“Don 2 has taken slick beyond” – Priyanka Chopra: Part 1

“The chase never ends when it comes to Don
This wild cat has been up to too many things I guess. I’ve only been working all year long (laughs). The chase never ends when it comes to Don and that’s the cool part about this one. We never made Don thinking that there would be a sequel to it but when Farhan started talking about it, we all got excited thinking that it can be a franchise, especially how the last Don ended. It picks up two years after the first one ends and asks the questions what all the characters are doing.

“Farhan and Shah Rukh were laughing looking at me rehearsing”
Roma is still the same person. You can’t change her outlook but having said that, Roma is really angry in Don 2. I’m really a baddie who wants Don desperately (laughs). She’s pi***d off. I’ve done fist fighting that I haven’t done in the first part but the sad part was that I couldn’t make any sounds while fighting. I mean, boys can make sounds like ‘hooo’ ‘haaa’ but I sounded like a chic (laughs). Firstly, it was ‘eeee’ ‘aaaaa’ but now it’s a tough chic sound that you’ll hear when you see the film. Farhan and Shah Rukh were laughing looking at me in the rehearsals and I asked them, ‘Then why don’t you tell me what to do?’ (laughs). They pulled my leg for a little while but eventually we were down to some serious action.’

“Don never loses his mean streak”
Don never loses his mean streak. He is just a straight up bad guy. You can never tell what Don is going to do next, whether he is serious or whether he is fooling you. That’s the relationship that Roma has with Don for sure but she hates him so much.

“I always pick films that are a mixed bag of everything”
I’ve done so many of the women oriented movies like Saat Khoon Maaf and What’s Your Raashee. But these didn’t do well at the box office. I always pick films that are a mixed bag of everything, whether I’m doing Don 2 or Agneepath next year. Both are different action films. One is a slick action while the other is a raw gritty action. I play completely different characters in both of them. In Barfee too, I’m playing an autistic girl or whether it’s Kunal Kohli’s film where I play three characters over generations and Krissh 2 is different too.

Priyanka Chopra “I think it’s the sanctity of the job I do that I really love so much”
The remuneration that comes in my bank has nothing to do with anybody else. I don’t do my movies for money. I have tremendous passion for my movies and if I want to do a film I’ll do it for free if I really like it or if I could get paid crores, it really doesn’t matter. That does not mean the producers don’t have to pay me (laughs) but still, money has never been an issue for me and I thank God for giving me more than I really ever wanted. I think it’s the sanctity of the job I do that I really love so much.

Don 2 has taken slick beyond”
Don 2 has taken slick beyond. I think it’s a much better script for me in the way it’s written, conceived and executed. Don 2 is one of Farhan’s best films he has directed. The film is so huge in itself that music will stand out once the movie is released. You will get to the groove of the songs once you see the film.’



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