EK THA TIGER Monday Territorial Breakdown

Tuesday 21st August 2012 15.30 IST
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Ek Tha Tiger collected around 18.75 crore nett over on Eid holiday Monday. The total so far is around 113 crore nett in six days. The numbers were huge at single screens across the country. The territorial breakdown for Monday is as follows.

Mumbai – 7.05 crore

Delhi/UP – 3.92 crore

East Punjab – 1.60 crore

West Bengal – 85 lakhs

Bihar – 37 lakhs

CP Berar – 74 lakhs

CI – 80 lakhs

Rajasthan – 1.04 crore

Nizam – 1.05 crore

Mysore – 78 lakhs

Others – 55 lakhs

TOTAL – 18.72 crore


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  1. Author
    fearlesssoul 9 years ago

    Its 19cr Monday… so normally how much fall can one expect after holidays? by 50% from monday it can come close to 9 cr. Lets see how much can it collect from here one… I believe second weekend might come huge as well but its just my intuitions.

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