English Vinglish First Day Business

English Vinglish collected a poor 2 crore nett on day one as per early estimates. The collections at some multiplexes did improve in the evening and the film has good reports as far as multiplex audience is concerned but it remains to be seen how much the film can jump over the weekend.

Saturday is the all important day for the film as it must have a huge jump to have any chance at the box office. A 25-30% jump is a norm on Saturday for such films aimed at multiplexes but English Vinglish will have to show a much bigger jump as starting point is low. It will have to show better growth than last week’s release OMG! Oh My God though does not have a weekday holiday advantage like that film.

The film collected 45-50 lakhs nett in Delhi/UP, 20 lakhs nett in East Punjab and around 10 lakhs nett in Rajasthan.

Note – The 2 crore approx figure is for Hindi version and the film has also released in Telugu and Tamil although with limited prints.


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    sputnik 9 years ago

    English Vinglish Shows Biggest Saturday Growth Of Recent Times

    English Vinglish saw huge growth on Saturday as it doubled its collections which is probably the biggest Saturday growth in recent times. The film collected around 4.50 crore nett taking its two day total to 6.75 crore nett approx.

    The growth on Saturday has given the film a chance to go on and do good business in the long run. The overall collections of 6.75 crore nett in two days are still low and even the weekend will be just about fair but the first week collections will be good as weekdays should give healthy contributions as the film has appreciation at major centres.

    The collections showed huge jumps across the board be it single screen circuits like CPCI or the bigger multiplex circuits. The best business for the film is coming from Mumbai and South as the opening levels were a bit better in these parts.


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    sputnik 9 years ago

    English Vinglish Picks Up Over Weekend

    English Vinglish like last week’s OMG! Oh My God picked up on Saturday and Sunday and collected 12.25 crore nett over the weekend. Friday was 2.25 crore nett, Saturday around 4.50 crore nett and Sunday will be about 5.50 crore nett.

    The weekend total is just about fair but the fantastic Saturday growth gives hope of good long term business especially over the weekdays. The weekend is not much lower than Kahaani which grossed around 13.50 crore nett over three days and then went on to put up a very good lifetime total.

    The film has done its best business in Mumbai and South with Mysore actually recording good overall collections for the weekend. The mass belts showed good growth but as it was from very low levels the overall collections also remained low.


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