Why people who worked X year back don’t like X-Y year era? So if you ask people of 70s they will say not so good things about 90s (which Sanu and other people defend).”

      Yes that’s a problem with many. They like something more because of nostalgia or because they were dominant at that time. They cannot move ahead with the times. There always have been good and bad songs in any era past or present.

    • i dislike the mentality too. nowdays and especially when india dominantly won the champions trophy , a section of ppl said the bowling std has declined. its not as good as the 2000s. but the 90s era ppl say bowling std declined in 2000! and the 80s say 90s bolwing was nothing. 😉

  3. Lakshmi 6 years ago

    I disagree to all the comments above. He says true. Music declined to cheap, vulgarity….very very low standards..it’s no more a music..but some noise with cheap publicity…no wonder ppl of this age doesn’t believe into pre generation person’s words. He saw it all and knew it. He likes to sing good songs…there’s a reason he took that much needed break and yes…before, music used to strenghten from time to time…ppl used to feel music is changing but in a right way. But here he is right saying about the quality of music…there’s a certain limit to anything and bollywood music went beyond that which u all will never understand. No ppl have no hearts..only machines.

    He has no hunger to achieve more in bollywood..he had already achieved much in younger age and faster…he then went into other music ventures..and succeeded in them too…you have no idea how much fan following he has outside the country all over the world. He likes singing good songs which bring love to people and happiness among people…he just want indian music to retain it’s previous grace.

    He gets so many requests…as always..but he dislike the songs he get..same with Alka Yagnik. He broke many records. He is childlike, innocent and truthful..not cunning and manipulative like the industry and ignorant like people and media.

    The music you here is done in hurting many ppl…present day composers no kow nothing about the feel…they bring some eng album DVDs and copy and paste them..do something with that..bad, downright lyrics..composer asks 4-5 singers to sing and keeps one version..what about others? Is is deserves to be hurt to that extent? There is no wrong in using technology….but it has to only be used in a right way..when it is needed and how much it is needed..music is not all about technology…what u all listen and watch is nothing but crap that they serve you. U get addicted to it and wait for one more like it. Music has to be in harmony with lyrics, good picturization, suitable voice and all.

    He already has his own place…he done something different. He is responsible in making present actor’s careers..they used to depend on his fan base to make super hit movies. He also changed the way singers sing. Indian music can be rightly divided as pre – Kumar Sanu and post – Kumar Sanu.

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