Evelyn Review by Sputnik

Based on the true story of Desmond Doyle, who loses his job, watches his wife leave the country with another man, and has his children taken away by an arcane custody law. He cleans up his act and wages an unlikely legal battle to regain custody.

The movie is melodramatic with some courtroom drama. The movie has a good story but the treatment ranges from serious to comic.

It is based on a true story but there are some changes made. The real Desmond Doyle had 6 children instead of 3 in the movie. The true story can be read here.


Here is the interview of the real Evelyn.


Sophie Vavasseur was good as Evelyn. Pierce Brosnan was good as the loving father who is separated from his children. Julianna Margulies was ok. Aidan Quinn who used to be very good looking looked bloated in this one. Frank Kelly was very good as Evelyn’s grand father. Andrea Irvine was hate inducing (as she should be) as Sister Irvine. Alan Bates was very irritating during as Tom Connolly specially during the courtroom scenes.

While the movie isn’t perfect its a decent watch.


P.S. This was a comment I originally made in March 2015.


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