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Fan has a very good start at most places registering around 45-50% occupancy on average at multiplexes. The morning occupancy are lower than Dilwale but the film has far more screenings than that film and with the added advantage of a holiday, the multiplex business should easily surpass the Dilwale multiplex business.

The opening in mass centres is average but that is expected as the film is devoid of music and certain other commercial angles. Even here though Dilwale had all this, it was hugely affected by the intolerance angle at that time and mass centres could not collect as they should have.

The last real opening was Dilwale four months back and its taken another Shahrukh Khan film to get the initials going. In between that time only two Hollywood releases Batman v Superman and The Jungle book took an opening and both were dubbed films. The best opening has been the multiplexes of West Bengal followed by Pune.

The key for Fan will be that the presence of Shahrukh Khan and holiday factor will enable mass centres to good to decent collections on day one and then can these places sustain as the film has no music and the thriller genre which does not work well in many circuits. If the likes of Gujarat, CPCI work the film will be unstoppable.

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    Fan Has Strong First Day

    Fan has a recorded a good first day of around 20 crore nett as per early estimates. The film has done very well in North India beating the figures of Dilwale and Mumbai should also beat as Mumbai city and especially Pune had opened well in the morning. The figures in East India and Nizam are likely to come in below Dilwale and it could be quite a margin as there is a big single screen presence in these circuits .

    The film has behaved best in the premium multiplexes that is why the big circuits are best but as Shahrukh Khan is there in the film the others areas have also managed to collect and for a film of this type the collections are good. It has also been helped by a partial holiday in places.

    The film has done well on opening day but the key is what happens from here on as the film has notched up a 20 crore nett apprx figure which is very high for a film of this type so will it be able to sustain at these levels especially at mass centres.

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    cr7 5 years ago

    Very good first day collection considering the release time and absence of music . Reviews are decent .Should sustain well .

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    Fan Has Good First Day Business
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Fan had a good first day of 18.75-19 crore nett apprx with strong business in the cities especially the metros. The mass centres are lower comparatively but still good for the type of film Fan is as these type of films don’t do 80 lakhs plus numbers in CP Berar and Rajasthan. Normally they are much lower but these have come due to the presence of Shahrukh Khan and key is can they hold for the film to put up a very big final number.

    The best figures are in the metros where the high collecting multiplexes are higher than Dilwale. Mumbai circuit has topped 5 crore nett while Mysore and West Bengal should both cross 1.25 crore nett. East Punjab is on the lower side at 1.75 crore nett plus and could have done better considering its a big holiday there and a huge multiplex presence.

    The opening day has come for the film but now its about what happens in the next few days as looking at the first day collections, it does seem to be more of an urban film and the opening day is very high for an urban film. The question will be can it hold and if so for how long as eventually there is a limited audience for an urban film.

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    sputnik 5 years ago

    Fan Second Day Business
    Fan dropped 17% on Saturday and the fall came from mass centres which dropped much more. The drop in the high end premiums was around 10%. Basically on fair value day one business it means all India growth would be very limited. The first two day business of Fan is as follows

    Friday – 18,75,00,000
    Saturday – 15,50,00,000

    Total – 34,25,00,000

    The film will manage the highest weekend of the year despite the drop in mass centres. The bigger issue is only support from urban areas and that makes a big number difficult in the long run..

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Fan Has Good First Weekend
    Monday 18 April 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Fan had a good first weekend of 52 crore nett as all three days recorded good business. The weekend is by the far highest of this year beating the 42.50 crore nett of Airlift. In terms of all time openings the film stands in 17th place. The first weekend business of Fan is as follows

    Friday – 18,75,00,000
    Saturday – 15,50,00,000
    Sunday – 17,75,00,000
    Total – 52,00,00,000

    The film has recorded good numbers in Mumbai, Delhi / UP, West Bengal and Mysore and even other circuits are fairly good but the issue will be that big drop in mass centres on Saturday. There were drops of 30-40% in some cities which makes the long term business depending on a handfull of cities.

    The film was always going to be about where the Rajasthan’s and Gujarat’s go as you can’t get a big number without the support of these mass centres and this crowd has not really taken to the film.

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Fan First Monday Business
    Tuesday 19 April 2016 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Fan has seen a big drop in collections on Monday with collections in the 5.75 crore crore nett range. The drop is 70% from day one but day one was a holiday . If we take the fair value of day one the drop is around 60% which is still too high.

    This was always going to be the problem with film unless the content worked all over. The opening which the film took of was far too high for this type of film. If a film is nearing 20 crore nett on day one then the content and story telling has to be such that appeals all over.

    Despite the big drop, the film is still commercially safe as will go into the black and with Yash Raj Films holding all rights there is no one in the chain to lose any money but eventually the film content has not found acceptance and the theatrical business will not go very far. The first four day business is around 57.75 crore nett and the first week will probably close somewhere around 70 crore nett mark

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    aryan 5 years ago

    Fan First Tuesday Business
    Wednesday 20 April 2016 10.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
    Fan had a good hold on Tuesday as it was a holiday in parts of the country. The first five business of Fan is as follows

    Friday – 18,75,00,000

    Saturday – 15,50,00,000

    Sunday – 17,75,00,000

    Monday – 5,75,00,000

    Tuesday – 5,50,00,000 apprx

    Total – 63,25,00,000

    Theis does not make much difference to the film as a larger drop is likely to come on Wednesday. The week will end at around 70 crore nett and the second Friday will determine the lifetime business of the film.

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