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    sputnik 10 years ago

    New Dialogue Promo

  2. mammy 10 years ago

    Fantastic movie! Especially from a married woman’s point of view.

    Most women in the age group 45 and above who have children in their teens or older now will be able to find a similarity with the situtation in which Shashi is in her marriage at the point of time as shown in the movie. Husbands, if they are not intelligent enough, tend to compete with the wifes, and try to score points by belittling them at every step. May be it is true especially for Indian middle aged couples only, as the (a) wifes live in their husbands home and (b) where the male supriority, embedded in the male psyche for 1000’s of years, prevails. Children some how also tend to recognise the male dominance as well and start aligning with their fathers. This situation is irrepective of the fact that the woman might be equally or more educated than the man!!

    I am happy that the mother in law atleast has been shown to be sympathetic to the daughter inlaw in the movie. The species called mother inlaw only falls in line when they become physically weak and know that their useless sons wont be of any help and the daughter in law will only look after them if treated respectfully!!!

  3. rajesh 10 years ago

    Seems like movie is getting universally good reviews, should be a winner also on BO.

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